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A hardy people who are known well for their great capabilities of smithing and money handling.

Dwarves undergo rites of passage once every ten years. They usually create a tool (if a male) or a piece of jewelry (if a female) to be used in the Rite of Passage Ritual. They grow to be about four feet tall and all males (and even some females) grow massive amounts of facial hair.When a Dwarf is in deep mourning, he shaves off his facial hair. They get along well with Humans and Halflings; however, they are wary of trusting Orcs and despise Elves.

A Dwarf matures at the age of 30 and their life expectancy is about 400 years. Gestation rate of 13 months.

Recognized Dwarf Kingdoms: Kingdom of Jarlsjalfi, Kingdom of Mækivé. Minor settlements: the Confederacy of Grall and Jargla of the Uhma Mountain Range. (Stechuan was destroyed)

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