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July 22, 2015

Valdea Updates, 783 – 785

Posted by Sparrow/Druku/Samuel

May 783
– Sarenu breaks away from the Eriador Empire and is at war with it alongside its allies of Aranarth and the Flower State of Farthing
– The royals being unstasis’d does little to affect the Eriador Empire beyond Sarenu’s breakage
– rebuilding efforts are underway across Valdea in the wake of divine invasion
– Caranist’s restoration of all cities and individuals lost in the divine invasion causes some widespread panic and widespread joy
– The Organizational Council begins arresting all those who have been brought back from the dead on suspicions for being necromages

June 783
– the Royal Chamber of the OC votes to allow all imprisoned due to suspected necromagery post-restoration to be allowed free. The Supreme Elder cedes to this decision
– new Elders begin to be named. The long political battle with the Supreme Elder begins, to not end until the Crusaders return next semester because Hahinn’s blessing names her Elder of Exbaltaira, but that cannot just be randomly done in the time skip.
-the OC approves a mass restoration budget, giving an unprecedented large amount of funds to all recovery efforts
-Juneau Solace is found in Bawerstrom in the city of Kestral Point, locked away in an underground vault difficult to find due to flooding. Juneau becomes accepted into the Council infirmary for direct treatment from Healer Pomaday

July 783
– Juneau starts a petition in Bawerstrom to rename the country to Bawerstorm.The populace is confused. One archaeologist recommends Corsiva, as the olden nation where Bawerstrom rose out of, when the founder first united the many tribes and nations in that area, Corsiva being the largest.
– Calantha joins the Eriador Empire, stating it to be a nation of progress
– the floating nation of Maekive becomes host to many Calanthan laboratories
– a Cullis Gate is linked to Maekive, along with several elevators of Calanthan design. Someone in the Crusader A team is allegedly overheard saying that everyone should shut up and not listen to anything in those elevators otherwise demons’ll getcha
– The Cult of the Lady of War attempts to reform, but mass arrests are made and Vice President Ch’taia Estel has the Republic’s first sanctioned executions of the terrorist group
– Two of three Exbaltairan States join with the Eriador Empire, the Seven Sisters refuse to join the Eriador Empire and are sponsoring Hahinn’s Elder-ness
– the Seven Sisters of Exbaltaira begins negotiating peace talks between the Eriador Empire and the Flower State under the banner of peace, love, and cooperation. They also encourage the Empire to join them in the banner of equality between the sexes

August 783
– Pestilence is named Ceres’ most wanted as her grip on the continent becomes iron. The Druids begin to lend their aid in ousting her.
– The nation of Kasinthia ends its mourning period over the loss of King Aldo, although the human worshipers of the Light Spirit rejoice instead. The Selective Board begins searching for viable candidates. Sparrow of the Crusaders runs for the position of King of Kasinthia, delaying the process of choosing a proper candidate for several months.
– the Flower State of Farthing, under negotiations made possible by Hahinn and the Seven Sisters, has joined with the Eriador Empire but retained its individual authority. The Cohorts of the Council under Niobe Evergard have moved to Sarenu to aid VP Ch’taia in her war against the Eriador Empire alongside Aranarth

September 783
– The Nobles’ Collective, after harsh negotiation, joins with the Bank of Jarlsjalfi, becoming a part of the board of trustees in order to return the hold of the economy back to the solitary economic institution.

October 783
– The Federation reports the lowest casualties ever in a Tohu-Bohu Endbringer assault thanks to the Endbringer Response teams negotiated into existence by the Crusaders of the Council
– Samhain returns but is not seen by any in Valdea. Current theories are that the Fae Lord appeared on a different continent, before leaving, taking his Party with him

November 783
– Crop yields were at their lowest in the Federational Isles in centuries. The Delvians begin a food program, allowing food to be shared by all, as the Delvians remain to ever be the breadbasket of the Isles.

December 784
– Aranarth is investigated for demon summonings during the Breach. Several members of the Church of Caranist are imprisoned by the Council for the crime of demon summoning.

January 784
– The Glimlit Revolution occurs and the Giants no longer enslave the Gnomes and are instead in full scale revolution.

February 784
– The Eriador Empire enters the fray in the Glimlit Revolution, aiding their allies in the defeat of the Giants, which continues to be an ongoing conflict when we head back next semester

March 784
– Okime and Kelta lend their aid in the fight against the Black Sky Covenant and the demons in Bawerstrom, after having fully put aside their differences brought up again due to Chainfire induced memories of Lin and Kilik’s rebellion in the northern territory of Okime.

