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    Name: Call me Doc!

    Race: Forc

    Age: Somewhere between 50, and 3,000

    Languages: Yes

    Appearance: Gray skin, red eyes, skinny, bottle glasses, unkempt long ragged black hair.  Long sleeved coat.

    Height: 5’10”

    Weight: 130


    I was born once, but now I’m not, so I’m a Crusader now, and things.


    A fairly typical Forc. A bit scatter brained.


    Mírfain: Arrogant fool. Why doesn’t she like me T_T.

    Falron and Aldria: Odd

    Errkdhrine: Stagnant

    Reign: Rude

    Dis: Evil.

    Druku: Um.

    Hyperion: Smart fellow.

    Sedems: A poor commander

    Malchior: A better general


    Rotuk: Needs to be euthanized

    Kard: Pouty

    Pearl: Another reluctant blood mage.

    Vigil: Wannabe.

    Lin: Not smart with the healing.

    Oren: Quiet

    Malaise: Pie eater

    Paradox: Cruel and sadistic

    Kah’th: Attractive.

    Argollo: A surprisingly good King

    Cupboard: A fair old halfling


    Name: Mírfain Svent
    Race: Half elf
    Height: 5’ 7”
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Hair: Blonde, long and straight.  Usually pulled back in a low bun.
    Eyes: Reddish-brown
    Markings: Small scar across right cheek
    Attire: Colorful traveler’s garb, cloak, and a leather belt with pouches, from which hangs a preserved cabbage.

    Languages: Common, Elvish

    Personality: Always the showman, Mírfain keeps up an enigmatic facade, with a good natured humor and a sharp wit.  She puts her comrades first.  If someone needs help, she is always willing to assist.  She tries to keep her spirits up as well as the spirits of those around her.  However she is very vague when it comes to her personal history and will skirt around or even downright lie to questions about it.  She has an open dislike for blood magic, especially when involving corpses, and will usually attempt to kill any undead on sight regardless of them being friend or foe.


    • Sedems – I trust our former Commander with my life.  He was more than kind to me during my first few missions.  Through his help I may finally get led on the right direction to find what I need.  I would fight alongside him to the death if it came to that.
    • Niobe – From what I saw of her she was a capable leader and someone who I respect, even more so after her marriage and what happened during it.
    • Gwyn – Her cookies are delicious.  She’s extremely kind and generous.  Out of everyone in the Crusaders, if I ever had an issue, I would go to her first.  I welcome her advice.  She has an adorable duck as well.  I’m amazed at how kind she is.
    • Oren – Something in him reminds me of myself when I was younger.  I feel a need to protect him how I can.  He has a kind heart.  He’s a bit too naive, but a good kid.
    • Reign – While he has his ruthless side, he’s given me good advice.  I trust him immensely despite disagreeing with some of the things I’ve seen him do.  He’s been through a lot.  As a side note, his pet mouse is adorable. I look to him a father figure.
    • Druku – No.
    • Korrin – He’s an amiable fellow and a good sparring partner.  I enjoy talking to him given the opportunity.  His dual bladed style is something I’d like to improve against.  He enjoys his alcohol.
    • Doc – My opinion of her has completely changed.  She has her issues, yes, but she’s actually quite warm when she needs to be, something I didn’t think she was capable of.  I know she doesn’t like me, something I can’t help.
    • Falron – What is his problem?  Though he does make good cake from what I’ve tasted.
    • Aldria – I believe she’s Falron’s sister, or something like that.
    • Malchior – He’s been a welcome force on the battlefield, especially his healing.  As commander, I trust him a good deal. I need to confide in him instead of trying to fix things on my own.
    • Lin – She seems like a capable fighter.  From what I’ve seen she has a bit of a stubborn streak, but she’s quite kind underneath that.  Her and Falron have issues they need to work out.  I still can’t decide if she likes Zeyke.
    • Zeyke – I haven’t talked to him enough to know what’s up.
    • Hyperion – I enjoy his company.  He’s quite loyal, almost to a cringing fault.  I’d like to avoid being attacked by him again.
    • Celmin – I can’t understand whether he’s always being a chauvinistic jackass, extremely sarcastic, or heartwarmingly genuine.  He does have an oddly understanding side, I’ve noticed.  On top of that he’s an amazing fighter.  I trust him.
    • Vigil – I can’t decide whether or not to actually trust him.  His views that “We’re all going to die” are rather irritating.  Him going invisible every so often doesn’t help.  That’s something I’ve had to get used to.
    • Rotuk – He’s a bit jumpy.  I believe he thinks people are out to poison him, though I don’t know why.
    • Dis – He’s an unpredictable shadow in a gnome’s body,  He’s also very… sadistic? Yet somehow I trust him.
    • Kard – He’s a bit odd, but I appreciate his help on the battlefield.
    • Dante – Poor child…
    • Tuylar – He’s not a bad fighter. I enjoy talking with him.
    The Nameless Monk
    The Nameless Monk

