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    Playby of Choice: Fukuda Saki
    Name: Meixi Fa
    Race: Human
    Age: 16
    Birthplace: Okimé
    Physical Description: Meixi stands at about 5’3″ with a thin frame. Like most Okimeans she’s a little on the wiry/thin side in stature. Her skin, usually coated in a layer of soot, is actually a very clear ivory underneath. Her hair is rather unkempt and shoulder length, and her eyes are a muddy dark brown. Usually her clothes are as unkempt as she is, dirtied and such. She wears a pair of rudimentary goggles to protect her eyes from explosions.
    Personality: Meixi is sociopathic. Her only true reason for helping out with the rebels is so she can watch things explode, and know she’s the cause. She’s got a quick, if not immature wit, and is rather stubborn. While her motivations are different, she’s loyal to the cause of liberating Okime. Rebuilding it.. She will most likely not be involved in. Secretly she harbors a fear of physical entrapment and being undermined. Hates being called kid.
    Backstory: The only person Meixi was ever attached to was her only friend — an older boy, named Xian Wen. The two were close. Stuck by one another, raised in a home for unwanted children. The matron was not a cruel woman, but she was also not the kindest. Obvious lenience towards the older children very nearly left Meixi to starve. Xian pitied the young spitfire, and through patience, and offering her bits of food he managed to get past her constant lash outs. Meixi and Xian were inseparable. He was rather shy, and soft spoken, but his persistent kindness kept her in line, even as a fitful child.
    ((Will update as time goes on. C: ))

    Celmin Longfong
    Celmin Longfong

    Name: A’rentalien’trausten’felitores’felinesta’
    Race: Eldar
    Age: 32,267
    Birthplace: What is present day Sarenu.

    Appearance: A, while constantly changing in appearance with his hair color and eye color, appears most often as an elf with Dark silver hair and a pale complexion that could almost be considered blue. He is most noted for wearing a blue tunic with various ancient runes and symbols on it. His other clothes are usually plain and are simple shirts and pants.

    Personality: A is completely cracked and insane. Though generally cheery in nature and light hearted he cannot keep his mind focused on any one thing, time or place for a long time. As a result he often blanks out forgets where he is and who he was talking to.

    History: A was born into the world in ancient times long before the world today would ever be. From the time of his birth A studied in the arts of magic and fighting honing his mind and body to what the elder consider perfect form. He was a hero to his people and was asked by the gods to serve them for all time. A agreed and considered it the greatest honor. One day he was charged with taking down an evil witch that was trying to learn the power to control time and all reality. After confronting her and defeating her in battle A looked upon her secrets and discovered the last missing piece to controlling all of space and time. Upon which his mind was destroyed as all of history that had been and would be in every plane of existence came rushing into his mind. He lost all his sanity and was reduced to the state he is in today. A however, still bound by oath to serve the gods may never rest nor gain any peace even after he has all but lost anything that was once himself.

    Alex Lawyerman
    Alex Lawyerman

    Alex Lawyerman.

    Age: 27 Race: Human Hometown: Fenimore, Bawerstrom.
    HP: 6 MP: 7
    Magic-user, graduated from the Academy of Magic in 774. (Cleric, Brewer.)

    Looks. (Totally original)
    Hair: Red, usually just about shoulder-length. Eyes: Blue (Eyesight: About 20/40) Skin: Pale, freckled.
    Height: 5’10 Weight: 165.
    Build: Average, perhaps not as wide-shouldered or strong-armed as most men his age.
    Posture: Slouched, comfortable. Often stands with weight unevenly disbursed between his feet.

    Terribly idealist. Faithful. Falls in love easily (especially for elves). Tries to be friendly.
    Often incredibly flirty instead. Somewhat loudmouthed, always has an opinion. Firm beliefs.
    Loyal and protective towards friends. Takes bad news poorly.

    Characters that impact Alex more than most:
    Commander Ch’taia Estel [Saved his homeland.]
    Princess Lisette D’eowynn [Is his leader.]
    Celmin Longfong [Broke his heart.]
    General Juneau Solace [Has his grudging respect.]
    Master Orynn [Seen immaturely as his only magical rival.]

