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Paradisia Realm

The following was written by the bloodmage Scythe Black, who had once attempted to avoid the afterlives of elves to go to this seemingly heavenly place. He ultimately rejected this alternative, and died as a believer in Caranist.


The Paradisia Realm is split into seven zones-


The Five Virtues:

Temperance: In this zone, there is an abundance of food. But taking a bite doomed one to stay in this zone forever.

Charity: In this zone, there are Heartless demons who prey upon those who have any valuables on their possession.

Kindness: In this zone, one is subjected to a series of tests, and if they fail to act kindly, they are cast from the realm.

Patience: In this zone, one must meditate calmly, and allow time to flow over them. There are Heartless demons that frolic and play, and try to make others join them.

Humility: In this zone, one must face their greatest fears and overcome them, relying upon a Heartless demon who offers them aid.


The Cleansing of the Soul:

Here is where the Heartless demons are separated from those considered “worthy”. A Waterfall separates the Five Virtues from Angelis, and as one passes through it, one can feel all life ripped out of you, scoured clean, and then fill you back up.



After the seemingly beautiful zones passed through to get here, one might expect a gorgeous view here. But instead, all that is seen is a wasteland of a city. The Angelis themselves express memory loss, many of their bodies lay eternally dead, strewn around the city. Those that are left weep for the One, the Supreme Consciousness of the Universe, who was long ago destroyed by the Soul Devourer, upon the Creation’s completion. Many Angelis “Fall”, turning to the Firsts of the Demon Realm to guide them.

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