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Small, maroon creatures that feed off the Ether. They never are bigger than a foot, and can be as small as an inch. They are considered no better than pests, and are incapable of most demonic traits, such as torture and possession. They are also the hardest thing to kill in the entirety of Hell. Their outershell is immensely hard, which means piercing it is not feasible. The best way to destroy them is blunt force, preferably from a source bigger than the roach itself.  From there, it will usually stop moving, and give off the appearance of being dead, but will usually randomly spring back to life within a few hours. Thus, the most strategic thing to do is to completely incapacitate one, and then proceed to smash it multiple times, before removing all possible limbs (of which there are 7 on each side) and finally use a lever of sorts to remove the head from its head socket. That will leave only about a 10% chance of it getting back up. Piercing its shell and obliterating its organs from the inside would also do the job, but that does not seem something capable from a mortal.

They are most common in The Maze.



Pact Demons



Praexis Demons

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