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A short and fun race, they often magically prank others and are never gloomy.

Gnomes are a creative and ingenious race known for their mischievous nature. Their eyes are structured differently than those of Humans’ and can best be described as blue lenses. Their skin can be any shade of rocky gray and their hair can be any color. Gnomes reach maturity at 50 and their life expectancy is about 500. In addition to Sylvan, they also speak Elven. While a great number of Gnomes live in the newly established Gnomedom of Glimlit, Gnomes have been known to live in tribes throughout all of Keimin. They have the smallest population of all races with official Organizational Council territory. Gestation rate of 1 year minus 1 week.

It should be noted that during the Fourth War of Keimin, the Elves of western Sarenu, now the Gnomedom of Glimlit, were turned into Gnomes that can be of any skin, hair, and eye color, tending towards the vibrant, although all other attributes remain the same.

Recognized Gnome Kingdom: Gnomedom of Glimlit

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