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    ONLY POST DESCRIPTIONS. NO IDLE CHATTER. IDLE CHATTER GOES INTO Character and Descriptions. Updates go in there! Aye!

    So, POST!



    If you don’t know who Twitch is, SHAME ON YOU. THEN YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE.

    Twitch is Human. And Mute. Twitch is Twitch. As is Twitch. Therefore, Twitch, is Twitch, is Twitch. Any questions? No? Good!


    Twitch is short, clocking in at around 5′ 2″. Twitch is incredibly frail and skinny looking, as well as being albino. The effect is simple, Twitch looks rather pasty and dead. For some reason, Twitch simply cannot tan, or perhaps just avoids the sun enough. Twitch is rather sensitive to smells and sights, so it would stand to reason that Twitch is sensitive to the sun as well. The fact that Twitch hasn’t just keeled over from a cold yet is actually pretty impressive, come to think of it. Usually, Twitch has a vague distant expression, as if not entirely there, except when on a mission, where Twitch is quite alert, and very twitchy. Of course, Twitch is usually alert of too many things, including the rustling of trees and what else have you. Twitch has a gaunt bony face, wide eyes, wavy hair, and lots and lots of scars on the arms.

    Also, see avatar.


    Since mute, Twitch makes up for the lack of verbal communication with physical communication. Always roaming and moving, Twitch tends to be a tad paranoid, but always eager to say hello. Perhaps a little too eager to say hello. Way to eager. Down right stupid. Stop waving already. [i:c586awye]Yeesh[/i:c586awye]. It is kind of hard to discern Twitch’s full personality, since Twitch does not make things easier on the crusaders, usually only making clear and utter hate the one distinct emotion. This emotion is usually reserved for Lord Wellington, and other seemingly randomly chosen people. Other than those people, Twitch’s emotions are explosive, quick, petty, and they easily fade. Twitch also has unclear concepts of certain simplistic things, mostly pertaining to sex and romance, but also gender identity, and the ettiquette of who’s ok to kill and who is not.


    Who knows? General Juneau apparently knows where Twitch came from, but really, that’s not that interesting of a fact. Why don’t you try asking Twi–OH WAIT YOU CAN’T. HAVE FUN WITH THAT.


    Saved for the sake of wall o’ text

    It’s not fair it’s not fair why I try so hard why Juneau understands nothing expecting me to talk even though it knows I cannot stupid stupid stupid the short leader is stupid and Lisette is just as bad despite being proportedly smarter who the hell does it think it is why does it stare at me WITH THOSE EYES THOSE EYES THOSE FREAKING EYES I want to gouge them out so I never have to see them again and why do they keep stopping me from wells they put me on fucking probation because they think I killed that thing but I did not I DID NOT I DID NOT I DID NOT I SWEAR I DID NOT I did not and now Wells is killing itself and I try to help I try and I try but no one cares I saved Aniah by going to the bad place and I am always first to help but nobody knows nobody cares nobody notices they prefer to yell and judge and I am sick of these humans and elves and dwarves and gnomes and halflings and in-betweeners I am sick of it all I am sick of everything I do not even know if I can trust them especially Zeyke Zeyke is evil Zeyke is from that place I am sure of it yet it constantly denies it and it sickens me how dare it do so and why does it stop me but now it does not care but it also does and it confuses me it confuses me greatly I wish it were dead than I would not have to worry but it is not and I cannot kill it because that would be bad but I want to but I should not I do not murder I am not a murderer I never was a murderer it was not my fault what I did to survive and at least I did not give in like those who are bad like Cael and Norrin and Nella and the horrible people who do disgusting things in disgusting places why do I suffer because of that elf while they are praised for their jobs in depravity it is not fair that fucking elf it does not understand it glares at me and watches me and judges me and it said it would keep a secret I thought it was honorable but it is not and they judge me so and I cannot defend myself I cannot I cannot I cannot not until I change it not until I make things better oh light spirit I have slipped so many times I cannot slipped again, which is why I cannot stay by Errkdhrine it gave me that poison and I betrayed myself to Aniah and that is bad that is very bad but Errk is nice and talks to me I should not ignore it I should not but I must for Errk is bad and will lead me to bad things and make me unfocused and I cannot do that I tried to help Errk but it would not have it I must stop I must stop and back away I should do nothing nothing NOTHING Aniah is avoiding me not even thanking me so it will get the same treatment plus I think it betrayed us I am not sure on the details but it does not talk to me anymore so OHWELL I gues that means yet another who has casted me away as some amusing dime-a-dozen freak for display to be looked at and prodded at and laughed at and questioned at and eyed at and ignored at and that is not me it will never be me but I cannot fight how they see me I cannot stop Not Garth from healing me no matter what my efforts so I say let it let it heal me and fix me and rid me of my scars and wounds and taints and visages and all that once made me whole I am no longer human I honestly doubt I ever was human but it does not matter because I refuse to associate with such things that take such things for granted and are always so weighed down by needless emotions and needless drama and I must follow that rule myself for I hate Wells I hate Wells I hate Wells so much and it distracts me and I do not know why but Wells needs to scream and cry and sob so I can see it but when it does happen I feel nothing but regret and guilt and sadness and confusion and depression and worry and I do not understand I do not understand at all what is wrong with me what even am I what type of freak am I to do these things and not understand them and that confuses me because I try I wave I participate in selfish behavior I give them what they want and yet they stare at me when I try to keep them protected and happy and safe and at worst they yell at me and despise me and treat me like dirt and refuse to think that I have a reason and go like Kalkris and assume I only have the goal to kill Wells and I do not know why I have bigger problems to avoid I do not care about Wells at all I swear I do not I really do not I DO NOT I DO NOT I HATE IT BUT IT IS IRRELEVANT TO THE MISSION IT IS IRRELEVANT TO LIFE AND ALL THAT EXISTS AND HOLY and I guess that means I have to act normal and stop making me happy so that selfish people like the likes of Lin will stop staring at me like I do it just to scare it or harm myself or something like that but maybe it is better that way because now they just ignore and I have become invisible I suppose I can take refuge in Garth I want to I want to I need to I desperately want to I need it I need interaction I need someone oh light spirit SOMEONE SOMEONE WHY CANNOT YOU SEE ME WHY DO YOU TREAT ME LIKE THIS CANNOT YOU SEE HOW HORRIBLE I FEEL and yet I cannot I cannot I cannot I cannot indulge in Garth Garth is why it happened it did not happen I swear it did not but if it did it was because of Garth it was because of Garth that is the only answer it has to be have been because of it I did not do it I did not and I cannot handle Garth there is something feral and evil and wrong and not me there is not me that is not me that will never be me I SWEAR IT but maybe I am maybe that is maybe that is why Raven is there to find me maybe that is why people stare at me when I try to interact because I am evil I am demon I should have stayed in hell when A brought me there A betrayed me and I saved them I saved them all but nobody remembers that nobody bothers remembering that Twitch was the one who saved every single last crusader nobody remembers OH NO WHY WOULD THEY REMEMBER THAT because it is me it is not an honorable lovable likable talkable coot like Zeyke or Not Garth or Not Aniah or something oh no it is me so why would it care about me Ch’taia never notices why would it it is way too powerful and high and mighty to notice lowly little bland freak like me

    I do not understand people for they confuse me how can you just change you change but there is something wrong with this consider this logic first you are nice then claim you keep a secret but then you do not and then you glare and then you betray and ruin my life and then you threaten me and find my secret out and threaten me more and then you make me laugh and then you give me a coat. I do not understand you, S.



    S 19 596 Gegengerät Exbaltaira

    Stands at 5’6″
    Muscular build with little fat
    A very short layer of light colored hair; no facial hair
    Wears the remains of his Exbaltairan combat uniform.
    Wields a gladius with a short deflection staff.
    Attached is an artist’s representation of what he looks like.

    Simple minded, blunt, honest.
    Geared more for combat scenarios than social expectations.
    Holds a very rigid view of peopless place in society, including his own.

    Analysis on birth: Successful result of State Expidited Breading Program. Passed martial inspection at the age of five, as with other recruits. Relocated into military preparation soon after. After completing his training, the State assigned him to the 19th unit of the 596 company of the Exbaltairan Warmachine, position S. Despite the appearances of a proper soldier and champion of the Exbaltairan cause, S 19 596 deserted his company on the eve of a major raid on village harboring rebels ELF(Elves for Living Free). After investigation, the State has cause to suspect a connection with rebel B. For this, along with his desertion, he has been declared a treasoner. Any who brings a treasoner to the Exbaltairan State to justice will be rewarded.

    Suspected Location: Kasinthia
    Reward: Standard

    Follow up: Reports from field agent Lieutenant J suggest possible discovery within the ranks of the Crusaders of the Crown. Before a follow up investigation could be launched, the Crusaders came under suspicion of murder and fled the country, presumably taking the suspect with them.

    Since then…
    S ran from Exbaltairan truant officers for a year. He went from town to town, but more often hid in the wilderness, surviving off of what he could hunt, which wasn’t much. The entire time he was torn between his need to survive and his desire to give in to the State. He was not a traitor; he didn’t hate Exbaltaira. The State gave him protection, the military purpose, and his unit a sense of brotherhood. The State’s ideals were his own. But on the eve of that battle, he was ordered to cross a line he didn’t even know existed. In refusing his command, S would have been forced to fight, maybe kill his brothers. Not knowing what to do, he ran.