    Name: The Nameless Monk(Abandoned old name)

    Place of Origin: Aranarth

    Race: Human

    Weight: 240lbs

    Height: 6’0″

    Profession: Torn between Science and Religion, he chose to walk both paths as a monk of the Dark Spirit to help ferry souls when it is their time to die, and a healer to fix the bodies of those whose time has not yet come.

    Religious views: The Dark Spirit isn’t evil, and can’t be laid to blame for the atrocities of Blood Magic. It is He who decides when it is time to die. I merely follow His will, and whether it is your time or not, I help to expedite the process.

    Languages: Common

    Personality: “Cowardly” and seemingly pacifist, but he fights as well as most other warriors when the need arises.

    History: Due to the nature of his very secretive past, the one known simply as “the nameless monk” decided to atone for his past and don the robes of a monk and abandon his name. While seeming shy or stand-offish, this is just a facade he learned to better avoid prying questions about his past. Conveniently, the robes hide the scars of his past life, and he almost never takes them off for this reason. Nobody even knows where he originally came from, or what he used to do. Most people guess that he was a warrior of some type by the way he holds his staff, but even that rumor is just the tip of the iceberg.


    Name: Dante Achluo

    Country of Membership: Kasinthia

    Race: Human

    Height: 5ft 6in

    Weight: 90lbs

    Physical Description: Dante is incredibly skinny, with pale blue eyes and pale, thin, almost white blonde hair. He’s short, shaky, and very physically weak looking. His arms are covered in scars in the shape of occult and religious symbols. He wears brown pants, dark green boots, a matching dark green shirt with a mandarin collar and a hood, plus a sleeveless brown robe and with black fingerless gloves.

    Personality Description: Dante is quiet, nervous, and slightly psychotic. He enjoys dissecting dead bodies and has an unhealthy, obsessive nature over demons, which he is afraid of, but wants to learn about. He enjoys physical pain and bursts into tears whenever people try to comfort him and/or touch him physically in a benevolent manner. He’s interested in sex from a purely scientific viewpoint, but is totally asexual otherwise. He also enjoys cutting magical symbols into his arms, believing incorrectly that they make him a stronger mage and protect him from evil, harm, etc.

    Languages: Common, Elvish


    Name: Kieran Galonnae

    Race: Elvish

    Height: 4’11”.

    Weight: doesn’t want to say.

    Age: 120 years old

    Country of origin: Ko’ebbe

    Citizenship: Kasinthia

    Languages: Elvish (speaks in more formal Old Elvish) and Common

    Physical Description: peach-coloured complexion, long blonde hair falling to the mid back and dark blue eyes. diminutive, even for an elf, and has a figure like an underdeveloped teenage girl. graceful, but very timid carriage. favors mixing light colours (i.e. light blue) with black and often wears a hood or cloak over her head.

