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Divine Plane

The Divine Plane is very much like Valdea, in terms of space. The Divine Plane is different from the Realms of the Afterlives, which are expansive and unconnected to Valdea, and are connected to the Pantheons only. The Divine Plane shifts and changes with Valdea, especially the power of belief. The best nations in Valdea do not have to be the most devout in belief. But the Divine Plane above the devout nations is far superior to where there is less.

The Divine Plane, due to the Concordats repeated signing, and in the wake of several Divine Wars, has been wholly cracked and damaged.

Mortals are not recommended in the Divine Plane unless they gain the blessing of a god, because mortal minds tend to fracture at the allness that is the Divine Plane. The Divine Plane closely interacts with all other dimensions constantly, but tends towards interactions with the Mortal Realm the most. It should be noted that while the Divine Plane is home to the gods and greater spirits, there are cracks, tears, and holes, and in or around those weaknesses resides the most dangerous of divine beings. Divine does not mean good, just more powerful and nearly incomprehensible to the untrained or unblessed eye.

See Religion for more details on the gods or Greater Spirits


Fauna Native to the Divine Plane

Flora Native to the Divine Plane


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