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February 18, 2015

Who Controls the Death Spire

Posted by Sparrow/Druku/Samuel

The Crusaders met with Elder Cupboard, who gave them an artifact he procured that has the potential to close any portal. Doc promptly wasted its one use that day to close a door without moving.

The Crusaders then marched to the so called “Death Spire”, an Eldar Artifact said to be able to wipe out nations. The Crusaders were escorted by Eriador Empire troops as a precaution because sections of Jarlsjalfi appear to be planning a rebellion, and the Flower State has suffered a heavy loss because now the entire nation can focus their efforts on fighting them.

They make it to the Death Spire with the escorts and we an assortment of armies duking it out. Rift Creatures, Deathers, Eriador Soldiers, Trolls, Pestilence creatures, and Arcus are all fighting over the Death Spire, as they all want it. We get closer, and the Fae arrive on the sounds of Trumpets and Rainbows

“We shall haaaaave the Ballad of the Meeting!”

The Crusaders were teleported deep beneath the ocean between Ceres and Keimin. Above then sat a large, terrifying monster of teeth and tentacles. The Beast Beneath the Vortex, or rather the Vortex itself!

But the Crusaders were in an air bubble, with the representatives of each faction fighting over the Spire…with a Fae presiding over.

“Have a meeting! We’re discussing things! The Crusaders shall be the neutral voice and hear all arguments! Hah hahahah! then they will make their decision. Each representative is allowed to make their argument and each other representative is allowed to say something about their argument that is stupid! Yes! You only have so much discussion to come up with a decisions otherwise the dome collapses and we all die!”

The Crusaders begin to panic and start arranging the meeting.

Arcus, representing itself, the Goddess of All Dragons. Arcus claimed to be able to turn the Death Spire into a force for creating Life. If the Crusaders assisted her, she would grant each a scale from her hide.

A Rift Dragon who styled himself as Liutenant represented the Rift creatures. It offered to return magic to its former power and glory.

A Troll Shaman of Queen Helga named Igor. He offered the Crusaders protection in the Troll Territory if they allowed the trolls to take the Spire as a trophy.

Lady Rose represented herself.  She offered immortality.

A figure wearing a Takreth mask represented the Deathers, or what he called “the Mortalists”. He said little and offered less, only claiming to be able to shut the Spire off for good.

An Elf by the named of Representative Taelin Longfong represented the Eriador Empire. He argued on the idea that the Death Spire legally belonged to the Empire as it was on their property. He offered payment in gold.

The Crusaders gathered and discussed. Ultimately, they came to a compromise: the Trolls would get the Spire, but only if they built a shrine to Arcus on it. A decision made, the Ballad concluded. The Crusaders were returned to Keimin, now with the trolls and Arcus. The Deathers, the creatures of Pestilence, and Elves pulled back, leaving the Crusaders to fend for themselves against the Rift dragon, admittedly with a dragon goddess of their own as back up.

The Rift creatures were brutal. At one point, Celeste the Seer was possessed by Rift energy and attacked the Crusaders.

At long last though, they found and fought the Rift Dragon. Owain channeled the power of his god, Arcus, becoming a Dragon Knight able to fight the Rift Dragon directly.

With Lieutenant defeated, the Rift creatures dispersed. Arcus grabbed the Spire and flew it to the Troll Territory.

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