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    “After a certain point, morality is centered on survival,” Seilaan said. “Us wanting to live doesn’t make us wrong. If the gods argued with each other, would that make their followers wrong? No. So long as the universe is as it is, we live as we are.”


    “That’s great for you. You just live here. No one who lives in this universe had a hand in its creation. Not even the Et’Ada. I didn’t either, but then I started melding with one of the beings that did. I’m now a part of a being that did exactly what the Void is doing now, and won.

    I know you’re right. I know that Omega would have wanted me to fight back the Void and protect this. Because she died trying to protect this, and that’s not something Alpha can say, and it would be shitty to let this all die because I started feeling sad.

    But it still doesn’t feel good. That’s why the Chimes hate the Et’ada, and the Gods, and everything else that lives here. They can’t handle their guilt over destroying another universe. And I can’t blame them.”

Viewing 2 posts - 46 through 47 (of 47 total)

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