    -among other reasons-

    Past. (Short version)
    Born into wartime Bawerstrom and raised within the occupied territory by loving parents along with two older brothers (~748). Family forced to flee during a brief citizen led rebellion against the second division Kasinthian soldiers which led to the death of his brother (~768). Ended up alone in the woods. Became aware of magical ability. Had an ill-placed romantic interlude that brought him to Okime. (~769) Found his way to Kasinthia, entered the Academy of Magic and worked in a brewer’s shop. (~770) Healing powers got Crusaders’ attention. Alex becomes a Crusader. (~773)


    Name: Kaiko Evans

    Age: 17

    Race: Human

    Gender: Female

    Occupation: Rebel fighter for the Okimean Resistance

    Physical Appearance: Kaiko is average human height, a bit short according to Okimean standards. She has neck-length blonde hair, hazel eyes and a warm smile. She wears a sodier’s uniform that’s a size too large for her. It drowns her petite body beneath her clothing and causes her clothes to billow when she places her hands on her hips, which she does often for emphasis.

    Character Description: Kaiko is seen as “the outsider” by many of the rebels at the base in Orkime because upon first glance, she is distinctly foreign-looking. The typical Okimean has dark eyes and hair, and she has neither. She hasn’t shared her background information with anyone before, but she’s heard rumors that she comes from Bawerstrom (these rumors are untrue).

    Kaiko’s mother, a full-blooded Okimean, escaped occupied territory about twenty years ago after having been robbed and beaten by an orc. She fled to Famardy, where she met Joseph Evans, after whom Kaiko has inherited her looks. Kaiko has left her parents behind in Famardy, despite their protests, to fight for the Okimean rebellion. She had never stepped foot in the kingdom before, and a native would note her accent to be different from the slang Lin and her gang use. Kaiko has been training on the base for about four moons. She had never fought with a sword before– and it shows. Her fighting style is clumsy and she’s constantly learning. However, her determination is what keeps her fighting. She never turns down a challenge, and is quick to challenge others or talk them into training her or helping her with her fighting form.

    She’s very cheerful– she’s always grinning, complimenting people and trying to make people feel better when they’re down in the dumps. Despite her cheery nature, she has formed no concrete friendships. She senses that the other rebels don’t trust her because she is foreign (she’s heard them call her “the Outsider” before), but that doesn’t mean she wants to be there any less than the next person.

    One of her flaws is that she sometimes loses all patience when she is ignored, but her biggest weakness is her secret love for Shan. She constantly teases him through her inability to tell him her true feelings. She’s always looking for him and asking him to spar with her, but he seems to be completely unaware of her love for him.



    Age: 17

    Race: Human

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Fighter in the Okimean Resistance, promoted to second-in-command upon Kilik’s death.

    Shan lost his family to the orcs and was taken in by the resistance; his devotion to Lin and Kilik falls little short of worship, and he looks up to them as his saviors and mentors. Shan’s failure to protect his four younger sisters haunted him for years, driving him to train relentlessly. As a result, he is one of the most skilled fighters in the resistance. He is cocky, brash, and headstrong, though he was forced to grow up very quickly after Kilik’s death. Too quickly, perhaps; he seems to have grown rather unstable, and fluctuates between being a strong young man who wants to do his best for Okime and a lost, scared boy who wants to curl up and cry. He blames himself for failing to protect Kilik, and Taka’s death is eating at him as well, though logically he knows there was nothing he could have done to save him.

    Underneath all of his troubles, however, he is an idealistic young man. He believes in Okime and the rebellion, and is ready to lay down his life at any time to protect his cause or his friends. He charges headlong into battle, always hoping to be the first one to engage the enemy, because he would much rather take the risk upon himself than allow the people he cares about to put themselves in danger.

