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April 4, 2015

Evil Campaign – Divine Cleanup

Posted by Sparrow/Druku/Samuel

The time was nigh for the era of the Gods to end. Wrath gave the final mission: go to the East of Keimin and to Ceres, defeating the final Gods. Once they were finished, they would meet with the Blasphemies, who were devising a ritual to eradicate the minor Gods en masse. With the map given to Bogden, they were off.

First they marched to Calantha, to the Taramiren Orogeny, the holiest spot in Calantha since the destruction of Sturmigh. Inside the Orogeny laboratory, the floor hummed with the sound of circuitry, and each panel lit up as they walked.

They came to an automaton, centuries beyond the technology available to normal folk, even available to Calanthans. From above floated a massive Cog, which implanted itself into the robot. The battle was afoot. Cog targeted Ollie, whose Exemplar abilities had been recalled, while Sir Hideous went to work returning the land to Mortal control. After an hour of combat, the land was desanctified, and the God came down soon after. Ollie took the book, and his Exemplar powers returned to him.

Next, the Legion marched across the land bridge of Ceres, slaughtering Harpies as they went. They marched through deep into Ceres, avoiding the plagued landscape in the center. They found an immense tree, and before them stood a Knight of Ceres, or so it seemed. In reality, the worship of the locals had merged Ceres and Other God into one, and this one stood before the Legion.

Ceres seemed to be impervious to all the Legion used against her, but as they fought the tree got damaged in the crossfire, which seemed to agitate the God. The Legion refocused their efforts on the tree, which drew Ceres further and further into a rage. The Legion had no hope of destroying the tree, but they tainted it, and Ceres dissolved into two book. All across Keimin, the Ceres-Born split into two halves once again.

Finally, the Legion marched to the rendezvous with Healer, one of the Blasphemies. Healer explained that their ritual would use the shavings of thousands of souls to draw the minor Gods in, but they needed a final ingredient: ambrosia. Unfortunately, the Divine Plane above Valdea was dominated by the Breach, so the Legion would need to be brought to another planet. With their concent, Healer pulled each of their souls into them, and brought them to the planet.

The alien planet had a purple sky with yellow cracks, and blue grass (not bluegrass, just ordinary grass that was blue). The Legionnaires were but souls without Wisps, and as such they could see the souls of the inhabitants. They each had their own, weak souls, but were all dominated by other souls in their brains.

Then the worms attacked.

Dozens of hungry worms swarmed about the Legion. Most were slaughtered, but Orc Slash Kill Pain was devoured. They managed to get most of his Soul from the guts of the worms, just in time for the God to appear.

It was a Hedonistic God, and true to its description it devoured its dead children before attacking the Legion. The battle was long and exhausting, and Ka and Orc Slash Kill Pain were killed and made its servants. In the end, the God fell, and out came the Ambrosia. Ka and Orc Slash Kill Pain were resurrected, and the Blasphemies performed the ritual. Centuries of experience and skills were poured into the ritual, and all of the minor Gods were pulled into the area, only to be immediately obliterated.

The Legion marched back to Wrath. Ollie had been holding onto the book, and dropped them by Wrath. But Ollie kept the book of Cog, and read from it. Before their eyes, Ollie transformed into Cog, and ascended.

With Ollie gone, an argument broke out between Ka, Orc Slash Kill Pain, and Hideous. Hideous wanted Ka to be executed, and Ka loudly proclaimed that he did not care if he was. So Orc Slash Kill Pain executed him on the spot.

The Legion were rewarded a vacation for their efforts, to be reconvened in two weeks.

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