April 784
– Queen Helga proudly announces her pregnancy with Kah’th, formerly of the Crusaders. She gives birth later that month to 3 Troll Shamans.

May 784
– Cats are accidentally outlawed in Bree due to a misinterpretation of King Manfred’s writing. They are subsequently un-outlawed after the error was celebrated in a feast called “The King is a Halfling Like Everyone Else. In Bree. That is a Halfling.”

June 784
– the Second released by the Crusaders claims ownership over the City of Dis section in Kelta, where it stays now, ensuring Dis citizens do not leave the area. Keltan guards remain posted in case the Second betrays them.

July 784
– a new God(dess?) enters the Gnomish pantheon, after Gywn and Orynn had a child. Rumors abound of the child having horns and looking like a demon when first born, but those rumors mostly cease after the first month.

August 784
– Queen Lisette completely retakes Xanthera back from the Black Sky Covenant after having to deal with their manipulations around the city
– Druid assault on a Daughter of Famine begins

September 784
– After thousands march on the Council in protest of the secrecy on Resurrection, the Council releases scientific journals on the magic of Resurrection. It shows that at most someone can be resurrected three times, but it takes a person of great skill to do so, and each time is more difficult and dangerous, potentially causing the resurrector to be lost in the process. It also takes people particularly strong of soul to be resurrected, thus making it clear that very few people can actually be resurrected in any capacity.

October 784
– Samhain returns. The Federational Isles, in exchange for rescuing all of Samhain’s cats stuck in trees, which were actually Felis imprisoned by a Niskaru, were cleared of all Void creatures for one month. This gave the Isles an unprecedented amount of time to prepare and plan for Void attacks.

November 785
– a Day of No Conflict (on Dwarvish New Year) was observed as all allied nations in the Council, Ceres, and Federational Isles laid down their weapons and put a hold on hostile spells for one day in celebration of harmony. Ongoing conflicts resumed the day after, but prisoners of war were released and the injured were allowed escape from the warzones to heal.
– the largest Void assault since the time a random decrepit halfling closed the last one occurred during this month in the Isles, but was fended off thanks to planning during Samhain’s promised month

December 785
– The Queen of Hell meets with the Supreme Elder, but is immediately assaulted by the Holy Triumvirate upon her entry into the Council. She kills many, marking an unknown amount, before leaving. It is believed that she intended on discussing the situation in Kelta regarding the City of Dis still lying there, but no one is sure.

January 785
– Bawerstrom finally rids itself of the demons and the Black Sky Covenant, returning order to the land. Rebuilding efforts are delayed as focus is placed on the near underwater city of Kestral Point, building docks and fortifying the wall around the city, the only thing keeping it from being underwater.

February 785
– Thanks to preparation, a rogue wave hits Kestral Point, Bawerstrom, but is fended off successfully with little ocean water entering the city. Efforts have been made to now ensure that natural light can reach down into the city. Gnomes of Glimlit have arrived and turned the walls semi-transparent so that light can shine through the walls above surface and to provide a unique underwater sight below the surface. This has caused a boom in tourism of the city and an influx of support for Bawerstrom rebuilding efforts.

March 785
– a Fae of Building appeared in Keimin, randomly accelerating the construction process, but also altering some building designs to work in some cases where it shouldn’t have. These “Fae Buildings” are deemed Council property, although already existing tenants continue to live there uninterrupted besides the occasional scientist or enchanter checking the building out.

April 785
– the Council announces that despite population decreases, the world is on a positive mend, although issues of food shortages have been increasing over the two years. Hellgates and the Holy Triumvirate responses have become increasingly the norm, and the Fae are now even welcomed, especially given that Samhain’s recent gift to the Isles was so positive.
– Tohu and Bohu are observed trying to enter a Cullis Gate, but recent updates prevented the Endbringers from making it to Keimin, although the attempt sparks worries about Jormungandr swimming to the continent.

May – August 785
– Druid assault on a Daughter of Famine ends
– the Crusader teams as a whole are given vacation time, events here are unplanned as it leads up to the Summer LARP event


Mission over the 2 Year Time Skip

– fight Endbringers in the Isles (repeated)
– hunt a Possessor with Yue
– work on a mission with the Mortalists
– aid the Eriador Empire quell the Flower State
– aid the Eriador Empire and Glimlit in their fight against Giants
– aid Ceres against Pestilence
– investigate pockets of Rift Magic still working (related to the one below)
– investigate newly formed Dead Zones of magic (related to the above one)
– participate in Queen Helga’s arenas, ensuring they follow Council regulations
– deliver the news to Queen Helga that her race is not a Major Race (repeatable)

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