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August 27, 2014

Summer Story 781- Kieran Galonnae

Posted by Sparrow/Druku/Samuel

After the sealing of the Firsts and the destruction of the Emissary of Pestilence, Kieran returned to Council territory to gather her things. It was clear that the near-constant presence of Justicars in the Council Territory made her uneasy, and she decided that it would be best if she took a leave of absence from the Crusader ranks and resumed her studies at the Kasinthian Academy of Magic.

She took her leave after bidding the Crusaders goodbye and made the journey alone to Kasinthia. Despite her having a map, Kieran was unfortunate enough to have chosen one that was written in Common instead of Elvish, and got herself quite lost. Perhaps the only good thing that came of her long stint in the woods was her experimentation with potion making, finding that she had a natural talent for brewing. She collected several herbs and plants and began to experiment with different brews. Naturally, a young, rich girl like her proved very vulnerable, especially when traveling alone, and she was beset upon by bandits several times. She was lucky that the Eldar artifact she’d received helped save her life time and time again, and her growing skills in brewing poisons kept the bandits she’d beaten up in the grave, but by the time she reached Kasinthia’s capital city, she’d exhausted herself of food, surviving off of her own magical water to keep herself hydrated. Kieran used some of her few remaining Arvirs to buy herself a place to stay for a few nights, and naively chose the House of Bliss for her purposes. She found herself in possibly THE most dangerous place for someone like her to be in, and was forced to keep her door locked and her staff at the ready at all times.

It was soon after that when the report from Ko’ebbe came in, meaning that Kieran could never, ever return home. Lady Galonnae, Kieran’s mother, sent a barrage of letters to her child and asked Kieran to come back anyway, apparently having gone quite mad with loneliness after thinking her child was dead or in danger. Kieran replied with only one short note, telling her mother that she could never return, not as long as the Justicars ruled over mages with an iron fist. Even though she thought this a brave thing to do, Kieran could not stop herself from feeling like a coward. A strong person would actively fight against her oppressors, but Kieran couldn’t bring herself to summon the strength. She fell into a bit of an existential slump and would hardly leave her room at the House of Bliss; when she did, the other customers became intrigued by the pale, ghostly beauty who wandered the happy halls so sadly, and began to spread rumors about her. A few even recognized Kieran as a Crusader and Cohort of the Council, but Kieran would say nothing to them, only shaking her head sadly.

A month and a half had passed, and Kieran realized that she needed to do something with herself. Elves lived a long time, yes, but as she realized that as long as there were others like her still living, she needed to make the most of her many years and make a difference. Determined, Kieran ventured to the Academy of Magic once more and asked to resume her studies, but was turned initially away. House Galonnae was an old family of Justicars, and even though Kasinthia was a refugee city, there were whispers that she was an infiltrator who had come to sell out other Ko’ebbian mages. Kieran pleaded her case and was accepted back into the Academy. Although quite lonely, she began increasing her training and her teachers found that she had an incredible potential for magic. She remains there still, honing her skills, and waiting for the Cohorts of the Council to need her again.

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