New Paltz LARP


Aecliress is a ruler of Hell, alongside Kadriar. Aecliress identifies as male, and is most identifiable by his form, which is a gigantic blob of fat.

Aecliress speaks few words, and rarely forms complete sentences. However, Aecliress consumes thousands upon thousands of souls every day, thus most likely making him one of the smartest creatures in Hell, if not existence. Despite this Aecliress rarely gets up, moves, or performs any sort of exertion that doesn’t involve him opening his mouth to eat what is right in front of him.

In the 101st level of Hell, Aecliress is capable of draining a person’s will to live, and all reasons to move forward, until the person eventually wanders into Aecliress’ mouth, completely despondent to life.

Aecliress also has his own level of Hell for his feeding, and he also cultivated his own plant for the sake of getting new victims to his mouth.

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