    But he didn’t just run from State officers. Countless freelance bounty hunters roam the land, and Exbaltaira pays handsomely for the heads of treasonous soldiers. These were harder to avoid, as they’re impossible to spot (State officers, even those trained in secrecy, aren’t exactly subtle). It all came to a head when S was ambushed by three men. Broken and exhausted, and not the best fighter at the best of times*, it looked like S was finished. But then someone walked in on them. At first S thought it was a child, but on second glance he clearly saw a man. A short one with both elvish and halfling features. The man spoke with the three, taunting them. The man somehow took all three on, by himself, and won. Before S could gather himself off the floor, the bounty hunters were dead and he was having a potion forced down his throat. After being healed and having something to eat, S had to take a moment to think. During his flight, no one had gone out of their way to help him. Especially non-Elves. His former affiliation was obvious, and even if they were sympathetic they wouldn’t want to risk the State’s wrath. The man, Juneau, revealed that he was the leader of an order of mercenaries called the Crusaders of The Crown. S, having no where to go and confused by the man’s altruism, immediately pledged himself to Juneau’s service. And thus his journey with the crusaders began.

    The Three Vows
    1)The Statesman vows himself to the State
    2)The Statesman vows himself to his commanding officer.
    3)The Statesman vows himself to his battle-brothers.



    Letter from B

    Dearest Samuel

    I know we didn’t leave each other kindly, and I know you’re too stubborn to listen to my either my reasonings or my apologies. But I beg you to put aside your infuriating rigidness and the callow adoration that so blinds you to your precious State’s crimes. Tomorrow you and your unit plan to slaughter or, to use your word, purify the village of Illyria. It would seem that this quiet hollow has been tainted by the rebels ELF. Well let me tell you that a rebel does live there: myself. But there’s also scores of innocent people here as well: mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, brothers and sisters. Men and women who want only to live freely as elves. If you must truly so thouroughly and oh so righteously punish this sin, then you are lost. But this isn’t true, Samuel. I know deep in my heart that you have one as well, even if you deny the flames of passion for the cold devotion to law. Please, don’t do this, if not for mercy but for me! For the love I know you still feel, please don’t do this. Please put an end to this.

    In Desperate Love


    Zeyke Ze’kiv Nugnome, Crusader of the Council and co-commander of the Selestbal people

    Height: 2’9″

    Weight: Standard Gnome weight

    Hair: medium-short, wavy

    Hair Color: Blue

    Skin Color: Green

    Eye Color: Blue

    Military Ranking: Fuckin’ Crusader

    Occupation: Fuckin’ Crusader

    Homeland: Famardy

    Race: Gnome

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Interested in many things. He enjoys playing pranks on Crusaders. Mischievous. Generally happy.

    Alliances: The Crusaders, The ex-Okimean Rebels, The Village of Selestbal, Matarian Wolf (Tentative)

    Beliefs: The gods exist. I worship Norrin, Orynn, and the Wind Spirit.

    Carries two blades, but only draws one in combat. Usually has a lilting grin on his face, and his eyes shine with both curiosity and mischief. Carries a waterskin a third his size. Clothing so far the same as when he was human.



    ((Updated 9/10/12. Did both top and bottom sections))

    Agarwaenor- the strong, dominant personality. The hard exterior, the powerful decision maker. Confident, somewhat arrogant. He uses blood magic without regard. Darker, more extreme. Cold, calculating, efficient in battle. Will get his hands bloody. More than willing to direct troops to their deaths if it will get the job done. He abhors the Council, and seeks its downfall, second only to his goal of regaining his kingdom, if by forcing the Council of the Magi to follow him, or by seizing control of the Mages Rebellion himself. More than willing to destroy the Kingdom of the Teardrop Isles, or enslave the gnomes to accomplish his return. Wishes to have a supreme absolutist monarchy. Agarwaenor refuses to speak Common any longer. The “dirty tongue of the Council” is Common. He is more willing to learn the actual language of those who speak it-such as picking up Orcish words for communication, although his grasp on that language is extremely limited.

    Argollo- the weaker, more compassionate personality. More willing to think situations through carefully, but can make moral decisions on the fly. More humorous and willing to laugh. Time manipulation is his key use in magic, and he hates blood magic. He mourns the loss of his ability to wield creation/alteration magic. Will use blood magic in only the extremest of situations, such as in the middle of battle and absolutely no mana left at his disposal. While disliking the Council, his ultimate goal is not their destruction. He recognizes that centuries have gone by, and those that made the executive decision against him all those years ago are either dead, or are currently part of the NEA, his current enemy anyhow. He wishes to reestablish his kingdom to provide a place secluded and separate from all future combat, a place where magical learning is a primary goal. More willing to peacefully incorporate the Kingdom of the Teardrop Isles, or even leave it alone, granted he has the rest of the isles under his control. Wishes to have a monarchy with an elected advisory body. Argollo tends to speak High Elvish, but switches to Common, New Elvish, or Sylvan for others who do not speak it. Some Orcish words he is learning since the addition of several hundred Orc mages in the Rebellion, but his grasp on it is extremely limited.

    Both- speak Sylvan, High Elvish, New Elvish, Common (lacking in some terminology) proficiently. Also proficient with a staff, but it is secondary to magic. They see magic as the highest art, and tend to reject nonmagical advancements such as certain Calanthan machinery. Tinkerers in their own right, they would rather use magic combined with some advancements in technology, as the kingdom he had long ago was apt to do. His clothing is a primary example-magic stitching allows it to repair itself if damaged. They no longer see themselves as part of the Crusaders, but as the leader of a Rebellion. However, they have fond memories and close attachments to many of those who would call themselves Crusaders.

    State of the mind- Garth and Jyla are gone. Argollo and Agarwaenor differ on how to proceed with the Mages Rebellion, post victory. Their goals are currently the same, so there is little conflict. Seamless transition between the two, except in terms of love or morals.

    Description of appearance- 5’10” Blonde spiky hair. Wears a red and white patterned outfit. He has currently picked up a cape for use on formal occasions. There is a time-glass pendant he wears around his neck, always (it broke but he canonically still wears it). He has a ring on his finger, a black-band with a white mark on it. He looks like a human, but has elvish cheekbones and “flawless” fair skin, blonde hair. The rest of him looks very human- rounded ears, etc. His eyes glow occasionally, reflecting him as a magic user, although the eyes glow during an internal struggle as well. Typically the eyes glow blue, but occasionally red. His normal eye color is green. On his back, normally hidden, is a serious of grievous scars, crisscrossing and clearly caused by whips. On top of it all is a word in common branded into his flesh- TRAITOR. The very top of the scars on his back can be shown at the nape of his neck, usually hidden by his outfit.

    Character Relationships-

    Lisette-You are the cause of my doubts. You are a hypocrite-Argollo. You are useful, and I will keep you as an ally, if only to have support for the return of my kingdom-Agarwaenor.

    Juneau- I trust you, more than I once did-Argollo. Your father is an Exbaltairan, and so you must be eliminated for the safety of the Crusaders-Agarwaenor.

    Aniah- Where is the assassin now? Are you the one behind the assassination attempts?-Argollo and Agarwaenor

    Twitch- Silent One, please control your use of blood magic. I do not want to see you travel down the Dark Path-Argollo. Ah, the Silent One, why not join me in my quest?-Agarwaenor

    Caelinius- I wish you luck. You may need it-Argollo and Agarwaenor.

    Lord Wellington III- RIP-Argollo. Good riddance-Agarwaenor.

    Shemlan- Die-Argollo and Agarwaenor.

    Errkdhrine- I only cast mind control on you so as to retain Lisette’s trust to both of us-Agarwaenor. Huh, so its alright for a Crusader to pursue the Princess, but the Princess says its forbidden for someone like me to pursue Ch’taia-Argollo

    Zeyke- I’m glad for the time we spent together and I apologize for not saying goodbye when I left, but it had to be done. The less word there is about my movements, the better-Argollo. It was good to meet you, and I do wish you luck in finding your family member. Perhaps you can come to my kingdom to live, free from war, under a ruler you can trust-Agarwaenor

    Lin- I wish you luck with your endeavors, and I will always consider you to be like a daughter-Argollo. My daughter is dead, and I have no feelings regarding you-Agarwaenor

    S- Exbaltairan. Trustworthy enough to be my friend. I hope you enjoy the journal-Argollo. Elf. I will try to be friendly, but I have no promises-Agarwaenor.

    Raven-Lost interest-Agarwaneor and Argollo.

    Nella- I wish you a good time with your family!-Argollo. And Agarwaenor adds to that with- Expecially after all that trouble we went through to do it.

    Ch’taia- I love you Ch’taia, but do we belong together? Thank you for all you have given to me so far-hope, love, appreciation of life again-Argollo. You distract me when I must work on my goals-Agarwaenor.

    Niobe-Disinterest-Agarwaenor. Friend-Argollo.

    Malthu: Fellow king, and friend, I thank you for your support-Argollo and Agarwaenor.

    Kalkris: Disinterest, but friendly- Argollo and Agarwaenor.

    Kilik- RIP-Argollo. Useless fool-Agarwaenor.



    Kalkris Lobesson

    Birthplace: Unknown

    Raiseroot: Taelemirran Orogeny, Calantha

    Current residence (when not Crusading): Taelemir, Calantha

    Physical Description:
    Race: Human
    Age: 26
    Height: 5′ 9″
    Weight: 170 lbs.
    Clothing Preferences: Duster, Top hat, All-terrain protective goggles, earth-tone traveler’s garb
    Personal Affects: Medal of Progress from the Calathan sect of the Church of Cog

    Kalkris was 2 years old when his parents decided to celebrate their 10th anniversary of holy matrimony in Calantha. For seven days they were meant to spend their time living a royalty in declaration of their undying love for one another. They only survived six of them.