    Personality Description: often appears nervous or shaky. Loves magic deeply but is also terribly afraid of it. Very shy and overly formal to the point of being awkward. Kieran feels most comfortable when surrounded by snow and water. Quiet and soft-spoken, a pacifist at best. Kieran’s greatest wish is to show the Ko’ebbian people that magic can be beautiful and can help people. Very, very close to her mother, her only surviving family member. Deeply religious. Struggles immensely with body issues.

    Backstory: Her father was a low-ranking politician, a Justicar, who was assassinated shortly before Kieran was born, so her mother went quite mad with grief and raised Kieran in near secrecy. After the siege of Corm’he during the Fourth War, Lady Galonnae sent Kieran to live with a very distant relative in Kasinthia for her own safekeeping. Kieran studied briefly at the Academy of Magic during her time in Kasinthia, but the demon outbreak frightened her out of complacency and spurred her to join the Crusaders.



    Orelean, but “Oren” for short! It’s a childhood nickname; my sister couldn’t pronounce my name when we were younger, so that’s what she ended up calling me—and it’s just kinda stuck! It’s a pretty regal-sounding name for a poor farm boy like me, wouldn’t you say?


    19—it seems like a big number, but I guess if I think about it, it’s rather small compared to the other Crusaders…


    5’ 6.” I’m uh, a little on the short side for a male human, huh…?

    Physical Description:

    • I didn’t know that there are more names for “brown”, but my hair’s chestnut-colored, which I’ve usually got tied back (though not all of my hair wants to cooperate and hangs on either side of my face) and I’ve got amber eyes.
    • I’d say I’m pretty thin—but nowhere near as badly as I was before joining the Crusaders.
    • I’ve got a few freckles here and there, but that’s from working outside for so long. I don’t mind; I like being in the sunlight.
    • Much to my dismay, I look pretty effeminate; I’m often confused for being female—b-but I’m not, I promise you! I’ve just got long eyelashes…!
    • Oh! I’ve got a very pretty ring, and despite what Vigil thinks, I don’t have poison hidden in it; I wouldn’t know how to rig it like that—besides, it’s too pretty to do something so terrible. It’s yellow—my favorite color! Before I left…well, it’s an heirloom—I’ll leave it at that. So unfortunately, I can’t sell it; it’s my duty to keep it safe!


    • I’m pretty shy, but I’m sure anyone would be if they’ve lived so far away from people all their lives—so it’s been pretty hard to make some friends. B-But I have, and I hold them very dear to my heart; I haven’t had any before, aside from my sister.
    • Despite that, I’m relatively optimistic during missions—I try to see the good in what we’re doing, because that’s what’s the most important to me. I want to be useful, and I can only home that those who we’ve helped are in much better states than before we met them. It’s childish, maybe—but it gets me through some tough times, and reminds me of why I joined the Crusaders.
    • The worst I’ve been called is probably “ignorant” or “stupid”; it hurts because I know that it’s at least slightly true. I didn’t really get a formal education, and because I’d never left my home until I joined the Crusaders, I really didn’t know a whole lot about what was going on in the world; it sounds silly, but I really did think there was only Famardy, and the places I would later go as a Crusader were just in the stories my mother would tell us when we were small. But even then, I knew I wanted to go out and see them and experience them for myself—not for glory or anything; just because farming for the rest of my life sounds more like a prison sentence.
    • Since becoming a Crusader, I’ve begun how to read and write, thanks to Lin. I’ve always wanted to learn new things (my parents always found me bright), and learning these skills have certainly made me feel a lot more confident in myself. I can read small words, and I’m working my way towards bigger ones, too! Sometimes I mess up my penmanship, but I’ve been told that it still looks okay, and it’s readable!
    • I don’t really consider myself to be physically strong (I’m anticipating disapproving looks from certain Crusaders for this, but I’m not going to lie about it). I’ve gotten much better in combat—considering there’s not a whole lot to fight on a farm, except stray cats who try to use your house as a scratching post—but I’m still lacking something the others have that I don’t. I don’t know what it is. Commander Malchior must’ve seen something in me, or else I wouldn’t have been a Marshal under him. I’d like to think it wasn’t out of pity, or to mock me—no, he’s not the type to do that.
    • Despite my outward optimism, I doubt myself and my abilities frequently, and despite what anyone else says, I’m weak. I don’t stack up to the other Crusaders—I’m tiny and easily pushed around. Maybe soon I’ll be able to match them in strength…
    • I’m afraid of the dark—like, really afraid. I’ve tried to pass it off as nothing, which hasn’t really worked in my favor. Add some nightgaunts to the mixture, and I’ll probably burst into tears (but don’t tell anyone that!!!!).
    • I love animals; growing up on a farm, we had a pet goat named Posey, and a bunch of chickens and ducks. I’d like to learn Sylvan and talk to all the cute little creatures we meet!

