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A race that is most capable of doing anything another race can if they put their mind to it.

Humans do not have specific skills as the other races do; however, Humans may specialize in several areas. They are known for their diversity. A unique trait of Humans is their tendency to question their purpose. They’ll often wonder about the origin of the world and doubt the Light Spirit. Some other Humans, however, are extremely faithful in comparison to other races.

Humans get along with all races. They are physically weaker than Dwarves and Orcs, although not as fragile as Halflings and Elves. Their bones tend to break easily, but most minor injuries heal rapidly. Humans who train themselves can grow to be very fast runners. They also hold the ability to train so that their muscles grow and their strength improves. Humans are one of the most physically intricate races. Gestation rate of 9-10 months.

Recognized Human kingdoms: Kingdom of Famardy, Kingdom of Bawerstrom, Kingdom of Okime.

Unrecognized country: Queendom of Lares

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