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Eldar Empire

Created by the First Beings-the now Elvish Pantheon, the Eldar were filled with every blessing possible. They were filled with an intense curiosity and a need to drive forward. An Eldar dominion spread across the world of Valdea, uniting it all under one banner. The gods and spirits freely walked about the many lands. Great Prophets guided the Eldar in their pursuit of perfection. Until the Great Prophecy of the Eldar, foretelling their End.

Spurred by the need to prevent their immortality from being stripped away, they looked for magical ways to put a stopper to the Prophecy. In the region now known as Exbaltaira, a sect of Eldar rose, who believed their purpose was to usher in the next era. They created a powerful device intent on wiping out all the Eldar. And the gods destroyed them to prevent this artifact from powering up, not wishing to see their first Creations destroy themselves.

In the region known as the Southwestern Ice, the Eldar refused to allow the Prophecy to come to pass to them. And so they froze themselves over, to only be revived when the next era was over. But Caranist became sad at their fate she foresaw.

In the region known as the Teardrop Isles, the Eldar worked on a grand plan-to stop Time itself across Keimin. To live in an eternal timeless state, where the Prophecy could never come to pass. But the Unbroken Tower failed, and consumed the lives of millions across the world, as the Time distortion spread. And so the gods stepped in once again to prevent pure destruction.

In the region known as Ceres, a great war waged between the many Eldar sides, and a devastating weapon went off, breaking the continent in half, and throwing many rocks into the air, never to come down, now known as Empyrean Earth.

And so the hunt for godhood began. A terrible war wracked the Eldar as the few thousand that remained hunted for an escape into the Divine Plane. A champion was named by the gods, one whose purpose was to end the war, and destroy the god scroll, a gift to the Eldar given, and protected, by the Darker Gods. The scroll was destroyed and the champion driven mad-he had gained all knowledge of the Divine, but not godhood. He would wander for centuries, attempts would be made by the Divine to cure him, but mortal insanity could not be cured by a god.

A great disease then spread throughout the Eldar, making sterile most of the race, and permanently removing their immortality.

The Elves were born into the world as the ashes of the Eldar Empire settled, the gods wracked with failure. The Elves were forged in a likeness of the Eldar. Sarnu and Caranist gave the Elves independence from constant divine interference, and brought the gods and spirits away to the Divine Plane from the Mortal. The goddess Ceres left the Eldar pantheon and created the Ceres-born in her image on the split continent.

The Eldar then bred into the Elvish line, faded away from sorrow, or simply endured.

Except one.

The champion of the gods was to be brought in during the forging of the Concordat. Caranist granted the champion godhood, in the hopes that he would be returned to sanity if he was made divine, as he did possess the knowledge of all the divine. But it failed. And the champion remained shattered and all powerful.


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