New Paltz LARP


This is where the shadowy figures live. They are not true demons, nor can they be harmed by what would normally affect demon kind. The shadow beings can be anything ranging from playful to homicidal. Upon making contact with the Mortal Realm, the shadows tend towards chaos.


The Shadow “Realm” is the closest of the Demon Realm to the Mortal Realm, and interacts with it constantly. The shadows that move out of the corner of your eye, the light that plays tricks on you, is usually the interaction between the Shadow “Realm” and the Mortal Realm. There is supposedly a forest to the south (Council records indicate this to be the Enchanted Forest of DEATH in Farthing) which has a direct link to the Shadow “Realm” at all times, and people have been known to even speak with the Shadows.


In the Shadow “Realm”, there is something known as the Shadow Court, where three Shadow Judges pass judgement upon their fellow Shadows and either condemn them or grant them greater liberties in the as of yet unstudied Shadow society.

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