New Paltz LARP


They are tiny, never reaching past a foot in height, and are black, emaciated, slender beings that are practically invisible when turned sideways. In many ways, they look extremely similar to Kadriar. However, they serve the Demon of Gluttony, not Kadriar. They are constantly crying and immature in nature, and they also never stop eating. They will suck on rocks until something edible comes by them, where they will devour the victim, often a very large demon, in one bite. They are not, however, cannibalistic in any way shape or form, but they will occasionally lick each other as a show of anger. They do not have teeth or lips or a tongue, for the opening of their mouth is tough enough and strong enough to break anything too large (or too alive) to eat, and their jaw will do the rest of the work, compressing the entirety of it to incredibly small sizes before swallowing.







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