    The sixth day spent on anniversary was spent in a resort in the Taelemirran Orogeny, a mountain range outside of the most advanced cities in Calantha. Unfortunately, they decided to go hiking the range one fateful hour, and were ambushed by wolves. Two of the three did not make it, but miraculously, the wolves took Kalkris as one of their own.

    While under the watchful eye of these majestic predators, Kalkris noted the means that they communicated; through every bark, yelp, howl, and whine the creatures were saying something. Kalkris learned their language quickly and gained some degree of favor in their company.

    This proved to be less of a boon for when Kalkris was 9 years of age, he was to be locked in his own holy matrimony with the beta-female of his pack. Because Kalkris had understood that he was not one of them in form, he found the notion wrong and thus fled in the thick of night.

    Kalkris arrived after days of fleeing his once-faithful companions, at Taelemir. Many of the inhabiting halflings were startled at his visage. He hadn’t been bathed and his nails were sharp and thick. His hair was long, but beside that he was nude. His odd appearance soon attracted the town’s foremost renowned bio-alchemist, Bezzlop Whollen, who took the child in as his own charge.

    It took about six years but Bezzlop was able to breathe the breath of civilization into Kalkris. He was a completely reformed member of society. Bezzlop was very impressed by the short amount of time it took the feral child to reform (as were many others; this reformation earned both Bezzlop and Kalkris the esteemed Medal of Progress, a high honor of the Church of Cog), and remarked at his capable mind. Thus Bezzlop made his “son” his new apprentice.

    For about eleven years Kalkris learned the ways of bio-alchemical research. He is capable of procuring potions given the proper ingredients and supplies, which are of short supply outside of Taelemir, to the chagrin of many outside sources.

    One day, Bezzlop received a letter from the Crusaders of the Crown, asking for his employ. Too busy to be bothered, the halfling genius sent Kalkris in his stead. Kalkris now juggles these jobs in an attempt to please his master.

    For a more current resource, look to the Journal of Kalkris Lobesson, located on this board.


    The wolves: The wolves are not quite aware enough that Kalkris fled them and have since moved on, but they recognize him as one of them.

    Other wolves: Not so much. Kalkris is still able to speak to them but they aren’t as trusting of him.

    Bezzlop Whollen: VERY amicable relationship. Bezzlop is sometimes seemingly too busy to put up with Kalkris which leads him to believe that he may be a burden to his master.

    Mortimer: Test subject, broken free. No relations, but I know he is coming for me very soon, which worries me. If necessary, I may need to enlist some of my colleagues to assist in ridding this world of his presence.

    Ch’taia Estel: He is blessed to be in her presence when she is around, for he knows that absence makes the soul grow fonder. That said, she is certainly blunt and to-the-point regarding getting the information/head (of a mark) that she wants and Kalkris is always a tad wary of Ch’taia for this reason.

    Princess Lisette: He wonders what she thinks of him. Regardless, he finds her issues with Gnomes troubling. Pre-exodus from Kasinthia, Kalkris knew to listen to his leader, for the sake of Bezzlop’s reputation at the least. Post-exodus, he is resentful that his leader has turned him into a criminal by association.

    General Juneau: Kalkris finds Juneau a good supply of comic relief and is amazed that he could become such a high-ranking member of this group. That said, Juneau’s demeanor has been troubling Kalkris as of late.

    Wellington: Kalkris is at times disgusted by his behavior, but often Wellington is endearing. It is an odd match-up. Kalkris finds his issues with Twitch counter-productive in every way. Post-invasion of Kasinthia by Kelta, Wellington has shown himself to Kalkris to be an able, if cruel, fighter.

    Zeyke: Kalkris thinks he is too depressing to bother with completely, and dislikes his defiance of Lisette’s rightful authority. That defiance has been rather on-and-off, confusing Kalkris a tad.

    Twitch: Kalkris is puzzled at Twitch’s demeanor but not surprised. He does fear that it will kill other Crusaders or itself out of pure carelessness.

    Errkdrhine: Kalkris would love to go drinking with him some day. He seems like a knowledgeable sort when it comes to consumable liquids, which are the semi-subject of Kalkris’s studies.

    Orynn: Kalkris both respected and feared Orynn during his time on the team. Kalkris is unsure how such a powerful race would be so scorned by his current leader.

    Aniah: Surely a shady one… Those assassins who came for her… They were in similar garb to my now-free (COG DAMN HIS SELF-LIBERATION!!!) subject. Was he an assassin, too? I fear for the lives of Bezzlop and myself alike. But, I digress. Aniah is one to watch over in case there is more to her than meets the eye.

    Other Crusaders: Kalkris hardly knows you enough yet. Know him better!!!!!! You’ll like it. Very Happy

    Lin: Kalkris is surprised that such a young person would get pregnant. Would she even know how t raise such a thing?

    A: Kalkris finds A to be clueless, and wonders how such a powerful being could be so absent-minded, but respects A’s might, even if it seemed a waste of a soul-vessel.



    Welp, since Aniah has basically given up all the fucks she was pretending to give…

    Her appearance.
    Aniah is a fairly young elf. She has auburn hair that falls just past her shoulders, and very clear blue eyes. Her build is somewhat muscular, and her skin is smooth and clear — save for silver scars that mar her shoulders. They can barely be seen because of her clothing, but if one cares to look hard enough, it becomes fairly obvious that she’s seen more than her fair share of fights — and torture.

    Her personality.
    Aniah does not care. She’s pretty much aloof, and very very blunt. She doesn’t want to keep secrets any longer, so, if you ask her a question, she’s going to tell you the truth. At least. Mostly. She still has some secrets, so it’d still be very very foolish to believe what she says. What’s more dangerous about someone who’s dishonest — you can trust them to always be dishonest. But if that person starts to string in drops of truth, it’s difficult to weasel out what those drops of truth are. Tread carefully, and take everything she says with a grain of salt — if that’s what your character would do.

    Her past.
    Good luck trying to figure that one out. The story, as it stands, is that she’s from Sarenu — and witnessed her family being murdered. Now that certain other things have come to light… No one really knows for sure.

    Her friends.
    She still considers some to be her friend, and has found.. unexpected support from people.

    Her enemies.
    Dead. She’s made sure of that. ((…. This means that she really doesn’t see any Crusader as her enemy.))

    The people she respects.
    She still obeys orders. She has to respect someone in order for that to happen. So, yeah.

    Her specific opinions.

    Juneau — A bit of a coward, with some fire behind him. Blood magic’s a dirty trick, and not what I expected from him. I’ll keep my eye on him, and his eyes on our other companions.

    A coward. An idiot. He won’t survive out here on his own.

    Currently : Hate.

    Lisette — Well. Isn’t she the delicate little flower. She isn’t much more than a sad set of eyes and a weak will. A little poking and prodding turns up some passion, but it’s hardly worth it.

    Currently: Hate

    Lin — A brash girl, but she’s got a sense of passion I haven’t seen in a while. For her sake, I hope Okime turns out well.

    Currently: Concerned for a Comrade

    Twitch — I worry for it. It’s… hard to describe, but I do feel some form of.. concern. I usually don’t bother getting attached to those around me — death is what I deal — but I suppose I’ve developed a soft spot for it. Perhaps.

    Currently: Neutral

    Zeyke — He did not like me a few days ago. So why is he defending me, now?

    I think I’m getting better with the whole.. Honesty thing. He’s at the very least receptive. I hesitate to say his presence is almost positive when he isn’t constantly spouting about how full of shit I am. Was? Spirits, I need to think.

    He and I.. See eye to eye on some things. He seems to have a general grasp of survival skills — it will be easier to spread the knowledge around camp with another demonstrator. He’s a smart kid. Driven, and at times emotional to a fault — but he listens to reason and he’s much more outspoken than I earlier credited him to be.

    Impatience has driven us both to leave early for Okime. Getting to Lin will be difficult, but it’s easier to travel in a pair than a group.

    Currently: Loyal

    Garth/Jyla/Agarwaenor — They’re smart, I’ll give them that, but they think they have far too much power than they really do. He needs to be taught that he can bleed just as much as any poor sod can. No amount of influence and self-importance is going to keep him safe at night.

    It’s childish and damned annoying when he speaks to me. Considering beginning to simply ignore every word from his mouth.

    He.. threw grapes at me. I hesitate to say that I actually enjoy his company..

    Currently: Confused / Friendly ?

    Ch’taia — She’s spirited, and she knows the frustration of having to deal with those that.. are less desirable company than most. I respect her ability with that bow of hers, and she knows how to take a few hits.

    Currently: Hate

    Niobe — Trying too hard to be something that isn’t even worth it — manly. She needs to learn that feminine grace is just as deadly as brute strength. I could teach her a thing or two. Regardless, she has a strong moral compass, and I’d rather be fighting alongside her, than against her and that sword she drags about.

    Currently: Partial (Positive)

    S — He will get what’s coming to him, eventually. I could teach him a few lessons he won’t soon forget.

    Currently: Hate

    Wellington — Died thinking that he had betrayed us. That he had lost our trust.

    I do not remember the last time a genuine tear came from me before this night. May he rest in peace.

    Errk — Drinks far too much — when he’s sober, he’s a wise one. It’s a shame, really, that he has to drown himself in alcohol in order to force others to be happy.

    Currently: Hate

    Shemlan — Seems far too interested in my connection to the Guild. Proceed with caution, half-breed, or I’ll see that curious tongue of yours cut out.

