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March 28, 2015

Evil Campaign – Killing the Federation Gods

Posted by Sparrow/Druku/Samuel

The Legion were given their latest directive: set out against the Federation and do unto their Gods as they had done to the Elves: slay them, and steal away their portfolio. With the order, the Legion marched forth (after driving away the Kraken of course).

First the struck the Crone, who punished the wicked and sinners. Being that they were the Legion, this included all of them. But the fight proved easy, and they were on their way.

The Maiden represented Virginity and Purity, as well as Promiscuity and Adventureness. They found her on the seas, and she used her bewildering presence to try and toss them into the water, which was a bloody red.

The Warrior met them on a mass grave from the war of Dragora and Delvians, and fought with an invincible shadow. The Legionnaires were driven mad by rage, and almost slaughtered each other while they fought the Warrior.

The Stranger made strangers of all of them. All past relationships were erased, and the Legionnaires turned on one another. It was only through an iron grip that a leadership was established, and that they drove out the Divine presence.

The Unknown pit the outcasts of sexuality and gender against the overly normative.

The Drowned God chose a champion from the Legion: Oleander, who had before survived a drowning attempt. Oleander tried to kill the Legionnaires, powered by the Drowned God.

At last three Legion found the Almighty, the Father and the Mother, accompanied by two god children. While the children fought, the father and the mother were unstoppable. But should they all be cut down and slain, they only stood with renewed vigor. It was only after defeating them and then returning the land to mortals, through the powers of the Dark Exemplar Ser Hideous, that they could be defeated.

The Legionnaires returned to Wrath wildly successful, and we’re rewarded handsomely.

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