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    ((This thread will be for the commander, if the commander frequently forums. If you want to have an interaction with the commander, or just a question on policy, it goes here!))


    On the door of the current Commander is the following:

    The Policy of Secrets within the Crusaders

    This Policy was written up by Doc of Aranarth, General of the Crusaders of the Council at the time of this issuing.

    Dear Crusaders of the Council,

    It has come to our attention that many of you have been keeping secrets from your Commander and General.

    This is perfectly fine, and within your rights to do so, as many have personal demons and facts that one would prefer to not make public.

    However, there are some secrets that must be revealed for the long term safety of the group. The following “secrets” are of utmost importance to be revealed, and can result in punishment if we are not informed:

    1. You have learned magical healing
    2. You have become a blood, disease, or apotropaic mage
    3. You have learned resurrection.
    4. You have ties to Justicars, the Paladins, or the Demonic Purgers
    5. You have eldar artifacts on you
    6. You have enchanted items, such as a ring of attraction, or ring of truth
    7. You have undergone any sort of drastic transformation in your skills and abilities as a Crusader
    8. You have any pertinent phobias or vendettas relating to our current subject
    9. You have any relevant information that could alter the Commander and General’s perception of the situation at hand.

    These are important to know because otherwise we will conduct strategies under erroneous assumptions. These are “light” secrets, and no harm will come from revealing them. In fact, it will probably be a good thing. Punishment can be anything from: A strike, pay dock, 2 strikes, Probation, or, if we have reason to suspect information was mis-held for malicious intent, a suspension.

    That is the first category, the second category is much more harsh. These are secrets of Other Loyalty. Elder Cupboard seems fine to hire anyone he desires, but we still get to decide who stays and who goes. Thus, the following secrets are an executable, jailable, or bannable offense:

    1. Allegiance to the Assassin’s Guild
    2. Allegiance to Wrath.
    3. Being an active and/or former Demon Summoner
    4. Allegiance to shadow organizations such as Scath, Gungnir, or something pertaining or similar to it.
    5. Allegiance to someone for the express purposes of funneling information about the Crusaders, without our knowledge.
    6. Tampering with arcane magic that doesn’t necessarily have to do with Demon Summoning
    7. Indirectly and privately contributing to any of these groups, whilst being fully aware of doing so.
    8. Committed severe violations against common morality and sensibility
    9. Allegiance to anything that is not legally recognized by the Organizational Council.

    For both of these lists of criteria, there is an important clause:

    1. The Common Sense Clause:

    If something is withheld and does not fit any of the stated categories, but causes harm, or unforeseen consequences, there will be a meeting between Commander, General and Marshals to discuss an apt punishment to that specific situation.

    If you or anyone else fit the criteria of the second list, the following steps should be taken:

    Alert the Commander and General immediately. From there, You, or the relevant Crusader will be taken aside, and the situation will be discussed. What this will result in, assuming honesty, is a secret 2-strike basis, or some other form of agreement that will not be publicly disclosed.

    From there, all interactions will go on as normal.

    If one does not alert the Commander or General, and they find out through other means, then drastic measures will be taken. Execution, life in prison, or banning from all Council lands are all possibilities.

    Any Crusaders who currently fit any of these criteria at the instituting of this policy, assuming the Commander and General are aware of them, will be grandfathered in accordingly and to the best of our abilities.

    We understand that not everyone has a choice in such allegiances, which is why we heavily emphasize telling us as openly and as quickly as possible, because finding out for ourselves only means you wished deceit upon us, an action that could easily result in the deaths of all the Crusaders.

    We hope you understand the necessity of these measures, and we hope to strike a harmonious safe balance between the white and morally gray, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the Crusaders of the Council.


    Cmdr. Potchus Lague of Famardy

    General Doc of Aranarth


    As Ser Handsome passes this new posting in the hall, he stops to read it then as soon as he is done knocks rather quickly and insistently on the door, wanting to make 100% sure that Doc knows everything about him so that he can be 100% in compliance with the policy.


    “Who is it?!”  Doc yells, in her typical paranoid manner.


    Ser Handsome walks in and shuts the door behind him, beginning quickly,

    “1. I art a Paladin

    2. I am an apotropaic mage

    3. I art funneling information to the Holy Order of the Knights Paladin about the Crusaders, Elder Cupboard, and any other subjects of interest to our distinguished and wonderful group.

    He is sweating slightly, as in the few moments he’d read the article and been unable to share the information he had felt incredibly uncomfortable. However, now he felt much better and relaxed, beaming his bright, overly shiny smile at Doc.

    I just thought I shouldst lettest thou know, Doc.


    Doc gave an unholy screech when Ser Handsome waltzed into her room, and practically lunged for her dagger, until she realized who it was.


    She stared at him blankly.


    “Wait…you’re FUNNELING information–”


    APOTROPAIC MAGE? REALLY? This guy was custom made to get her to hate him! All he had to do now was be a clairvoyant and it would have been perfect.


    Ser Handsome only blinked when she screeched and knitted his brow. He wondered sometimes about this one. She’d OBVIOUSLY been hitting on him all of the last mission, and he’d had to turn her advances down afterwards. He hoped she wasn’t still upset about that.

    Well…..verily, of course I am. They ordered me to when I joined the Crusaders and I OBVIOUSLY cannot disobey them….but then I saw your poster so I thought I should let you know.

    He beams at her and carelessly flips his golden mane to the side gracefully, his sparkling blue eyes looking into hers. Light Spirit above was he good looking, he thought to himself.