    Currently: Hate

    Everyone else.
    ((Get to know Aniah better! She’s a riot, really!))


    Errkdhrine (but you can call him Anvil if you like):

    Physically he’s about as elven as one can get, with the notable exceptions of his beard, height, and his large (for a half-elf) muscle structure. With these exceptions he has the standard elven features (though the tip of his right ear has been taken off) and an angular face and body.

    Actual statistics because I was too lazy to put them in before.
    Height: 6 foot even
    Weight: 13 stone
    hair: Red (by popular demand)
    eyes: black-blue

    His less elven aspects can be explained by his mother (whom he has never met), who was from a family of broad-shouldered, big-bearded giants of men. Errkdhrine’s father was drawn to her due to her strength; the first time he saw her she was carrying a calf between pastures because it had broken a leg. This brute force and tendency to approach any situation expecting to overcome it quickly and ably was a trait he had not seen before.

    Of course, little of this matters since they both were separated from Errkdhrine at an early age and he was left at the footstep of some dwarves and <SPOILER>

    After spending the last fifteen years doing what he will only refer to as “being a pirate” he signed up with the crusaders for reasons of his own.

    He is never seen without a flask on his person and usually is carrying up to a half-dozen bottle of dubious origins and contents. His capacity for alcohol of any kind is possibly unmatched and (much to the frustration/joy of his fellows) spends most of his time inebriated. Don’t let that fool you into underestimating him however…

    He also is a poet of some meager skill and enjoys singing (particularly drinking songs). But his elven heritage cannot stay completely smothered and sometimes his less rugged nature will come to the forefront, particularly in song or verse.


    • The Living
    • Ale
    • Dwarves in general


    • Dead
    • Redead
    • Universally: people who try to rule the desires of others
    • Not being drunk
    • Krazy Bears

    Lisette D’eowynn: Commander of the Crusaders of the Crown and heir to the throne of the kingdom of Bawerstrom. Human. Age 20 (Birthday: Summer Solstice) Height: 5’5″.

    Appearance: Lisette is youthful-looking, though her round, dark green eyes betray both a worldliness and a weariness. She has a dancer’s figure with flowing, graceful movements. Her skin is pale, and she has long, very dark auburn hair that falls just past her chest. She is always alert and ready to respond to anything that comes her way, but her expressive eyes often betray what she’s truly feeling.

    Personality: She is very aware of her responsibilities and does not take them lightly; Lisette carries herself with a dignified gravity and walks with a regal stride. She is kind to a fault, but is often indecisive and hesitant as well as highly self-critical–characteristics that can ruin a leader. When she gets angry, she gets angry. However, she is merciful to those who have wronged her and she does her best to help them out after the fact. She cannot stand to see any living thing hurt and is not fond of hand-to-hand combat. While she isn’t the best swordfighter, she is a skilled diplomat, which comes in handy more often than not.

    Skills: She can speak Common, High Bawerstromian, Elvish, Orcish, Dwarvish, Halfling dialects, and Sylvan, and can read Old High Bawerstromian. Diplomacy calls for being multilingual, and she works hard to learn how to translate the other languages. She can also mend and use healing spells to aid her comrades. She fights with an elegant, light one-handed sword called the Star-screamer, and has a second, ornamental Elvish sword called Grainne.
    Lisette is also a skilled singer and enjoys writing epic poetry.
    As of 776. she has discovered latent Seeing powers and can experience Visions of the future. However, she is not a true Seer and every Vision drains her energy.

    Past: Once naive and idealistic, the Winter Wars have changed the princess (and her political beliefs) and hardened her, and backlash from the Gnomish Genocide, the Okimean War, and other world-shattering events have made her slightly paranoid. She was cursed at birth with a prophecy that declares she will destroy the country that she is destined to rule, and this fact was hidden from her for a long time. Her belief in the Light Spirit is very strong. It also worries her to see the Crusaders so disjointed and lacking solidarity.



    Lin’s notes are informal and scattered. If she runs out of ink, she’ll either burn a twig and write with the ashes, or use her own blood. Goodness knows that she bleeds enough.

    The name’s Linfang Xiao, but you can call me Lin. Leader of one branch of the Okimean rebellion. Human. 17. Female. What more do you wanna know, my weight? I’m not tellin’!

    I’m short. Hmph. Maybe only 5’2″? I don’t remember. I have thick, dark hair with bangs and dark brown eyes. There’s a guy at the rebel base who wrote a song about my eyes. I punched him in the face for not being focused on the mission. It was a nice song, though. I’m fond of wearing grey.

    Guess you could say my personality is…uh…I try to be pleasant! I’m brave and like to have fun, but I don’t take crap from anyone. I tend to speak before I think and I’m more than a little impulsive. I’ve got a fiery temper and I’m pretty stubborn…wow, that’s a lot of things wrong with me. But I’m also really caring (though I hate to show it) and I’d much rather give up my life to save someone else’s than to live another day and let one of my friends die. I’m flirtatious and quick-witted, and I like to have the last word. Believe it or not, I’m literate, and I’m actually really smart. I’m also a good liar.

    I don’t like talking about my past much. It was hard, but also kind of run-of-the-mill for someone growin’ up in a war-torn area, ya know? No parents, living as a street urchin, yadda yadda. At least my village was kind of like a commune. No one went hungry (most of the time) until recently. I hate Orcs with a passion…but I can speak Orcish, as well as common and the Okimean dialect.


    Full name:
    Ch’taia Estel, Daughter of Kartes and Baleia Estel



    Home kingdom:

    Sargeant Major of the Ilvanya Ohtar
    Former Commander of the Crusaders of the Crown
    Former Member of the Selective Board of His Royal Majesty

    Ch’taia leads the current rebellion to overthrow the government in SarenU as the Sargeant Major of the Ilvanya Ohtar (Injustice Fighters)

    Ch’taia stands at 5’2’’ with typical Elvish features and the same sable-brown hair as most northern SarenUians. Her skin color is darker than most inhabitants of other Elvish kingdoms, a muted brown. She is of slender build, has large, gray eyes and carries a solemn expression unless she’s away from the battlefield or the interrogation room, speaking of torture with a gleefully twisted smile. She has a scar on her left shoulder from an ill-healed attack in the Royal Castle of SarenU. She is almost always wearing a green or brown dress with a brown leather corset, black lace-up combat boots and her blue-green cloak. She wears an Elvish jeweled headdress: the sign of an Elvish female with royal blood or working for royalty, of which she is the latter. Although she despises SarenU’s Royal Court, she continues to wear her headdress as a token of her appreciation for King Aldo’s generosity. Ch’taia always wears a sash made of brown leather rings, to which a sheath is attached, holding her oldest and most beloved weapon: a short, thin dagger. This sash holds a large leather pouch at her hip and a quiver full of arrows. Her white shortbow is always on her back. When she arrived in Kasinthia, she always wore one white and one black glove, the distinguished mark of a member of the Ilvanya Ohtar, but she discontinued the habit upon the King’s request, as it made several members of His Court uneasy. She also always wears a red ribbon tied to her clothing, given to her as an Ilvanya Ohtar tradition after having made her first kill for the cause.

    Ch’taia is pushy and authoritative. She is quick, if not hasty to make decisions. As a leader, she does not hesitate to take lives on the enemy’s side, but does everything in her power to avoid deaths in her own unit. Out of battle, she is mostly stone-faced and was known for never donning a smile among the older Crusaders, although she has done a considerable deal of smiling and laughing since her success in the murders of the King and Queen of SarenU. She has very little patience with ignorance, oftentimes snapping at Crusaders with sarcasm, and angers greatly when someone speaks ill of King Aldo. She shows true comfort when she is reunited with a trusted Crusader.

    Ch’taia Estel’s parents are both esteemed members of the Ilvanya Ohtar, an underground rebellion group poised to overthrow the government of SarenU. She was raised learning guerrilla warfare tactics, acquiring the necessary knowledge to lead military units, and using interrogation techniques involving capturing and torturing victims for information. Shortly after turning 127, Ch’taia organized and led a special operation involving breaching the SarenUian Royal Castle with the intention of assassinating the Royal Court and launching a coup d’etat. On this mission, she was able to murder the Grand Vizier to King Norven, but eventually the operation failed. Her fiance, Malithres, and best friend, Astria, among a handful of other Injustice Fighters were sentenced to immediate death while Ch’taia was given the most humiliating sentence available in SarenU: permanent exile from the kingdom.

    After almost a year of traveling from kingdom to kingdom, trying to make a living and stay alive, she reaches Kasinthia, where she is initially captured as a prisoner of war by corrupt 2nd Division soldiers but eventually taken before King Aldo, who shows mercy and convinces her that her military and leadership skills could be placed to use by naming her Commander of a project called “The Crusaders of the Crown,” to be launched from that moment forward. The group was to be a special forces unit designed specifically to carry out missions deemed too dangerous for members of the Royal Court, but involving classified information too sensitive for the Divisions of the Kasinthian military. The King allowed Ch’taia to choose between accepting the title of Commander of the Crusaders of the Crown and taking an empty seat on the Selective Board, or being sentenced to a Kasinthian hearing, which would end in further expulsion, imprisonment or execution. Nonetheless, Ch’taia was moved by King Aldo’s trust in her and swore allegiance to the Kasinthian Crown, accepting her new life as one of the Members of the Selective Board, the dozen advisors to the King which each specialize in different areas—Ch’taia’s, in military tactics and information acquisition—and handpick the Crusaders based on specific skills that will help complete the group.

