New Paltz LARP


They look like ordinary foxes, except for their eyes, which are usually a blank white, but have occasionally been seen with red eyes as well. They are incredibly intelligent, and will often be asked questions by other demons, despite the fact they are inherently untrustworthy. Some assume they are merely just shadows, taking on a specific form, but Kitsunes have very specific goals, and will exist consistently, as opposed to the wildly inconsistent shadows. They devour souls, and the more they eat, the longer and more beautiful their tails become, with the oldest and most powerful Kitsunes being pure white, with nine tails. Their goals are not havoc, but specific and controlled devastation and widespread misfortune, specifically the type that benefits them in power and location. However, they never lie, which often makes them valuable if one knows how to handle themselves. It is highly advised to not touch their tails, as that alone will lead to nearly instantaneous death, and one of the easiest ways to anger a Kitsune. They commonly sleep, and do not interfere with hellish affairs, unless directly ordered by demons with power, or those with offerings.








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