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Arcane Horror

Feeding off of sources of magic directly, these beings are vastly powerful. They often seek ways to the Mortal Realm to feed off of the more available magical sources present there. If they gather enough power to themselves, they are able to possess a mortal from the Divine Plane without ever having to leave it, often a non mage that happened to be asleep. If a mage is attempted to be the bridge, the Arcane Horror will simply drain the mage dry, and the mage will go into a coma as their mana continues to be extracted until they die. Using a non mage, they possess them to gather magical items to themselves, and feast upon them. Killing the Arcane Horror’s thrall in the Mortal Realm does not harm the Arcane Horror beyond stunning them for a period of time, and costing them the resources it took to enthrall the mortal that they did. Often, an Arcane Horror will enthrall many mortals to do its bidding, but rarely, if ever, will the mortals be a Satyr or Faun, Elf, or Gnome, as their natural magic causes them to be prone to the fate of a mage thrall.

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