    Ch’taia served on the Selective Board and as the Commander of the Crusaders of the Crown for nineteen moons. Most of the early Crusader missions had to do with acquiring various priceless magical objects for the King, although one of the earliest missions was to quell a magical assault on the security of the Royal Palace, saving King Aldo, Queen Elaine and Princess Priscila, but arriving too late to save Prince Richard, may He rest in peace. Soon following this mission, the Selective Board chose an influx of Crusaders, many of which assisted in restoring the Kasinthian economy from the shambles it found itself in after the Kasinthian Stock Market Crash of 773. A few moons after the repair of the economy, Kasinthia went to war, and Ch’taia helped lead the Crusaders to victory when the 2nd Divison troops, stationed in Bawerstrom, returned to attempt to take over the Crown. At the climax of the war, Ch’taia threatened Lieutenant Murkanjon, whom led the revolution, at bladepoint until he surrendered and signed a peace treaty, agreeing to submit the entire 2nd Division to the Re-Education Program.

    During the summer of 773, she tied loose ends by stepping down from her position on the Selective Board, not giving King Aldo sufficient time to react before she faked her suicide, leaving a note for the king which strongly suggested that Princess Lissette of Bawerstrom be named the new Commander, with General Juneau Solace, whom Ch’taia had titled a few moons earlier, as Second-in-Command. Her grandfather, Ch’taeish of the Academy of Magic, assisted in the “suicide,” helping to remove Ch’taia to SarenU. Shortly thereafter, when the Crusaders of the Crown were stationed at the Ko’ebbian border, they were finally granted an audience with the King of Ko’ebbe. A guard and a hooded Elvish-Common translator escorted them towards the Royal Castle: a trap which would lead to their deaths. While traveling towards the Castle, the translator slit the guard’s throat and removed her cloak, revealing herself to be Ch’taia, alive and well.

    After leaving the border, she returned to SarenU, where the Ilvanya Ohtar and other SarenUian rebellious organizations of similar political interest reorganized their efforts. Ch’taia was named Sergeant Major of the Ilvanya Ohtar. She frequently travels to and from Kasinthia between battles back home in order to aid the Crusaders and in an attempt to complete a long-term mission.

    Ch’taia’s father (Kartes Estel) and mother (Baleia Estel) are both alive and important members of the Ilvanya Ohtar. They influenced Ch’taia to join the group from a young age and now hold high-ranking positions beneath their daughter, whom serves as Sergeant Major.

    Ch’taia has no siblings, but was once engaged to be married. Her fiance (Malithres Bel’tres) was executed along with her best friend (Astria Lassona) in the Ilvanya Ohtar attack on the Royal Castle of SarenU.

    Ch’taia’s only family member in Kasinthia is the grandfather after which she was named, Ch’taeish. He is 1634 years old and one of the most widely-respected professors of the Academy of Magic. He emigrated to Kasinthia at the start of the forming of underground rebellion groups. He encouraged Ch’taia to expand on her talents as a potion-brewer, was able to help her grow as a Seer, and assisted in staging her fake suicide.

    Ch’taia is a Seer and sometimes has Visions, during which she can see into the future. Her Visions are not planned, nor has she yet mastered inducing them. Her Visions have assisted her, the Ilvanya Ohtar and the Crusaders in the past, and they are the sole reason she whole-heartedly places her faith in Caranist, the Elvish goddess of the supernatural. When asked about her gift, she changes the subject.

    Ch’taia’s decent with a bow and uses Elvish arrows. Her true skills lie within terrorism methods. In SarenU, she excelled at interrogating prisoners of war and was sought within the movement for her explosives. Her native language is Elvish and she is a fluent speaker of Common, although her SarenUian accent sometimes shows. She can read the constellations, using them as a tool for fortune-telling and weather prediction, and also as a map and compass.

    A white Elvish bow and quiver full of arrows
    A thin Elvish-crafted dagger, given to her in her childhood

    Ch’taia’s thoughts on the Crusaders of the Crown, in somewhat chronological order:

    Lord Maximillian Wolf: the first person Ch’taia truly trusted after leaving SarenU. Max was one of a mere handful of friends Ch’taia has accepted. She blames herself for his death, which was a devastating event in her career as the Commander of the Crusaders of the Crown.

    Juniper Quickfoot: greatly admires his military aptitud, always accepts his rational suggestions, but Ch’taia has kept him at arm’s length since he attempted to kill her for the Organization, despite the time that has passed and his numerous apologies.

    Aster Corbett: very knowledgeable concerning government affairs; Ch’taia believes her to be a gifted warrior.

    Dena Morcinn: the most talented Healer Ch’taia has ever met.

    Sir Gimble Glim Orynn Roondar Zook Beren: Knighted by Ch’taia after the Winter War. Although Ch’taia has seen Orynn fight with the Crusaders for longer than any other member, she often finds Orynn incredibly frustrating. He has a talent for illusion enchantments. She once deliberately shot an arrow an inch away from his forehead after pulling a particularly terrible stunt, and promised not to miss next time. However, she forgave him after the Winter War, when he saved most of the Crusaders of the Crown during the turning point of the Battle for Kasinthia.

    Lord Matarian Victor Wolf: distrusted Matarian from the beginning. When Ch’taia found out that he had killed Maximillian, she wanted to immediately torture and kill him upon capture, but allowed the Crusaders to vote and it was agreed that they would leave the decision of his fate to the King. Ch’taia tried to work together with Matarian once he became a Crusader, but she could never forgive him for what he did and ordered Crusaders to follow him so that he was always watched.

    Prince Taurenel of Ko’ebbe (aka Runae): Recognized Ch’taia’s gloves and red ribbon to be a sign of the Injustice Fighters and revealed Ch’taia’s history to the Crusaders. King Aldo promptly banned Ch’taia’s gloves following this incident. Ch’taia appreciated Runae’s healing abilities, but was mostly interested in assisting her to regain her rightful place on the throne of Ko’ebbe.

    Juneau Solace, General: trusts Juneau… with innocent tasks. Gave him the title of General when Ch’taia was imprisoned for a month. Greatly appreciated the flowers he would give her every Sunday, in true Breen tradition.

    Z’vynna Zhuggra: a powerful warrior. Ch’taia was initally racist against Z’vynna for being an Orc, but over the years, has gotten to know her well enough to joke about their blood differences.

    Nella Glave: made uncomfortable and sometimes nearly frightened by Nella’s love for Ch’taia. Nevertheless, Ch’taia appreciates the comic relief Nella supplies to the Crusaders and left her small fortune to the Halfling when Ch’taia faked her suicide.

    Johan: very inquisitive, used to ask unproductive questions. Ch’taia and Juniper were the only ones to humor him on a regular basis.

    Zev: strange girl, kept to herself. Didn’t interact much with Ch’taia.

    Pajitamin: very strange ideas regarding food. Exchanged little conversation with Ch’taia.

    Snorlax: an arrogant Famardian assassin. Ch’taia does not trust him, and made this clear by waving her dagger in his face.

    Olga: a cold and fierce woman. Ch’taia finds her manipulative.

    Greshk Skvag: Ch’taia is often confused in regards to why an Orc would act the way Greshk does, but what he lacks in spirit on the battlefield, he makes up for with desire to protect the Crusaders.

    Thoreck Flintmace: the only other Crusader as quick to wish to attack enemies as Ch’taia, and for this, she can relate to Thoreck. She sometimes questions his judgement, but is grateful for having the muscle on the team.

    Lavitz (aka Geppetto): did not trust Geppetto at first, and was angry with him once he revealed his true intentions, but has forgiven him since his great aid to the Crusaders in the Winter War.

    S’ndaria: an old wise woman that perhaps knows too much for her own good. Claims to be “enlightened.” Ch’taia finds her snobby.

    Malthu Cathutg: Ch’taia respects Malthu’s title as the next leader of his tribe and appreciates his will to fight with the Crusaders.

    Solaner: a quiet Elf, not much of a fighter. Ch’taia doesn’t trust her because she’s a member of the SarenUian upper class, even though she’s only told this to Ch’taia because it’s unsafe for her to reveal her blood status back home, given the current civil war.

    Teth Farenglade: very rational soldier, although quick to question authority. Ch’taia kept him at a safe distance.

    Aubrogarth: tries to sweet-talk Aubrogarth into giving her good deals on poison ingredients every time they meet, although his brief time with the Crusaders turned out to be beneficial for the missions at hand.

    Professor Sebastian Kravios: insane Professor from the Academy of Magic. Not only does she despise the Professor for repeatedly almost killing all of the crusaders of the Crown, but she also often disagrees with her grandfather for keeping in contact with him. Ch’taia has come to almost tolerate the Professor solely because he fought by the Crusaders’ side during the War of Okimean Resistance.

    Sir Griffith Gaston: a genuine war hero, knighted by Ch’taia at his funeral. Ch’taia felt comfortable going into battle with him, knowing he’d have her back as she’d have his. Gave his life in the treacherous Battle for Kasinthia. His presence is sorely missed. His death came to Ch’taia as a major shock. She’s never properly coped with his death or mentioned it to anyone beyond hosting a very small memorial service for him.

    Ava: a girl forced into the army back home, then displaced to the Crusaders. Ch’taia can relate to her for having been given no choice but to become a warrior.

    Hyzenthlay: warm, nurturing woman. Although Ch’taia and Hyzenthlay are complete opposites, she’s glad Hyzenthlay could provide for the group what Ch’taia could not.

