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A distant race from another continent, known for their war magic and strong beliefs, known as Satyr or Faun, depending upon cultural differences.

A race known for magical intellect, power, and innovation. Fragile in their ability to suffer damage, they often depend on magic to protect them, but are otherwise as tough as a human.

Extremely quick to learn and adapt to new environments, as constant war on their home continent has forced them to adapt and learn. More comfortable with halflings than any other race, as halflings existed on their home continent.

As many monsters look like human women on Ceres, they would tend to shy away towards human female contact. They have woolly legs and goat hooves, have a human torso and face. Their ears can be pointed, jutted far out, or humanlike. They tend towards curly hair on their head. For a monthlong span of time per year, they experience a strong desire to mate. All are pansexual and have a less understanding of the “sexual limitations” of other races. Other such misunderstandings include a lack of understanding of the idioms of Keimin, as a bit is lost in translation, and strong cultural differences.

As their culture is entirely dependent on magic, birthdays are not celebrated, but instead the day in which a satyr/faun firsts learns magic is celebrated, and years are counted since then. Maturity develops between 1 to 5 years after magic, with known exceptions. Life expectancy has never been measured as the war has claimed every one of them before dying of old age. However, it is believed in legend that they can live forever, provided they never leave Ceres (Officially they live as long as elves, but age like a human outside of Ceres).

Every Satyr/Faun has magic to some degree. To not have magic is seen as an extremely foreign concept, and is often the most difficult to adjust to upon coming to Keimin, where magic ranges greatly. Blood magic does not exist on Ceres, and as such, Satyrs/Fauns cannot have learned it. Upon coming to Keimin, blood magic is rejected by most, if not all, Satyrs/Fauns, as a magic they wish to learn, because it eliminates the ability to cast Creation spells, an integral part of their culture, not out of hatred or distaste of blood magic, as most Satyr/Fauns would be intensely fascinated in this “new” form of magic.

Due to the recent soul reunification process administered by the goddess Ceres, Satyrs and Fauns now each have the other souls with them. One soul half is more dominant than the other, however memories and feelings from the other soul half may be transferred. This soul reunification process brings them back to their full race status, and can be called Ceres-Born.

Gestation rate of five months, with twins and triplets being highly common. Ceres-Born are unable to breed with any other race. Language spoken: Sylvan. Can learn Common relatively easily due to associations with the halfling country of the Protectorate of Kelutral.

No Council-Recognized Countries.

Countries unrecognized: The Empire of Silvanus (Faun) and the Basilea of Silenus (Satyr).

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