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December 12, 2013

Caz and Link

Posted by Sparrow/Druku/Samuel

Every few years, from all the lands, the Witches and Warlocks gathered to decide where they should have their annual convention. The convention would be small some years and large other years; the conventions themselves were based on the group of Witches and Warlocks that were chosen to host the conventions that year. And the theme of said convention would be modeled after the specialty of the aforementioned chosen Witches and Warlocks that year. This year the Witches and Warlocks that specialized in the element of water were chosen to host the Convention.

When I was little, and still had a family, we would be invited to partake in secret events-like this Convention-all the time. When we gathered at the conventions we would join others in selling the hides we had gathered to the many Witches and Warlocks there. They would use the hides for potions, enchantments, spells, and anything else they could use them for. Vending made for a good time in not just gaining a profit from selling our wares, but also to have a good time talking to the other Witches and Warlocks scattered about the land. This way we could see what was happening in their part of the country, as well as exchange helpful spells while we improved on our magical skills together.

I was always invited to such events as this as my family had been very well known among the Witch and Warlock community. Every year, when a convention was being held, I would receive my invitation and with this invitation I would also receive the option to bring a guest if I so desired. However, every year I would go alone, but-I decided-not this year. This year was different as I decided to bring Link along with me to this convention-whether he liked it or not-and just like Link, he had nothing to say about it. It was a good deal that way; he helped me pack my things and I helped him pack his, before we were off to the Aranarth of the Teardrop Isles.

You see, with every invitation, there is a note that comes along with it; each note holds the location for the secret rendezvous point for the Convention goers. The note didn’t say much, but we did have to stop in an abandoned house in the Teardrop Isles. For you see, in order to get to the convention you must use the envelope that your invitation came in, as there is a secret spell written inside the envelope that you would use to notify your visit to the convention. A teleporter mage or mages will take you, and everything you’ve brought along, as well as your guest down to the rendezvous point for the convention. Once you’ve arrived at the aforementioned rendezvous point, there will be another waystation with two master warlocks; in order to be let into the convention you must tell them the magical words on the invitation given to you and then they will teleport you in. Kind of like a secret password sort of thing. After your password is spoken the two master warlocks will then take your invitation, to inspect, and make sure it holds the magical seal required to get inside. When their inspection in complete and they are satisfied with your invitation they will give an enchanted amulet to wear around your neck.

The amulet is designed to keep you safe from whatever might be lurking where the secret convention is being held, enchanted with an altered Ethereal spell, lasting for the duration of the convention. For you see, the convention could be help in lava, or under the sea, or even wear the dead reside; clearly not always suitable for most and thus the amulet is so important. This is the protocol to get into the convention, it’s a bit lengthy and somewhat tedious, but it is in place to make sure that none of the wrong types of groups can come in to wreck the party.

When Link and I went through we ended up under the sea! I was excited; I liked it when the conventions were under the sea as it made the convention that much more of a magical experience for me. The amulet gave us both the gift of being able to breathe underwater, as well as making our entire things waterproof, so my hides were not wet and soggy. The amulet itself also directed us to the location in which we would be able to sell our wares, as well as where we would be camping out. Link and I set up shop when we arrived to the designated location, though Link looked a bit confused and worried. I reassured him that everything was going to be fine, but as an extra push to make sure he would relax we decided to go to the bar and get drunk. I found out quickly, once we arrived in the bar, that Link was a lightweight when it came to alcohol, but that was okay.

Every day was like a party down at the convention and we enjoyed every minute of it. I got to sell my wares, with Link’s help, and I got to have some nice conversations with many of the witches and warlocks that also attended the convention. We bought silly magical spells that would make fireworks happen in the sky, and I even bought myself some new jewelry. A lady must look her best, you know~!

The secret conventions last a pretty long time too, which is nice; my favorite part in all of this was having Link there, as well as all the beer I could ever drink. All in all, it was a really fun time!

Note: The Witches and Warlocks that meet at the conventions are a society of mages, nature practitioners, cultists, etc. and are not every single mage of Valdea.


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