New Paltz LARP


They say a dog is man’s best friend. A Hellhound is neither a best friend, nor a dog, nor particularly inclined to men. They take the shape of something dog like, but that does not make them such a species. They have large heads, large chests, and small, bony legs, with narrow, long paws that have claws that are short and stubby, but capable of cleaving through steel. They are constantly hungry, and it appears as if they are constantly bleeding from the mouth and eyes, in a feeding frenzy rage, but it is most likely to merely be some other sort of liquid. Their fur is nearly translucent, constantly changing into the color of what is around them, making them very hard to see. They hunt in packs, and frequently eat the elderly and weak, as they are unable to find sustenance or survival. Their preferred method of death is for each Hellhound to pull a limb, and to run in opposite directions. They are often found by stronger demons, who use them as a personal army, as they breed fast, kill fast, and so long as there is always a source of food, more or less loyal.



Havoc Demon




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