New Paltz LARP


These demons are the bane of every temple, of every church, every holy ground, or trinket. They feed off of the faith of others, blocking out prayers, desanctifying grounds, and turning blessings into curses. They may take the shape of your church leader, the lost puppy guiding you to your doom, a kid trapped in a well, but upon touch, they are incorporeal. Their favored method of killing is to lead their prey to a secluded area, trapping them, and feeding off the prayers of the doomed, who eventually die of starvation. These demons are a newer form of demon, only arising in the past several decades, and no known method of defeating them has been found, although it is believed that silversteel weapons or magic could do the trick, rendering most citizenry unable to fend off even one, especially not the packs of 40 to 50.






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