    He is in love with Jang, the healer’s apprentice, and finds it impossible to think straight when he fears she may be in danger. He considers Kaiko a very close friend as well, though lately she has been acting quite strangely around him. Meixi confuses him. Things were so much simpler before she showed him a glimpse of the feelings underneath all of her sociopathy. Even if he is still not quite sure what to make of her, however, he considers her a friend and will fight at her side without hesitation. And Lin… in his heart of hearts, Shan truly believes that if he can manage to get Lin to move on from all that’s gone wrong and lead the fight the way she used to, everything will be alright. He is furious with many of the Crusaders, who cannot seem to see that simple fact and spend their time bickering with each other and with Lin, worsening her already considerable inner turmoil.


    Name: James Cant
    Character Name: Captain John Whitewolf
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Languages Spoken: Common/elfish
    Citizen of the Kingdom of: Farmady
    Homeland: Famady
    Occupation: Soldier
    Military Ranking: Captain
    Hit Points: 4 (+1) = 5
    HP Experience Points
    XP Magical Energy
    ME 0
    Social Class: Family/Family History:
    Age: 38
    Height: 5’5″
    Weight: 130
    Hair: black
    Eye Color: brown
    Racial Advantages/Disadvantages: human
    Melee Abilities: duel wield, light footwork
    Spells: n/a
    Magical Enchantments: n/a
    Potions: n/a
    Hobbies: love to hunt
    Personality: harsh but fair
    Alliances: Farmady
    Beliefs: n/a
    Professions: Soldier
    Backstory: Cptn Whitewolf has been living in Farmady his entire life. When he was at the age of 18 he enlisted into the Farmady military but quickly rode through the ranks. His superiors were quite impressed with young Whitewolf’s leadership qualities and soon promoted him to Lieutenant. Today Whitewolf holds the rank of Captain and is in charge of part of the Farmady military.
    Captain John Whitewolf is married to a young elfish girl named Dawn. Cptn Whitewolf also had a son. His son was stolen from him 9 years ago when a severe attack fell upon Farmady. Strangely enough there was never any war declared from the action because no other country ever admitted to the horrible act.


    Name: Archon Hyperion Gift-less

    Race: Satyr

    Age: Undetermined. Culturally unimportant. Age is determined from grasp of magical ability-77 years.

    Languages: Small-One dialect of Common, Sylvan, Satyr (not a language per se, just some words that aren’t spoken in Sylvan), learning Common

    Height- 6’1″
    Weight- 165 lbs
    Head hair- curly black
    Fur- smooth black
    Eye color- shifts constantly
    Facial structure: A light circle beard and slight mutton chops. Always looks stubbly. Pointed ears. Has small white horns.
    Body Structure- Goat legs. Cloven hooves. Slight scars on his body. One slight scar is in his eyebrow.
    Clothing- prefers none, except a scarf.

    Mental Status: ….this needs to be done soon.


    King Manfred- A great Archon.
    Argollo- Talked to him while waiting outside the meeting. Interesting view on magic. What is blood magic?
    Queen Helga- Strange being.



    Name: C’svadrig “Cassie” Mchreil

    Race: Dwarf

    Age: 41 (Birthday is December 19th)

    Languages: Common, Dwarvish, basic elvish, little bit of orcish


    Height: 4′ 2″

    Weight: 200 lbs

    Face: Black dread locks that are shoulder length. Has a small goatee on her chin with beads in it. Gray eyes that are fairly big. Has a fairly prominent squarish nose. Dark smooth skin. Hands are rather big, but delicate with no blisters or scars on them.

    Clothing: Light armor.


    Cassie used to be a Paladin from Kasinthia before joining the Crusaders of the Council. This makes her unique, as she is one of the only Dwarves ever to worship the human god, the Light Spirit.


    Loud and friendly, really. A fairly typical dwarf.


    Director — strained

    General — friendly

    Commander — nonexistant, but respectful


    Council Personnel File #258990

    Name: Unknown

    Aliases: Reign

    age: approx 35

    height: 6′

    weight: 200lbs

    Place of Birth: most likely Kasinthia

    weapon of choice: a dagger known as “stinger”

    Appearance: slim but not very muscular, normally seen in a black greatcoat with a hood and a black mask which covers * tee he no  spoilers*

    Early life: very little is known about reigns life before age 5 when he was kidnapped and sold into slavery by bandits. He can not remember were he is from originality or even his name, this has made it impossible to locate birth records so much of his origins are still shrouded in mystery.

