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Their true form is unknown, but it is thought to be rather fragile, as they are never seen in it, especially in Hell, where it is quite dangerous for them to be defenseless. They are capable of turning into any creature they desire — so long as the creature exhibits intelligence. Shapeshifting often consists of them “shedding” their former body, and crawling out of it with the new one. Due to this, they are often lumped together with Bogeymen, but they are fundamentally different in goals, life style, and abilities. For one,  Shapeshifters are nearly flawless in their ability to morph into a new body, and Bogeymen do not leave behind any evidence of being a different shape than normal. Shapeshifters will often eat the former bodies they have lived in, as to not be tracked as well as a source of nutrition. On average, it takes anywhere from a few days, to months, for a new body to be prepared and for the old body to be shed. Shapeshifters are not very independent, but are often rogue. They do not interact with each other much, but they will often follow orders of more powerful beings. Some shift into powerful forms to be impressive, while others prefer to shift into weaker forms, so as to wait patiently and in an unassuming shape until it is the right moment to strike. Some assume it is merely another form a Fiend can attain, but this is unproven. The greatest tell of a Shapeshifter is that they will inevitably gain a craving to eat or destroy other beings –specifically, whatever being they are currently in the form of. There is no such thing as a “pure” shapeshifter, as in order for one to be born, it must involve one shapeshifter, and one nonshifter. What the other creature is doesn’t matter, so long as it is another intelligent being. Mothers who are the nonshifter often die in childbirth.






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