    Family Life:

    Back on the farm, I’ve got my mother and father, and my younger sister, Sephira.

    • I love my parents with all of my heart—but sometimes, there’s just no getting through to them. They weren’t able to have children for a very, very long time; but they’re convinced that since they prayed nonstop for a child, their pleas must’ve been heard, and not only did they get the child they so desired, but two.
      It’s a touching story, but I’m sure that it was just the right time and the right place, and they were just lucky. If I told them that, it’d probably break their hearts, though, so I won’t.
    • They decided to give the two of us such out-of-place names with the hopes that either I would acquire large enough property and be granted a high-ranking title, or that Seph would marry into a wealthy family and have a name that suited such a lifestyle. I guess “Lord Orelean” sounds better than “Sir Mud” or “The Great Marsh” on a property deed, but who really cares?
    • If they haven’t realized anything yet, they must be awfully dense. But I won’t go into that.
    • Sephira’s called “Seph” since her given name was once too hard for me to say.
    • Seph, though not much younger than me, is and will always be my baby sister. I’ve always looked out for her and wanted what was best; I want her to be happy, and to experience life away from the farm, just as I have.
    • No matter how many friends I will make, she will always be my confidante and I will be her’s.
    • She’s a very pretty young lady (no, we are NOT that kind of a family, thank you!), and I’m sure that if she’s accompanying my father on his trips to the nearby towns to sell our crops, she must be turning a lot of heads. But she’s not allowed to marry someone who doesn’t get the Oren stamp-of-approval!
    • Our farm has been doing surprisingly well since the last time I’d been home—which is odd, because most of our chickens and ducks would be missing or dead when we woke up in the morning, and our crops have always been less-than-profitable, if we could really harvest anything at all. We all think it must be some kind of wild animal that kept ruining our farm, though whatever it was never thought to come inside and eat us…


    Jain Maxwell, pleasure to meet you.


    Around 6′.  I’m on the taller side of things.


    150 lbs, last I checked.


    19, though I’m about to turn 20.  My birthday’s in the middle of April.

    Country of origin/citizenship

    Born and raised in Bawerstrom.  Wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Physical Description: 

    I’ve got long black hair that I usually keep braided.  I have hazel eyes.  I’m rather well built, I’d say.  I’m more lean than muscular, though I’ve got enough tone to help me out.

    Personality Description: 

    I’m laid back and easygoing.  I always make little jokes, and practical jokes are the best way of getting to know someone so I tend to have those in reserve when the time calls for it.  People say I’m not very serious.  I’d agree with them.

    For a scrappy guy like myself, I love to read.  Find me a library and I won’t come out until they close.  I can get into a literary debate as easily as a fight.  Though literary debates that turn into fights are the best, let me tell you.

    I don’t have much I’m afraid of.  Adrenaline gets you through a lot, whether it’s a fight or something downright stupid.  Though, I will admit, losing the ability to walk terrifies me.  I don’t want to have to rely on some contraption or even another person.  I never want to be that helpless.


    Not much to say in this department.  Grew up on my parents’ farm, went to school and played with the other kids.  I learned how to fight from my older brother and my pop, while my mum taught me a bit of her healing magic.  I never really had the knack for it though.  I just joined the Crusaders, so that’ll be a wild ride.  I can’t wait.



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