    During the 11 year span of his captivity he was forced to fight in an underground fighting ring young kids were forced to brawl with one another for the amusement of gamblers. After a few years these fight would be to the death. It is speculated that this is where he received the name Reign after proving him self in the arena. He is said to have escaped after beating one of his captors unconscious. this would explain his preference to fight with knives and prowess in unarmed combat.

    Service Record: at the age of 17 he was recruited into Kasinthia’s armed forces reaching the rank of 1st LT. in the third army. after 13 years of service he was reassigned to chief inspector of the capital city’s guard. He was discharged after rumors surfaced that he was using “extreme” methods to interrogate prisoners. Then joined the crusaders shortly after.

    Personality: known to be a man of few words, as of late has opened up more to fellow crusaders. on his free time he enjoys tending to his flower garden, and practicing on his violin.

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    Kah’th Something in Orcish Last Name


    Age:  Old enough to have been married twice…and divorced twice.


    Height:  6’10”


    Weight:  I have no fucking clue.


    Hair:  I don’t know.  I have hair.  It’s kinda chin-length and shaggy i guess?  I don’t know!  You have fucking eyes, use them!  It is clearly greying, but I’m old, what do you want from me?


    Eyes:  Seriously?  I’m a fucking orc.  They’re red, of course.


    Skin Color:  Again…orc…Should be pretty self explanatory.


    Personality:  Really?  What is this, a personal ad for the Kasinthia Times?  Hello my name is Kah’th and I enjoy long, romantic hikes through the mountain ranges of Bawerstrom, after which we can camp along the cost for an intimate night of gentle love making to the soft sounds of the ocean and by the soft light of a campfire.  Any takers?  No?  Good.  I’m from Kelta.  I like caves.  I am a smith by trade.  I work alone,  There are no exceptions to that rule.  My forgery is for me alone.  If you get in my way we will have problems.


    Back story:  If you don’t already know then it is probably none of your goddamn business.  Even if you DO already know, it is STILL probably none of your goddamn business.  You kill your incompetent step son BY ACCIDENT, ONE TIME, and suddenly you’re a fuckin’ murderer.  What the hell is this world coming to that an outburst of rage is a criminal offense, huh?


    Name: Lauren
    Character Name: Admiral Pearl
    Level: 3

    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Languages Spoken: Common, some Elvish

    Citizen of the Kingdom of: —
    Homeland: —
    Occupation: Admiral of a fleet, head of Pirate Clan “The Ambar Wave”. Crusader. Also, Journeyman (level 2) Craftsman
    Military Ranking: —

    Hit Points/HP: 5
    Experience Points/XP: 29
    Magical Energy/ME: 2

    Social Class: Pirate
    Family/Family History: —
    Age: 27
    Height: 5’6”
    Weight: 130
    Hair: Brown, curly
    Eye Color: Gray

    Racial Advantages/Disadvantages: +1 HP, Humanoid Knowledge
    Special Abilities: Holding her liquor, simultaneously being a pirate and a good person

    Spells: Kokurai Level 2
    Magical Enchantments: —
    Potions: —

    Hobbies: Drinking liquor, offering others liquor
    Personality: Jolly, eager, helpful
    Skills: Having fantastic timing and taking advantage of windows of opportunity
    Alliances: Everyone within her fleet, many of the Crusaders
    Beliefs: the Wind Spirit, acknowledges the existence of the other Spirits

    Backstory: Good luck trying to learn about Pearl’s life before she joined the Pirate Coalition. Or her first name, for that matter.
    Pearl made the mistake one day of putting on a cursed necklace with the symbol of the Dark Spirit on one side, unknown markings on the other. Unable to take the necklace off, she has been cursed ever since with terrible luck. She joined the Crusaders of the Council for the opportunity to travel Keimin and hope for more information about the Dark Spirit. If nothing else, she hopes that doing good deeds will ward off the curse, lessening its ill effects.
    Pearl gained another curse after commandeering Captain Blackbeard’s vessel, Queen Anne’s Revenge, along with all of its gold. The legendary Queen Anne’s Revenge is currently the Admiral’s flagship in her fleet and clan.


