New Paltz LARP

Countries of Valdea

Continent of Keimin

Organizational Council Countries

1. Aranarth of the Teardrop Isles

2. Kingdom of Bawerstrom

3. Kingdom of Berista

4. Kingdom of Bree

5. Theocracy of Calantha

6. Nation States of Exbaltaira

7. Kingdom of Famardy

8. United Kingdoms of Farthing

9. Gnomedom of Glimlit

10. Kingdom of Jarlsjalfi

11. Kingdom of Kasinthia

12. Kingdom of Kelta

13. Kingdom of Ko’ebbe

14. Kingdom of Maekive

15. Kingdom of Okime

16. Republic of Sarenu


-Non Organizational Council Countries

1. Dwarvish Confederacy

2. Queendom of Lares


-Territories of the Organizational Council

1. Troll Territory

2. Exbaltairan Territory


Continent of Ceres

Western Coalition

1. Basilea of Silenus

2. Empire of Silvanus

3. Protectorate of Kelutral


-Non Western Coalition Regions

1. Outlying Lands

2. Cyclopes Isles

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