New Paltz LARP


Gargoyles are the slowest demons in all of Hell, very rarely moving from the area they were made, unless provoked, where their reflexes have proven to be quite fast. Some rumors are that Gargoyles were once normal demons, but were cursed by the Devils and High Demons for their disobedience. Regardless, they are not looked upon kindly by other residents, as they often do not obey normal demon etiquette. However, Gargoyles are nigh indestructible, being able to withstand even the largest of Hell-shattering hits, with barely a crack. They do not attack often, but are quite good at blending in with their surroundings, and often eat whatever decides to rest near them for a few seconds. They do not need to eat often, due to their incredibly slow metabolisms, but they are very protective over their food, and will fight other Gargoyles for it, which, to the average viewer, will seem as a low pitched growl off, with the occasional blur of movement. Often times, any cracks seen in a Gargoyle is the result of another Gargoyle. Those that become the prey of Gargoyles are often only eaten for a short while, but they are alive the entire time, clutched in the rock-hard hands of a creature that is merely taking a week break in between chewing. Despite being territorial, Gargoyles will often appear in packs, of anything from 3 to 12, roughly. Their size can range as well, to that of a halfling, upwards of a troll.







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