New Paltz LARP


They are wide and varied, but often are recognized by their nasally way of speaking, group mentality, their lack of any comprehensive intelligence, and use as food for the demons of Hell. Frequently bipedal, and humanoid, but not always. They speak in high pitched voices, often grating on the ears of those with sensitive hearing. They speak demonic, but are only capable of echoing back what they have heard from others.Their common method of taking down prey is swarming the intruder, constantly nicking them with thousand of poisonous bites within matters of seconds. When alone, they will throw up entire gastric chunks of acidic poison, so they may run away, or dissolve the skin of that they wish to eat. Despite being carnivorous, they do not eat meat, they eat bone marrow and other hard inedible bits, making them the perfect scavengers, often devouring that which has been left behind by bigger, smarter creatures. They are also completely incapable of devouring souls. They are easily distracted by things that are strange to them, usually involving rocks and hard bits. The largest imps ever seen was around 6 feet large, but many don’t make it past 3 feet.







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