    Wolf: lighthearted for a warrior. Always smiling, and for this, Ch’taia fears that he isn’t truly on guard.

    Maltius: Ch’taia has seen few fighters with Maltius’ style. Forceful, yet in control of his blade. She wishes he could come back to Kasinthia to continue fighting with the Crusaders.

    Ash: goofy fellow. Good with that trident of his. Ch’taia enjoyed his eagerness to be a Crusader of the Crown.

    Seyena: quiet and calm. Perhaps the most mellow Crusader Ch’taia’s ever met, but she’s as fierce as a lion on the battlefield.

    Princess Lisette D’eowynn, Commander: originally discarded Lisette as a potential warrior, seeing her mostly as a liability to the Crusaders. Ch’taia had several arguments with King Aldo concerning whether the Princess should be given a place in the Crusaders of the Crown, but trusted His judgement. Continually frustrated with her inability to kill her enemies for Her first several, several moons with the Crusaders, Ch’taia is now impressed with how much Lisette has grown from the timid Princess that arrived in the Kasinthian Royal Palace. Upon Ch’taia’s staged suicide, she requested to King Aldo that Lisette be named the next Commander of the Crusaders of the Crown, knowing King Aldo would oblige. This served not only to prepare Lisette to one day rule Bawerstrom, as her time with the Crusaders was originally intended for, but also aided greatly in patching relations between Kasinthia and Bawerstrom. Commander D’eowynn is the only person which Ch’taia will follow orders from, and reconsider her own intentions for.

    Classic: a very strong, very gifted soldier. Quiet, didn’t reveal much at all about his past, but Ch’taia could depend on him to destroy the enemy.

    Caxus Aurelius: excellent at military tactics, which Ch’taia saw as a blessing, given her status as the Member of the Selective Board of His Royal Majesty, specialty in Military Tactics and Information Acquisition.

    Magnus Aurelius: brother of Caxus. A bit sarcastic for Ch’taia’s taste. She always had a gut feeling that Magnus would not follow orders if they didn’t suit him.

    Shemlan: believes him to be very talented with his fighting staff.

    Norrin Orion Thorrak: originally displeased with his wishes to purchase the deed for the House of Bliss, but he has only been kind to Ch’taia and promises her a place in the potions blackmarket which operates in the lowest floor of the House of Bliss. Ch’taia has never refused nor accepted this offer, keeping it in mind for future years to come.

    Vargas: a white knight, if Ch’taia ever knew one. His wish to protect weaker Crusaders with less affinity for battle is awe-inspiring.

    Shea Ras’nosse: has a long history with Ch’taia. She saved Ch’taia’s life during her visit to Berista. Ch’taia asked Shea to take her place as a Crusader when Ch’taia was imprisoned, and Shea obliged. One of Ch’taia’s only true friends. Bakes spectacular cookies and gives fantastic hugs.

    Celmin Lonfong: sexist, traditional Elf. Believes that the Elvish race is superior to the other Major Races, which is refreshing to hear because it reminds Ch’taia of home, but the way he speaks of women causes Ch’taia great anger. Ch’taia despises him for what he did to the gnomes of SarenU, wiping out every gnomish rebel fighter the resistance had.

    Alex Lawyerman: his healing abilities came to the Crusaders at a time of great need. Ch’taia has always ignored his preaching about God A, a false deity. She does her best to stay away from Lawyerman, due to his fetish for Elves, and has even raised her voice at him once or twice immediately following his advances.

    Valenor Braidbeard: impressive footwork; well-trained with a blade. Kind-spirited, yet Ch’taia appreciates him most of all for his rational thinking. He reeks of ale.

    Twitch: put off by her inability to determine Twitch’s race/gender and by its apparently self-inflicted wounds while Ch’taia’s people in SarenU struggle for survival. She used to ignore Twitch, but was impressed by its enthusiasm on the Okimean battlefield. Ch’taia will soon make an attempt to get to know Twitch better.

    Len Grimore: Ch’taia has never spoken to Len.

    Sir James Arthur Wellington, III: initially treated him with respect, although Ch’taia soon took to speaking sarcastically to Wellington and reminding him of his new lack of money, despite Errkdhrine’s protests. She regrets doing so. While he was alive, Ch’taia had difficulty separating the way Wellington acted with the personalities of several SarenUian officials which she has tortured and killed. After he died, she began simply seeing him as a weak boy that should have never been in the Crusaders in the first place. She was shocked and angered by his death.

    Errkdhrine: originally discarded him as a drunk, despite feeling that this Crusader could be trusted. He impressed Ch’taia with his willingness to torture the Exbaltairan Elf. During the interrogation, she learned that Errkdhrine was once engaged to be married and lost his fiance, a tradgedy he shares with Ch’taia. Originally taken aback by his declaration of friendship towards Ch’taia, she has accepted him as a friend and affectionately calls him “Luin-fin.” Greatly appreciates the few times he’s taken care of her when her health was questionable.

    S 19 596 Gegengerät Exbaltaira: used to ignore S, given that he does not believe women to be as strong as men. He tended to get in Ch’taia’s way, so she used to avoid him. He recently re-introduced himself to her, calling himself “Samuel.” With the imperative nature of the war, they couldn’t converse beyond that, but something about the different look in his eyes as he spoke to her struck Ch’taia, making her believe that perhaps he had turned a new leaf.

    Raven: Ch’taia has a brief history of very frequent bickering and fighting with Raven. They had a couple of duels before Crusaders stepped in to break it up, including one that ended up with Zeyke taking a fireball for her. During the Okimean Resistance, Ch’taia was able to finally get Raven alone to “judge” her, which resulted in a good judgement. Since then, Raven’s demeanor towards Ch’taia has completely changed. He claims to be loyal to her and reminds her of it often, feigning confusion when she reminds him of their arguments. Ch’taia finds his act incredibly frustrating and it drives her into near-hysterics every time they have a conversation.

    Zeyke: used to get into shouting matches with Ch’taia. Zeyke is one of the only people that caused Ch’taia to truly display her youth, since every time she used to attempt to mend relations with Zeyke, they would end up bickering until they were separated by another Crusader, almost always Agarwaenor. She often refrained from punching Zeyke due to respect for Lisette. Ch’taia was greatly angered by his interest in Lord Matarian Wolf, and dreads the day he’ll ask her about him. Lately, she has taken to striking up conversations with him with an air of false cheerfulness, because these interactions annoy him and she’s noticed that he enjoys being sarcastic and annoying people. She usually isn’t this sadistic with people outside of the interrogation room… in fact, she can’t think of anyone else she’s ever treated this way, but she’s genuinely bothered by the way he treats others.

    Aniah: Ch’taia has learned that Aniah murdered a Member of the Selective Board of His Royal Highness, which makes her incredibly angry. She is relieved that Aniah has been arrested, since she’s sure that if she ever actually had a conversation with Aniah, it would have ended in one of their deaths.

    Garth/Jyla/Argollo/Agarwaenor: Ch’taia is unaware of his mental instability, and only refers to him as Agarwaenor. She appreciates his loyalty to Ch’taia despite his never having served as a Crusader beneath her command. Confused about why he claims to be much younger than he seems to be, but doesn’t question it because of his amnesia. She has politely pointed it out a few times. Ch’taia believes that his different tones of speaking are due to war horrors experienced in his forgotten past. She is slightly put off by his ocassional loving glances, equating them to the looks Malithres used to give her. They are usually accompanied by Sylvan, which Ch’taia does not understand. However, she also finds his loving nature to be comforting, since no other Crusaders seem to devote the same level of unequivocal concern for her. All of this leads her to be very confused.

    Caelinius: spirited, always seems to be in good humor. The way Caelinius speaks of the House of Bliss reminds Ch’taia of a few older Crusaders.

    Niobe: Ch’taia is slightly bothered by the fact that Niobe thinks she sent Agarweanor to distract her when it was ACTUALLY Agarwaenor’s idea, but after their fight she’s unsure of where she and Niobe stand. Ch’taia did try to talk Niobe into staying with the Crusaders, so she’s unsure of whether Niobe thinks Ch’taia is manipulative or not, but there are more pressing matters at hand for Ch’taia than to overthink possible relationship flaws.



    My name is James Archibald Wellington II. I am the financial advisor for his Royal Majesty King Who Gives A Fuck and the reason for Bowerstrom’s current prosperity. Were it not for me, Bowerstrom would be a failing state living off the charity of the disgusting demi-human nations. But because of my creativity, intelligence and magnanimousness we are once more the height of Civilization and the Vindication of Human Rule.

    The Crusaders of the Crown came under my attention some time ago. Most in my position would say that the ragtag group of morons from the racially diluted kingdom of Kasinthia are nothing worth worrying about. Those idiots aren’t the single most powerful man in Keimin, and I didn’t get to my position by listening to them. Their influence is clear and to this point I have had no power over them. Until now, that is.

    You see, I have a fuck up of a son. Not content with murdering my darling Martha as his first act of his existence, he seemed determined to spend every last coin I had earned in the most inane frivolousness. At tried consoling myself with the hope that he’ll have a kid who I can mayhaps raise to be a proper heir to my dynasty, but no! Turns out that he’s “not interested” in women. That was the last damned straw. I exiled him for three purposes. The first, to give him some experience in the world. Honestly, watching him interact with other people is an exercise in frustration and humiliation. And it’s a chance for him to see that I was right about the filth in the world. Second, to gather some information on the Crusaders. Gungnir connections are all well and good, but a personal line into their ranks beats all the espionage in the world. And third, it might have given him the chance to get his cock wet. I haven’t given up hope on that grand child.

