New Paltz LARP


The result of a mortal soul, demonic powers, and as of yet undiscovered rituals. A broodmother will often nest in a lower level of Hell, territorially so, in order to safely create as much Spawn as possible. Spawn is the result of a mishmash of any and all creatures found in Hell, cobbled together to make some sort of living abomination. The Spawn are utterly mindless, and they live only so long as the Broodmother does. Spawn can be made from any possible sentient creatures. However, in order for a creature to be turned into a Spawn, a Broodmother or her other Spawn need to kill it, and as a result, more powerful creatures are rarely used to make Spawn. Often, the Spawn merely consists of three or four imps mashed together to make a larger, more horrifying imp. Broodmothers themselves also vary wildly, depending on the type of mortal soul used in the process. Often traits and preferences from the original life will manifest with the nesting and picking rituals of the Broodmother, as well as their offensive capabilities as a whole. Regardless, they are always huge, easily surpassing the size of the average troll.









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