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April 1, 2015

Emit and the Return of the Summer Court

Posted by Sparrow/Druku/Samuel

Where they had last left off, the Crusaders had been sent through time and space, and in doing so they had an encounter with Caranist and the Arcanist, possessing Doc and Celeste respectively. Caranist had been banished, and the Arcanist driven out at the cost of Celeste being totally pacified. And Hahinn was dead. The Crusaders appeared in an Eldar City rising from the ocean. The bubble of time distortion lifted, and the inhabitants, members of the ancient race of Eldars, a people of immense power and knowledge, long thought to be wiped out by time and the Emissaries, began to react to them.

But now is not the time for that.

The Crusaders were whisked away onto the surface of a clock, a massive clock. And in the distance was a sound. A ‘tick’ followed by a ‘tock.’ As time progressed this sound grew louder and louder, and appeared to become omnipresent, as if it were emanating from all directions at once. Crusaders with mind shielding capabilities were paradoxically more affected than the rest, and Feldmar was in a state of catatonic unconsciousness from the pain.

The sound reached a crescendo then stopped, and before them stood a creature in blue and gold. They introduced themselves as Emit, Fae Lord of Time and Fish. He greeted the Crusaders as Fair Maiden Hopford, the protagonist of his story.

Emit reminded Fair Maiden Hopford that he would be taking the keys from the Winter Court,  ushering in the Summer Court’s rule in the Cycle. In the meantime, Fair Maiden Hopford must participate in a treasure hunt. A structure appeared on the face of the clock, and 36 eggs were hidden within and around it. Fair Maiden Hopford had only so much Time to find them all. When it was pointed out that one of the Fair Maiden Hopfords was dead (Hahinn), Emit immediately revived her, but only for the story.

While Fair Maiden Hopford searched, the Midnight Man made an appearance, holding the keys to be given to Emit. In the mean time, he killed Fair Maiden Hopford, though thankfully Fair Maiden Hopford could save her.

It soon became clear that there was an imposter Fair Maiden Hopford, a fish woman by the name of U’ala, mucking up the story by singing. She was promptly removed from the story.

Fair Maiden Hopford found most of the eggs, dodging the Midnight Man and Emit’s strange verses when she could, and within them found a bounty of treasures, including great experience, money, a fabulous perm, and pregnancy. She could not find all of them, but enough (34/36) were found and the ceremonies were concluded over tea. The keys were handed off, and the rewards divided up amongst Fair Maiden Hopford.

For a final reward, Fair Maiden Hopford could choose to stasis one being, much like how the world leaders were. Fair Maiden Hopford debated who to pick, and settled on her evil Step Mother, the Daemon of Anarchy. Unfortunately, that did not work, and Fair Maiden Hopford felt compelled to kill all around her, but only for a moment. Long enough to reverse her magical pacification.

That failed,  so instead they chose their other evil Step Mother, Er’kh S’ cgl’agsh K’i’l P’ahh’eyn (better known as ORC SLASH KILL PAIN), but that also didn’t work, and instead Walpurgisnacht appeared claiming his property over this Orc, before being promptly banished.

In the end, Fair Maiden Hopford chose her foulest evil Step Mother, Elder Cupboard. Emit did his thing, and a Garl Glittergold appeared. Dying. Fair Maiden Hopford saved him, and from him learned that the Demon of Wrath had been gathering portfolios, and was keeping several minor gods in a cage.

With this, Emit returned the Crusaders home. That is, back into the middle of an Eldar City rising from the sea.

So as a summary of what actually happened to the specific Crusaders while they were Fair Maiden Hopford:

Celeste had her pacification reversed.

Hahinn was resurrected, but then found something in an egg that teleported her. Unfortunately, being teleported meant she was no longer part of the story, and promptly died. Thankfully, Hahinn was teleported right on Denethor’s desk, while Denethor was doing paperwork, and so she was hurried off to a shrine for a proper resurrection.

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