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Binding Fruit

A fruit that is either deep red, or black, which has a hard shell, and many many many seeds on the inside. It is superficially safe to eat, but with a nasty side effect of binding you to the specific level of Hell one is in. It is often fed to prisoners of battle, so they cannot travel far, and for someone from out of Hell to eat it, it would result in an inability to leave Hell for a very long time. Often times, decades later, those that eat the binding fruit will still experience severe migraines and ulcers, if they stray away from the layer of Hell they ate it for too long. While initially considered wholly unique, it has been recently discovered it bears some resemblance to the Ceresian fruit: Pomegranate. Those, however, do not cause such side effects. Disembodied souls are incapable of experiencing the effects of the Binding Fruit. Due to not even normal Demons liking them, the trees that hold them are very, very rare.



Aecliress’ Reach




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