New Paltz LARP


A very particular type of demon. It is in the shape of a horse, at most basic qualities, but is also highly parasitic. It will find a creature, usually one with a soul, and latch it onto its back, where the Dullahan will feed on its bodies for decades at a time. The “host” body will be headless, as the Dullahan instead places the head besides its own, as if two headed. So long as the Dullahan is feeding off the body, it has access to all the knowledge and capabilities of the host, as well as its own. Even after a body is fed off of, the Dullahan will often keep a trinket of the body, resulting in chains of similar bones adorning the demon. The Dullahan is also one of the most capable demons of traversing through multiple layers with ease, knowing ways to travel that do not involve the gates, and are one of the most elusive demons as a result. They are lonely creatures by nature, and do not interact with many, and breed through brief, if extremely violent, interactions. They are large, and usually are 8 to 10 feet tall.




Deadly Sins




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