New Paltz LARP


A strong and proud race, known for their militaristic might.

Orcs are very simplistic beings and tend to dislike all races. At physical maturity, they are on average six to seven feet tall. An Orc matures at the age of 20 and usually lives to be about 80 years old. They look like primitive Humans with grayish skin, a stooping posture and a snout rather than a nose. Orcs’ eyes appear red in dim light due to their ability to see in infrared. They have a full set of canine teeth and short, pointed ears like those of wolves. Gestation rate of 3 months.

Recognized Orc Kingdom: Kingdom of Kelta.

Minor settlements: a collection of tribes found in the Uhma Mountains, however those tribes rejoined Kelta when King Malthu took back his throne at the end of the Okimean War of Resistance Against Kelta.

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