    Now we have come to the fruition of this plan. Thanks to both my sources and my son’s information, I have plentiful information on these “˜Crusaders of the Crown’ with which to exploit them for my own game. Now all that’s left is to play the part of magnaminous host of this group of wretches.

    Observations And Known Information


    Lady Lisette – Bowerstromian Princess turned Kasinthian Whore. She’s spent too long outside her home land, and the influence shows. That she would so defile herself as to travel with the mongrel scum is disgrace enough, but the way she can’t even control the animals is pathetic.

    Zeyke – A Famardian destitue, but I repeat myself. He’s a boy looking for his sister, that much I know. Supposedly suspects Gungnir. Not that I know anything about that, but it’s hard to keep track of abuctions. Disrespects authority and has only a cursory loyalty to the Crusaders.


    Ch’taia – Her disguise is pathetic. Anyone with half a brain could recognize the Sarenueian war criminal wanted in half of Keimin. I wonder which nation will pay the most for her. I should begin researching.

    Lorelei – So, she goes by “Aniah” these day? That’s kind of funny, actually. The Guild has been asking me questions about her, given my connection to the Crusaders. I’ve kept quiet, waiting until I could speak with her. Unfortunately, she fled as soon as she got here. I’m sending out a hunt, and maybe calling on some Guild contacts.

    S 19 596 Exbaltaira – Another Exbaltairan deserter. The reward for these types are too little for me to worry about. Supposedly, though, he has connections with ELF rebellion in the State. That may be good to know, one way or the other. My relations with the NEA are still ambiguous, so I’ll set this one aside. Totally loyal to Solus. Funny, I never imagine an arrogant, up their own ass knife ear to follow the orders of a Quarterling. Apparently, he’s really derpy.


    Braidbeard – Of course he’s a pirate. The only thing dwarves know how to do is destroy and pillage. What’s interesting is that he seems to be the only one truly loyal to Kasinthia and not the Crusaders. This is something I’ll have to keep in mind.


    Agarweanor/Garth – A Half Elf with split personality. One is a healer and can’t rip itself from the heals of Lisette. So if I can get her, I get him. It’s nice knowing healers. From what I know of its behavior, Garth fits the description of the one some Orc tribes have been calling “The Ghost Wreathed in Blood.” What my sources haven’t mentioned, and what I especially want to know, is why is this one dressed as ancient royalty?

    Errkdhrine – A former soldier in the Exbaltairan Navy, now a bard and a drunkard. Defiant to his superiors and especially up his own, gingerhaired ass. No loyalty to Exbaltaira, unlike S. Could also be interesting, but this one is more of a wild card than the others.

    Niobe – A Half-Elf who so hates her sex that she tries to become a new one? Sounds like a Berristan all right. Not much is known on this one, other than her time in the Berristan Navy. Should learn more.

    Shemlan – A half-elf, if that weren’t obvious. Even if nothing else is. Nothing known. Keep an eye on him.


    General Juneau Solus – He’s so tiny! From everything I’ve heard, I don’t need to worry about this one intellectually. But only an idiot drops his guard around a blood mage. Total caution is still neccessary.


    Twitch – What the hell is this thing? There is no information on this one other than what James has told. From the way James acts around it and describes it, it could be either his enemy or his lover. But is it even a woman? Extra eyes will be kept on it.

    lol I’m dead


    Name: James W. Cant
    Character Name: Ravin (Last name is unknown)

    Character Music

    Age: 28
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 123
    Hair: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Racial Advantages/Disadvantages: ??
    Special Abilities:Judgement (see spoiler below)
    Spells: Flammacendo,
    Magical Enchantments: ??
    Potions: ??
    Hobbies: Raven loves to eat and drink. He also loves improving his scythe. Outside this Raven has no hobbies
    Personality: Raven is very rough towards most people he encounters but some have managed to get past his rough front and see Raven for who he truly is.
    Skills: Pole Arms, Elemental Control
    Alliances: ??
    Beliefs: Find his parents killers, the judgment of his scythe and the beliefs of Twitch if he ever finds this person.
    Level: 5
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Languages Spoken: Common, Elven
    Citizen of the Kingdom of: Farmardy
    Homeland: Farmardy
    Occupation: Currently seeking access into the assassination guild. Raven also wants to be able learn how to improve his power through of magic.
    Military Ranking: None
    Hit Points 5
    HP Experience Points ??/??
    XP Magical Energy 4
    Social Class: Family/Family History: Twenty years have passed since that horrible night when Ravin’s parents were killed outside the city walls of Famardy. It was rumored that the attack was from an elf assassination but nothing was ever confirmed. Raven’s parents were extremely poor, as many were in Farmardy, and their death put Raven on the streets. The only thing Raven had to remember his parents by was a strange ring worn by his mother.

    As a child Raven studied the ways of the assassins. While never formally trained, Raven committed to a ton of research in hopes of maybe finding out who killed his parents. Raven hopes to one day possibly join an assassin guild for sake of possibly learning more.
    Raven had to fend for himself, stealing and killing when necessary but he never liked his lifestyle…it was just something he accepted.
    On a cold evening Raven was outside the city walls where he was scavenging for food when he was approached by a strange man. The man never revealed who he truly was but took Raven in. The man made Raven strong and taught Raven the way of the scythe. 15 years with this man, Raven was told to follow this man into the woods. They walked for what seemed for hours and finally the man stopped. “Raven you have grown strong but it is time for your final two lessons. First, you are to use my judgement scythe from now on.

    and second you are to go and find the creature known as Twitch. That is who you will follow. That who is who you will serve. Now, as for the scythe you will conduct your first judgement on me.” Raven was thrown back by this man’s orders but followed through. The scythe began to spin in the hands of Raven faster and faster…Good…Evil…Love…Hate….and finally the scythe stopped. The sharp point of the scythe directed itself at the man and the words of Evil and Hate began to glow on the scythe. Raven’s mind was clouded with rage and struck the man down. It was a very fast fight but afterwards Raven could hardly remember what had just happened. All he knew was he needed to set out and find the one known as Twitch.

    Five years have passed since the day Raven began to wield his judgment scythe and he wanders to this day searching out Twitch. Recently Raven found a band of crusaders and decided to make some money through them. Raven feels he can score some easy meals and keep his battle skills up to par.

    Raven is a full human and is known for his signature scythe and ring. His clothes are usually ratty and torn but his scythe and ring are always in mint condition. Raven seems to have a very powerful obsession about his scythe and even more so with his ring.

    Raven has a strange outlook on life. One part of him wants to save the world but the other wants to slay all he crosses. The only thing that binds Raven from committing to either thought is his scythe. While Raven is easy nature at heart, there are certain events that trigger his use of his scythe and judgment.

    Raven is only loyal to three schools of thought: Find his parents killers, the judgment of his scythe and the beliefs of Twitch if he ever finds this person.

    Raven’s scythe has one bead on it for every person he has killed in his lifetime. Each end of the scythe has words written in an unknown language on it. On one side is Good and Love…the other is Evil and Hate. The two talismans on the scythe represent the death of his father and mother. Raven weans his mothers ring in her memory.

