New Paltz LARP


At first glance, a Bogeyman merely looks human, or elvish, or dwarvish, but usually, not very demonic. They are calm, pleasant, polite, and often do not even speak in demonic. The only indicator of their actual form comes from their hands, which are always larger than normal, and their fingers are also incredibly long and elegant, with perfect nails for each one. They will travel with, at most, 3 at a time. Even this number is almost too large, as Bogeyman have a talent of backstabbing each other at the first opportunity. Their powers are mysterious in nature, and often are seen as amusing oddities to be captured by other demons as pets. As a defense, they are incredibly good at hiding, often capable of cramming themselves in the smallest of places until the area is safe. When they are seen being brutish, it is usually the end result of a caught creature, where their long fingers are put to use, gentle peeling off layer after layer of skin and muscle, before eating it delicately. They seem to prefer young beings as predators, as well as young souls. It is highly suspected that most “possessed” beings in Valdea are not actually possessed, so much as Bogeyman who were able to pass through, and live as a normal being for a certain period of time, before unveiling their true nature. While a group of warriors or demons could easily take a Bogeyman on their own, one on one, a Bogeyman is a more terrifying enemy, being quite capable of toying with their opponent, often finding unique and interesting ways to murder them. Deals with Bogeymen are far different than deals with other demons, and can often lead to even more unintentional consequences than would already result from a deal with a demon.








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