    Doc stared at him blankly.

    “…all right then. You have done your job. Now go. I’m busy.”


    See if she was smart she’d have him kicked out for this, but that would run contrary to the policy. Gods damn her own morality.


    Se Handsome smiled and chuckled. He’d have to explain that he had OTHER things to speak of…but first,

    Oh Doc, Doc, Doc….it’s ok. I know what’s going on. I can go if you really want me to, but thou knowest what? I thinkest thou only wantest me to go because thou feel the sting of the rose’s torn. I’m sorry I hurt thee, but I had to reject you for, you see, I cannot fraternize with my superiors!

    Ser Handsome covered his face and looked away in mock embarrassment. He felt bad for the poor girl, but he had to let her down easy.

    Also…..I had other, serious matters to discuss with thee….

    Here, Ser Handsome did something he’d never done yet in front of the other Crusaders, he stopped smiling, looking all the more serious as his face rarely looked this way.



    Doc internally screamed with the horror of a thousand suns, and a stint with Kadriar in the 101st layer of hell.

    “Yes?” She asked through gritted teeth.


    Ser Handsome suddenly realized she hated him, only a slight twinge of annoyance crossing his face at the realization. It would have been so much easier if she’d liked him. Clearly, the forc wasn’t interested, as so many women before her had been. He sneered a bit internally. They’d all realize how Handsome and wonderful he was eventually, then they’d be sorry. He suddenly snapped back to himself and composed his thoughts. He decided to hells with the whole charade and dropped his accent and foolish demeanor. He leaned back in his chair and scanned her tactically before he began.

    …………..Since I’ve come to you, I’ve found nothing but insubordination, evil, and mental issues. You are all clearly unfit and incapable of adequately operating. Your direct superior, Denathor was possessed for Light Spirit knows how long, giving you all orders which you and at least one demon summoner and TWO demons amongst you followed. You have several suspected and former criminals in your group, and Elder Cupboard…..the halfling, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, is unnaturally old. He is also planning something, and we in the Paladins think it is of less than pure intent.

    He stood up and leaned in, lowering himself to look directly at her, the scent of his rose and cinnamon cologne now distinguishable to her he was sure, along with his perfectly stone serious expression.

    I’m asking POLITELY for your help in gathering information to pass on to my superiors. The Holy Triumvirate, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, are the REAL ones in charge of Keimin now. It would be wise to assist them now, so that you can be remembered and rewarded later…



    “During my time in the Crusaders, we have taken down two secret organizations, we’ve stopped two apocalypses, and personally took down the firsts, no matter what the HT is claiming otherwise.” Doc replied coldly.

    “If you have a problem with how we run things, that’s fine. I agree. We’re cluttered. We’re disorganized. And to an outside observer, our rules make no sense.  But time and time again, our results speak for themselves. And it goes beyond that, I’ve read many mission logs, dating back to when they were still part of Kasinthia.”

    Doc took a deep breath.

    “Your Holy Triumvirate isn’t exactly smelling like roses either. They’ve taken it upon themselves to redefine morality, and to place religion as the ultimate rule. It’s toxic and dangerous. They’re taking Justicars and giving them legal reason to oppress halflings and any other race or form they desire.”

    Her eyes narrowed. “Your Holy Triumvirate is corrupt. This council is also corrupt. There is no moral right here, and there never will be. And I REFUSE to get entangled in a fight for the moral high ground. I’m going to focus instead on doing what’s right, and so long as I lead the Crusaders, that is exactly what’s going to happen.”

    She paused.

    “And I’ll do it WITHOUT being a mole, and WITHOUT betraying one half of my loyalties, thank you very much.” Doc growled. “There’s a reason people tend to think treason is the worst crime around.”


    He stared at her for a moment. She had guts, he’d give her that. She was wrong though. The law was black and white here. And he refused to believe the Paladin order was wrong in it’s views of the Council and the Crusaders. He had nothing to say about the Justicars. They were a group he preferred to not think of or work with, although he’d enjoyed the apotropaic magic they’d taught him and some of his brother and sister Paladins.

    Your results often come at the cost of many innocent lives and often lead to more trouble than the problems you solve. As for morality, you are wrong, we are not redefining it, merely enforcing it as it should have always been. You were right when you said I am a legalist. However, I am not a blind fool and follower of the law like you and the others thought and think.

    He took a deep breath, standing up to full height and rearranging himself to look impeccable as usual.

    Despite my disagreements with your decision not to help, I understand and respect it. I will not ask again. Thank you, good day.

    He turned to go and as he got to the door, he paused and turned around, instantly resuming his mask of a smile and ignorance.

    See thee at yonder mission briefing Doc! Haha!

    He walked out the door, smiling his idiot smile, but inside he was smiling for real, because he now knew where things stood and could move forward towards his objectives.


    Doc wilted with relief when she realized this would not come to blows.

    However, she still resorted to punching the wall, waking up Little Shit from its blissful nap.

    This was not going to end well.


    Druku poked his head through the door.

    “Oh, and I have a broken Ring of Attraction.”

    He wiggled his finger through the door. On it was a ring with a chipped gem. “It still works, but only in bursts. Just thought I’d let you know.” Druku’s head disappeared out the door.


    Kard came up to the Commander’s door and knocked without hesitation. He had to make sure for himself there wasn’t anything going on with the Paladin he’d recently talked to. “Doc, you got a minute to talk?”

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