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July 3, 2014

Potchus Lague – Debriefing of “Vacation”

Posted by Sparrow/Druku/Samuel

Was approached outside Council Territory on way back to Gurney immediately following temporary dismissal on grounds of “Worldwide Party/Vacation.” Despite seeming general mood of entire continent (rather cheery following destruction of Firsts), this man (older human, pale skin, gray eyes, dark graying hair) stuck out like sore thumb. Conversation was similar to as follows:

Mr. Soro then smiled. Got shivers down my spine for some reason. That man is quite intimidating, but seemingly innocuous all the same. Returned on path to Gurney.

In Gurney, was entertaining slightly sickly children the other day. The disease wracked this place so hard. Even though most of the disease is gone, some malignance lingers. It has been three days since Mr. Soro’s invitation. His name sounds… Just a bit familiar. Not sure where from. Must be my imagination.


This may be my last entry. Out of guilt and obligation, I shall be retiring from the command. I shall remain with the Crusaders of the Council, but become much less active.
I was entertaining the children on the day Mr. Soro’s bird was to deliver his invitation to me. I was happy to go. The condor swallowed me whole right out of poor young Binry Ablodi’s hands. Was in rat form.
When in the stomach, I felt the gastric acids bubbling up. I decided to wait until the bird landed before I turn back and get free from its digestive tract, while clinging as high as possible so as not to be digested by the acids. The scavenger moves fast, for when it landed, I turned free. This did kill the bird… Right in front of Mr. Soro himself. Discussion went as follows:

I left House Soro as soon as I was re-clothed. I don’t quite understand why he wanted me there, but I suppose I will never know.
General, Marshals, and Crusaders all, I do hope that if you are beckoned by such a person, that you keep to his good side.

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