New Paltz LARP


A carnivorous plant that grows through dimensions, and not upwards in Hell. It resembles a large tree with a gaping maw at its summit filled with many wooden “teeth”. It can voluntarily swallow or spit out its prey. It ejects bones which are then eaten by Imps, but draws blood to its roots. Bloodoak wood is very strong when dead, but extremely flexible when alive, adding to the sinister animal-like aspect. When burned, it screams violently. Bloodoak wood is the most buoyant of all wood, Hell or otherwise, and therefore is excellent material for boats.  Bloodoaks cooperate with the similarly mobile Tarry Vines to draw in and consume prey, and Creeping Fingers to hook the prey and make it harder to escape. When felling the Bloodoak, the felling party must either “engage” the tarry vine or use bait to distract it. The top of each fully grown Bloodoak resides in another dimension, appearing as a hole, possibly with Tarry Vines or Creeping Fingers growing out of it. If one falls in, they fall into Hell, their soul separated from their body for surrounding demons, and the body goes through the eating process of the Bloodoak. The blood that this plant gathers becomes enchanted with extreme magical properties, allowing demons, or possibly even other beings, to gain massive amounts of power, specifics determined by the drinker’s own body, that is, if one is able to get to it.






Carrion Flower

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