New Paltz LARP


A Ghoul looks like a ghost at first glance, but is not one. For one, they never died, but were merely born the way they were. They are only capable of eating souls and spirits, thus have no use for anything physical. They are the bane of the Merchant of Souls, who often has a way to fend off against them. They are generally transparent, and most physical contact simply can’t affect them. However, they are incapable of stealing souls, but instead much scavenge them, often from dead bodies, other planes, or those who have already eaten them. In fact, it is far more common to see a Ghoul taking down a Demon for the contents in its stomach, as opposed to a creature that might actually have a soul or spirit worth taking. They often carry physical things with them, accidentally, resulting in them being covered in dirt, rocks, and other disgusting vestiges of their travels and experiences. They have faces, but they are often marred and lopsided, making it hard to accurately describe one. Their mouths are huge, often encompassing most of their body, which they predominantly use to hiss, fight, eat, and give birth. They have no teeth, but they do have multiple forked tongues.








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