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A fair and long lived race that is known for their supremacist beliefs, or revolutionary thinking.

While Elves are stronger than other races mentally, they are weaker physically. They possess magical abilities and are gifted with making predictions through constellations. Elven technological advances are lacking in comparison to human technology. Elves are rather androgynous-looking; male elves usually lack all facial hair. Their ears are pointed, in the shape of leaves.

Elves are known for being beautiful and wise. Their cause of death is usually due to battle, since they can live to be several thousand years old, usually between 3500 and 4000 years of age. Elves reach their age of physical maturity somewhere between the ages of 110 and 150. Elven mortality differs from that of other races; Elves are nearly immortal and they rarely die of natural causes. Rather, their cause of death is usually due to severe physical trauma. They grow to become between 4 ½ and 5 ½ feet tall. Elves do not sleep; rather, they go into a trance for about four hours a day. Therefore, they are unaffected by sleep-related Spells, Enchantments and Potions. Gestation rate of 1 year.

While Elves are wary of trusting any race other than their own, they can grow friendly with any race, although Dwarves are the most difficult to befriend for the Elves.

Recognized Elf countries: Kingdom of Ko’ebbe, Kingdom of Berista, Republic of Sarenú, Nation States of Exbaltaira.

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