    Recently Raven came up with plans to improve his scythe and his overall power. He feels that he can’t let anything come in his way until he finds out who killed his parents.
    (Raven’s grading system towards fellow crusaders. A 1 2 and 3 means Raven completely hates you. A 4 5 6 and 7 means Raven is neutral with you and an 8 9 and 10 means Raven likes you. If your score is a 4 or a 5 Raven will be rough with you but doesn’t fully hate you. And vice versa. 1 2 3 8 9 and 10 will ONLY be given by the judgment of the scythe. (see spoiler)
    Aniah–(6) While Aniah’s elvan characteristics bother Raven, Aniah has shown Raven respect and a slight bit of compassion. While Raven was a bit cold to the elf Raven feels she might not be such a bad person.
    Zeyke–(5)Raven finds Zeyke a bit neutral on most topics so far and Raven likes this. Raven has no real opinion about Zeyke other than finding him not a threat. Raven was a bit upset at Zeyke for getting in the way of Raven’s Flammacendo on Ch’taia but Raven still holds a very neutral opinion on Zeyke.
    Twitch–(6)Raven has finally found twitch but is wondering why this strange individual was the one Raven was sent to seek. Raven is not happy that Twitch didn’t even say hi to him. Raven is wondering if Twitch should be judged like the old man was. Raven was recently tied up in chains and Twitch, who was right next to Raven didn;t even try to set them free. It worries Raven about how Twitch acts but knows he must be able to conjure up magic before confronting Twitch.
    Errkdhrine(Anvil)–(5)Raven hasn’t spoke to him but has a strange stance with this full elf. Raven wants to murder him for being an elf but at the same time notices his love for food and drinks. Because of this common trait, Raven takes a neutral stance to Errkdhrine
    Wellington 3rd–(5)Raven finds interest in Wellington. He sees him as a complete coward in battle but has uncovered a hidden motive about the man that intrigues Raven. Raven is mad that Wellington the 3rd is dead, Raven doesn’t care that he died but was hoping that he would be able to find Wellington’s hidden motives. It could ofgiven him answers to Raven’s parents.
    Lisette–(5)Raven doesn’t take well to authority of any type and has a disdain for Lisette and the position she has over Raven. Raven also mocks her for always shouting “King Aldo”. Raven has no idea why so many people honor someone Raven has never seen before. On the other hand, Lisette healed Raven when he was mortally wounded. Raven doesn’t understand why she did this for him but has mixed feelings about this woman.
    Juneau–(4)Like Lisette, raven doesn’t like Juneau for having authority over him. Raven also isn’t fond of the elven in Jeuno.
    Lin–(5)Raven doesn’t understand why Lin is so emotional over people dying but is indifferent to her for the moment.
    Kalkris Lobesson–(6)Raven likes the fellow. Kalkris tried to reason with Raven about his hatred for elves and made him realise that not all elves might be bad.
    Anvil–No relationship has been formed yet
    Gnome–No relationship has been formed yet
    Nella–No relationship has been formed yet
    Gepetto–No relationship has been formed yet
    Kilik–(6)Raven likes Kilik for being able to heal Raven. Other than that Raven is indifferent to Kilik
    Garth/Jyla/Agar–Raven doesn’t mind this person but has no clue who he was talking to when first introduced. Raven feels a little uneasy around this man but is not worried as long as his scythe is in hand. While Raven has no real opinion about the man, Raven does appreciate being healed when needed.
    Shemlan–(6)Raven doesn’t know the name of this man but believes hes an assassin. Raven wants to peruse this man and find out how to gain access to his knowledge.
    S–(4)Raven doesn’t respect this man but can’t come to fully hate him without the judgement of his scythe.
    Niobe–(9)Raven happened to strike up a conversation with Niobe and raised they had a lot in common. Raven sees Niobe as someone who can actually fight and likes that a lot about her. Niobe asked a lot about Raven’s scythe and after hearing about the power of it asked to be judged. Raven told her what might happen…and that Raven might even end up killing her if this was done…but Niobe insisted. Raven has judged Niobe’s soul and from this day onward follows what must be done. Raven feels strange towards Niobe. She seems different from the others. Different in a good way. Raven can not help but to look out for Niobe and protect her from harm.
    Ch’taia–(4)Raven dislikes Ch’taia as much as his mind allows him to. From being a full elven to having authority over the Crusaders, Raven has zero respect for the elf. There is only one real way to change this and its not even a 100% sure way…. Raven had fallen into a small skirmish with Ch’taia but despite Ch’taia making aggressive moves and Ch’taia being an Elf, Raven is unable to completely come to hate Ch’taia without the judgment of his scythe.
    Juniper Quickfoot–(6)Raven had no real opinion of the man but does like that he has combat experience. Unfortunately Raven has also learned that this man is using a different sword than this man is used to and therefore is unable to fight well. It is hard for Raven to comprehend but Raven accepts it as is. Raven was recently fed by Juniper and for that Raven likes the man to some extent. If only Juniper had some drink on him as well.
    Lt. Uso (6)Raven was drawn to the fact that Uso saw combat and possibly knew of the elven assassins that possibly killed Raven’s parents. After Raven learned that Uso did not, Raven immediately grew indifferent to Uso. Uso tried to explain how killing wasn’t right or just but Raven couldn’t understand how Uso’s mind though.
    Malthu–Raven can’t understand how the Crusaders let an Orc into their group when this Orc is the same as the Orcs the Crusaders have been killing all this time. While Raven is indifferent to Malthu, Raven feels that he will never understand the thinking of the Crusaders.
    Unique Character Ability: Judgment
    Raven is bound to very neutral thought for the most part but when provoked in dialogue, Raven sometimes uses Judgment to see the soul of whom the ability was used on. Depending on what Raven reads on the person’s soul (depending on which side the scythe lands on) determines how Raven reacts to that person from that point on.
    Rules of Judgment: This a unique character ability that is only triggered at certain times. The ability does no damage or have any effect on opponents. The only thing judgment does is change the mindset of Raven toward a particular character. When being judged Raven spins his scythe and the opponent says stop. When stop is said Raven looks upon his scythe to see how the opponents soul was judged.
    As actors in LARP be prepared for an extreme character flip with Raven.
    Assuming a scale of 1 through 10 and 4 5 6 and 7 being the neutral numbers….1 2 and 3 being Raven hates you and 8 9 and 10 being Raven likes you….no matter what you do and say Raven’s mindset cannot break out of 4 5 6 and 7 without the ability of Judgment. Once Judgment is used on someone (Niobe received Good,Love from the scythe so 8 9 and 10) then Raven is now permanently bound to the new number value for the live of Raven and the other character.
    While Raven is neutral with you he might seem like he would want to hurt you but will be unable to do much to extreme unless Judgment is used. The only exception to this is when Raven deals with Elves or if talk of his parents are mentioned.

    Rules of Raven’s Ring: This ring holds great importance to Raven beyond the fact Raven believes it is his mothers. Raven is never seen without this ring on. There is great importance to this ring but no one knows about the secrets within yet.

    Recently Raven has joined a band of crusaders in hopes of making money for food. Luck was on his side this day and Raven soon realized he had found the one known as Twitch. After this realization, Raven felt he needed to become stronger in order to please Twitch and to be able to kill whoever murdered his parents. After five years of wandering, Raven’s journey might of finally cone to an end. Raven wanted to complete three things to improve himself overall….1st he wanted to make his scythe more powerful.

    Next Raven wanted to learn the most deadliest of magic. Finally, Raven wanted to gain access into the assassin guild. He felt that if he was an assassin, Raven could find more answers about his parents murderers.

    Seeing Niobe get hurt in combat created a lot of rage in Raven. It was enough rage that Raven’s hands began burning. All of a sudden Ravens rage turned into agony. Raven stumbled over and help onto a tree for support but ended up burning it a bit. Raven couldn’t believe it but he finally had some sort of control of magic. This was a huge deal for Raven as with magic and his scythe Raven was ready to talk to Twitch. Raven just hoped that he was ready.

    Raven has recently been more distant from the Crusaders than normal. He has been seen with a strange glove on and bandages around his right hand but no one dares approach Raven on the subject. No one except one little girl…

    Raven had finally met Ch’taia but it was not on the best of terms. An arrow had struck Lin and Raven immediately used it as an excuse to go after the Elf. Knowing that Ch’taia was the only archer among the group it was quite easy. Raven and Ch’taia ended getting into a small skirmish but was soon broken up by fellow Crusaders. Raven was disarmed of his scythe but Raven’s rage for Ch’taia quickly grew. Raven knew it would hurt him a ton and had failed many times before but Raven tried to use his last resort. Raven took off his glove and made a successful casting of Flammacendo. Doing so Raven missed Ch’taia but hit Zeyke dead on. While Raven had a lot more control over Flammacendo, he had not completely mastered it and fell to the ground as Raven’s hand burned in agony.


    King Malthu

    Full Name:
    King Malthu Cathurg



    Home Kingdom:

    Physical appearance: Has a height of 6’2′. He is quite well-built and muscular. He has grayish skin and long black hair. He wears leather clothing, and will wear a cape on special occasions.

    Malthu was born into the Keltan royal family, and is the son of Ragnarok and the nephew of King Osuhra (the current King). Malthu and his father saw Osuhra as a corrupt ruler, and they attempted to rebel against him. Their attempt unfortunately failed, and Ragnarok was killed in the process . Malthu and his followers were exiled from the Kingdom, taking refuge in the mountains near Kasinthia and forming a tribe of their own. While visiting Kasinthia, Malthu encountered the Crusaders of the Crown, and decided to join them briefly prior to the Winter War. Malthu joined because he agreed with their cause and felt that perhaps they would be helpful allies towards eventually overthrowing King Osuhra. His allegiance with the rest of the Crusaders grew even more, once the war against Kelta was declared due to the Orcs occupying Okime. Malthu helped the cause immensely by asking his tribe to help fight the Keltan forces, and even gained support from a Keltan General and his troops. Following the Okimean War, Malthu convinced the Crusaders to help him return to the Keltan capital, Rorh’urgha, in order to confront King Osuhra once and for all and claim his rightful place as the new King of Kelta. Malthu successfully defeated King Osuhra, with a huge thanks to Lin, and is now ruling Kelta.

    Malthu is really the strong silent type. He will speak his mind from time to time, but is really more an Orc of action. Unlike a lot of his race, Malthu is quite wise and is more understanding of others, nor does he show any signs of prejudice towards other races. He really wants to see his Kingdom brought to a state of peace and prosperity. He finds that the Orcs who are loyal to the current King to be a disgrace to his people, especially since they display so many negative stereotypes that other races associate with Orcs.


    King Malthu

    Name: Taka Masira

    Race: Human

    Age: 18

    Home Kingdom: Okime

    Physical Appearance: Dark hair, olive skin, average height, and fairly fit. Taka tends to wear a black fedora, a grey turtleneck shirt, and black slacks.

    Backstory: Taka was a member of the Okimean resistance and is loyal to his leader Lin. Taka’s parents died very early in his life, and even he cannot remember why or even who they were. Instead, Taka spent much of his time with wild animals, especially birds. Thanks to his time with nature, Taka has developed animalistic traits such as improved senses of sight and sound, and the ability to move swiftly. These skills have made Taka a valuable member of the resistance, especially stealth related.

    Personality: Taka is known for being quite hot headed and tempermental, which makes others often intimidated by him as they don’t want to be on his bad side. However, Taka is loyal to his companions and to his country to the very end. Like the rest of the resistance, Taka despises orcs with a passion and questions why the crusaders continue to trust Malthu. He suspects that perhaps it was the orcs that killed his parents on pure principle. Taka likes a good challenge, and will often have friendly bouts with those he feels meet his match.

    Death: Taka met his demise during the second to last battle of the war. He was perished by a swarm of orcs and his remains were destroyed by the dragon Norrin summoned. He died a true warrior’s death.

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