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March 11, 2015

The Tournament Part 1

Posted by Sparrow/Druku/Samuel

The Crusaders were given a simple objective, to go to Queen Helga and participate in a tournament. The winner would be given an artifact, and Elder Cupboard desired it. So the Crusaders marched forward.

On the way, Rifts opened and Rift creatures poured out. They were routed, but their appearance were felt as a bad omen. That along with the Breach pulsing with the ground tremors set the Crusaders at unease.

The Crusaders arrived at the Troll Territory and enjoyed the tournament. The specifics of the tournament will have to be told another time, but fun and merriment were had by all but no one could remember for some reason…

Then Caranist appeared, screamed, and Maekivé was raised into the sky, floating towards the Breach.

The Breach opened all across Keimin, extending out over Ceres and the Federation. To the Crusaders, the whole sky was turned to Breach. With Caranist’s scream, all the magic went out of the world. Arcus launched into action, splitting into several dragons of various colors and restored magic…but areas further away from her were more in flux. The continent of Keimin shifted, tilting downwards and sending the furthest tip of Bawerstrom into the ocean. Exbaltaira, meanwhile, rose upwards, gaining more coastal region. Luckily, due to the spirits that the Druid Order saved, the buildings and general sense of balance of the continent was restored despite the tilt.

The Crusaders, with the Red Lady appearing before them, were then shunted into a teleportation. But things went wrong.

Caranist possessed Doc, and the Arcanist possessed Celeste. They did holy battle, and the Crusaders were caught in the middle. Command broke down as the Crusaders tried to figure out who to fight, who to kill. Hahinn, for her use of Rift Magic, was cut down by Caranist.

Owain, using the powers of Arcus, banished Caranist out of Doc’s body. The Arcanist remained, and when asked why she fought Caranist she declared with divine finality “I AM Caranist!” A recovered Doc used the ultimate creation spell on Celeste, driving the Arcanist out but permanently pacifying Celeste.

Owain was put in handcuffs by U’ala and Doc, due to disobeying orders on who to fight.

With the Gods gone, the teleportation began to end. Order was restored, and through the wall of the bubble they could see a city, rising from the sea, and they were within. The bubble was surrounded by people, and it dawned on them:

They were surrounded by Eldar.

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