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December 12, 2013


Posted by Sparrow/Druku/Samuel

The following report details the events of the unpaid vacation of Druku Gareth Er from Council duties. The following events, as outlined in the Crusader contract, shall not count towards the mandatory mission count for time in the Crusaders, nor shall the actions of the Crusader in anyway reflect on or be connected to the Council, no matter how daring, heroic, harrowing, or illegal they may have been.

I spent the first two weeks of my vacation within the Council itself, to the chagrin of several elders I’m sure, but I wanted to spend some time with what Crusaders were staying on for the year before leaving. At the end of those two weeks I left, with naught but a change of clothes and and my axe on my person. With the help of a horseless carriage service, provided very graciously by the Council, I made a trip to Sarenu.

I wanted to visit an old friend, someone I had known in the mage academy. I didn’t have much hopes, but I felt it necessary to try. I was right of course, our lives had just taken two different directions, and the meeting was awkward for the both of us. Still, I think we both got something out of it; a sense of closure, if you will. I’m happier off, at least.

After that I spent some time traveling Sarenu, taking in the culture and brushing up on my elvish. There was an incident I feel the need to report: in a village I was staying in overnight, a group of youths who apparently fought in the fourth war against Kelta took issue with my presence. I could only defend myself, of course, and most left with just bruises. One died, though. I emphasize I acted entirely in self defense, and I think the guard of the town ultimately agreed. That said, I felt it unwise to remain, and left promptly after paying for my room.

On the subject of money, I mostly managed to break even on the funds I left the Council with. I did a fair amount of quick carpentry on the road, mostly helping out better established businesses with odd jobs. I think I’ve improved, overall, and may be ready to start selling my goods through council channels, if it’s deemed appropriate.

Anyway, I didn’t spend the entire time in Sarenu; the land is beautiful, and I wouldn’t have minded staying. But I had other places I needed to see before my break was over. A year turned into a surprisingly short amount of time, when taking travel time into account. Most of the time I spent taking horse-driven carriages, which are for some reason much, much slower than the horseless variety. I’m surprised not everyone has switched. But it was cheaper, and I wasn’t in too much of a hurry.

I wanted to visit the Kingdom of Aranarth, actually. One of the Crusaders, Doc, had been talking about it, and it kept it in mind for me. Meeting the king at a Crusader gathering was also made the land a bit more interesting to me. Funny thing, I almost met the former king of Exbaltaira at that same party apparently, but we just kept missing each other. Anyway, I couldn’t go unfortunately, lacking the time to, so instead I went to Kelta.

There was an old village in Kelta I used to live with, for a period of time. I wanted to be accepted, but it just never worked out; it was an old, traditionalist village, and I was just never quite accepted. Part of the reason I joined the Crusaders; even at my age, I was starting to feel restless. Call it something of a midlife crisis. Anyway, I had some good time visiting. I think they were more comfortable with me being there temporarily.

Finally, I went to Xanthera. I needed to visit an old friend’s grave. He had died recently, and I unfortunately missed the funeral. I paid my respects, and stayed a couple more days, exploring Xanthera a bit before my time was about done. I took a horseless carriage back to the Council, which ends my report. I thank the Council for this opportunity; I don’t get enough chances to explore the world, and I really should. The results are revelatory.

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