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February 3, 2016

A Jolly Good Time – LARP GI

Posted by Astral/Morgana/Yo-Yo

After a month of its own madness the Crusaders assembled in the Hall just outside the Convergence Room and after collecting the papers of a few new recruits headed inside to acquire their first mission in many moons. Once in the convergence room the Crusaders were greeted by Jeremy the intern. After greetings and introductions galore by the hyperactive worker Jeremy informed the Crusaders that he would be giving out missions related to the Mortal Realm, Keiman specifically. Jeremy informed the group of “what he thinks is a roaming theatre group who wants help in joining some kind of organization”. Although confusion set in over the relevance of such a task Jeremy quickly scampered off to more laborious tasks, leaving the Crusaders to make way toward the Beristan Harbors.

Upon arrival at the Beristan Harbors the Crusaders were greeted by the scene of a group of individuals performing for an audience of two, the performers being none other than the Jolly Robbers. After interrupting their performance and inquiring all involved the Crusaders realized they had been sent to aid the Jolly Robbers in impressing two representatives of the Pirates Coalition. The two representatives, now more than annoyed by the Jolly Robbers attempts to impress, handed over what appeared to be an obviously fake map that pointed toward an island just off the shores of Berista.

Although hesitant to follow the Jolly Robbers marched forth, with a few Crusaders in tow, forcing the group to travel with them to the mysterious island in search of “hidden treasure”, treasure which lacked a description or name. One short boat ride later the Crusader and Jolly Robber conglomerate docked on an island and were swiftly attacked by Giant Sea Urchins. Although some were rusty after weeks without combat the Crusaders came out ahead of the dangerous creatures, scaring them off and allowing the group to proceed deeper into the mysterious isle.

After stumbling upon a cave, marked with a little sign reading “Treasure Inside”, the group marched inside and were greeted by a wall entirely made of sand. Crusaders and Jolly Robbers alike struggled to make their way past the wall of sand that seemed to replenish itself no matter how hard they dug or struck it. Eventually, through the application of an Aquatora, the wall did crumble and make way for a hidden cavern. Inside the group were faced with a giant sand crab who communicated through Sylvan that he was the Sand Guardian Guardian of the Sand. Perched upon this crabs head was a magnificent crown that glittered even in the unlit caverns, reflecting brightly in the eyes of the ragtag group.

Before contact could be made new Crusader recruit decided to take it upon himself to acquire the “treasure” that was obviously the crabs crown. In a sudden move the Sand Guardian Guardian of the Sand had been stripped of his crown and was thrown into a rage, attacking the Crusaders in tandem with his Shellbies. Although the crustaceans proved difficult to harm the Crusaders ultimately won the battle with no casualties. However, group unrest over taking the crabs crown resulted in the Crusaders returning it to the Sand Guardian Guardian of the Sand.

After sailing back to the Beristan Harbor and reporting the details of their journey the two pirate coalition representatives appeared dumbfounded, surprised that the isle held anything besides sand and rocks. Upon realizing this the representatives demanded their map back to which multiple Crusaders protested, uneasy at the thought of aiding criminals any further. A short altercation later and the representatives were detained ad brought back to the council and the Jolly Robbers sent off on their way, unphased in their merriment. Upon returning to the council the Crusaders reported to Jeremy that they had been summoned to help not only the Jolly Robbers but the Pirates Coalition as well. Although confused Jeremy paid the Crusaders for the completion of their task and promised not to have any future mix ups or unnecessary requests filter in.

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