New Paltz LARP

Vermis Demon

Consisting of other creatures, a Vermis Demon is not completely whole. Incredibly hard to kill, for the same reason a Sludge Demon is nigh immortal. However, unlike a Sludge Demon, a Vermis Demon does not have an inexhaustible source of vermin at its disposal. The vermin is often formed from the subconscious thoughts of the souls around them, and are not real vermin, but small creatures that are feared most by the one a Vermis Demon is encountering. While not powerful, they are sneaky, deceitful, and extremely creepy. They have no organs, or appendages, and merely see through the thousands of creatures that make them up. Since they have no vocal cords, their words are inhuman, indemon, even.


Vermis Demon



Velox Ursus



Will O Wisp

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