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March 25, 2015

The Tournament Part 2

Posted by Sparrow/Druku/Samuel

The Crusaders, as the Eldar city rose around them, suddenly remembered what happened at the Tournament:

The Crusaders arrived at the Troll Territory, and were placed in a lavish bar run by the lovely Deirdre the Dwarf. There, participants spent the last of their gold before heading into the Arena to die.

Amid all the food and drink, Queen Helga announced the tournament. Several Crusaders signed up, but as did some non Crusaders. Kalkris, a scientist of Cog and a former Crusader, appeared to compete in the Doubles Tournament. A half Elf named Nethras, whom Jain seemed to be on good terms with, signed up for the Singles. The winner of either would receive an Eldar Artifact, but the Crusaders needed the artifact from the Singles.

Had it only been Crusaders competing, then the outcome of the tournament wouldn’t have mattered. But with Nethras, the potential to fail was present. As Nethras proved a powerful warrior, of course he reached the final round.

Druku and Nethras faced off. The battle was long fought, and it looked like Druku stood at chance, but in the end Nethras was victorious. Queen Helga handed off the artifact. Nethras messed around with the artifact, accidentally activated it, and opened a Rift. From out of the Rift came a large green hand, pulling Nethras in. The Rift closed behind him.

The Crusaders had completely failed.

The day wasn’t a complete wash though.

Tulyar and Kalkris won the doubles battle, granting them an Eldar Artifact that allowed them to do 5 more dagger strikes worth of damage, so long as they were together. Kalkris, seeing no need for this artifact, gave it to Owain.

Shortly thereafter, another Rift opened, then stabilized into a portal. The Crusaders received blessings from Arcus and entered the Divine plane, where they found Kadriar seated on the Throne of Caranist.

Kadriar had great, raw power on the throne, but not much else. She could not lie, nor could she make deals. She had a job for the Crusaders: fix the cage keeping the Trapped Ones imprisoned. Kadriar disliked having the Trapped Ones free as much as the Crusaders did, and much preferred they be returned to their imprisonment…but she wanted to have control over that bit of real estate in the Divine Plane.

The Crusaders ventured to where the cage used to be, now converted to Breach, and performed a ritual, using the powers of Jain as an Exemplar of Gwyn and Kalkris as an Exemplar of Cog, while the rest of the Crusaders had to defend them from falling as they could not defend themselves. The ritual completed after much difficulty, the Cage was beginning to be restored – Jain placed Kadriar’s essence inside and the Crusaders fled before they could be locked inside.

The rest of the day was spent in celebration. The Mystic, a powerful Lupus clairvoyant, gave futures and caused some headaches for the command. The Mystic ran many quizzes, and many Crusaders won prizes, with Hahinn learning she might die in the recent future.

Then Caranist appeared, screamed, and ejected Maekivé into the sky. . .

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