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These demons were Fiends that were once accidentally or purposefully summoned to the Mortal Realm. They are often scaly, long horned, tall, forked tongued, tailed creatures, but over time they become much more mortal in appearance, able to blend more in society. They have an aura of great appeal to them, mortals often find themselves ingratiating the demon. Weak willed mortals, or those that brought the Fiend into the mortal world, gather around it. These mortals become corrupted by the demon’s aura, and become tainted. They are permanently marked by the demon, and gain the powers of Hell, and are known as Conjurers. Conjurers can call forth demons from Hell and bind them to their will. Summoners and their followers are generally despised by Hell residents and hunted, given the opportunity, for they use the powers of Hell without having to contribute to it. Some Summoners are agents of Hell, seeking to establish gateways for souls to be transferred to Hell. It should be noted that Summoners are easy enough to kill, but they can command mortals with relative ease and over much longer periods than any other mind control, and Conjurers are also relatively easy to kill, but they can summon demons through Hellgates directly on the battlefield.



Sludge Demon




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