    Falron Tal’Talas

    Height: 5’5″

    Weight: 130 lbs.

    Hair: Brown, neck length

    Eyes: Brown

    Age: not given, likely between 100 and 200 years of age


    Falron is visibly not cut out for the soldiering life, but his strength seems to lie more in his quiet, waiting nature than in any physical prowess.

    He does not avoid people, and is not overly unfriendly, but often responds with as few words as necessary, if at all. He came to the crusaders on the pretense of “finding his father,” but he didn’t pursue the goal with any seeming haste.

    He has said next to nothing of his background yet, but since he has acknowledged that Aldria is his twin, it can be assumed they share a good deal of history.


    Aldria Tal’Talas

    Height: 5’2″

    Weight: 125 lbs.

    Hair: Black, near waist length

    Eyes: Blue

    Age: not given, likely between 100 and 200 years of age, presumably the same as Falron


    Unlike Falron, Aldria seems to be made of slightly sturdier stock. She favors a staff in combat, but again, like Falron, it seems like her training isn’t pushing her towards a better physical presence on the battlefield.

    Aldria is also much more free-spirited than Falron, often in frightening ways if her off-handed execution on her first mission is any sign. She tends to dance or bounce around the crusaders’ barracks when there (An action which only emphasizes her somewhat aggressively feminine appearance) and happily speaks to any crusader she meets and who will stand still about local wildlife, what outfit looks nicer at one time of year, and so on.

    Aldria has talked a little about her life back home, saying that it was a small home on the southern edge of Exbaltaira, or just outside it. Her mother was apparently a loving, endearing woman who took care of them without the father, who the twins have never met. As for their small combat training, Aldria will happily talk about their sparring as children and their mother’s emphasis on physical strength. Though Aldria says her mother encouraged mental fortitude before even physical, so the two are well-versed in the magics and the sciences, though here Aldria always makes a somewhat unlikely claim that her mother was a capable sorceress in all elements and the various alteration, creation, and time spells.

    Regardless of the truth of her story, it is clear that the two are twins, and their combat prowess, while at acceptable level, is improving dramatically, and they may become a force to be reckoned with in the future.


    Korrin Cross



    185 lbs.

    Short, black hair

    Dark brown eyes

    Looks to be in his early 30’s

    Physically he looks quite solid. He has the appearance of an experienced fighter.


    Sharku Ob Dru – Druku


    6′ 4″

    Muscularly built, broad shouldered, barrel chested.

    Looks human, but a closer examination reveals that he has a orcish facial construction, indicated by a large jaw and a slightly protruding brow bone. Has a friendly but crooked smile, and most of his front teeth seem to have an edge to them. His ears are slightly tapered at the end.

    He wears a burgundy tunic with frayed sleeves, brown work trousers or shorts, weather permitting, and boots. He wears a Kasinthian hat from his mother, despite it being too small.

    Druku does not carry a weapon, but he does make use of a walking stick, which looks like it had been ripped from a tree.


    Druku is an easy going sort, and tries to make pleasant conversation with whoever he is with. He may come off as gruff in spots, but it is very much a result of his upbringing. That all said, there are a handful of issues that Druku has very strong opinions on: spirits, and blood magic. For all things spiritual and demonic, Druku holds equal contempt. The attitude extends to the Gods of Keimin, who Druku sees as little more than successful demons. In the case of blood magic, Druku holds a negative opinion on the art itself, and most of its practitioners. Even those who are not outright evil Druku sees as foolish. Blood magic is demon magic, and no mortal has the means of controlling it. To think so is a sign of terrible narcissism, a lust for power, or just plain stupidity.


    Druku possesses a fond opinion of most people.

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