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    Celmin Longfong
    Celmin Longfong

    It was late at night all the servants had retired only one candle was still burning in the library of Celmin’s large estate. Liliana sat at a table reading a small book with a letter crinkled and stained from tears laying on the table. The letter had arrived months ago and was the last one she had received and she feared the last one she would ever receive. Putting the book down Liliana sighed.

    [color=green:qn2zvo4g]"A little late to be reading, It is bad for your eyes I will have to go all the way to Calantha to get you those strange glasses" A familiar voice said.

    Tears came to her eyes as she stood up and rushed forward to Celmin who had now walked into the light of the candle. She threw her arms around him.

    "I thought you had died" Liliana sobbed.

    "You would be celebrating were that true" Celmin smiled and put his arms around her.

    "I hate you… how can you joke… I missed you so much…"

    "I know… Don’t worry it is all over the war is over" Celmin said silently and he like many other Ko’ebbiens that night let go of the war and remembered the meaning of peace once more. [/color:qn2zvo4g]

    Celmin Longfong
    Celmin Longfong

    The first meeting of provisional governance of the Ko’ebbien upper house of lords and Religious affairs.

    Grieving the lost of his most beloved and holy majesty the King of Ko’ebbe. Calls for a period of national mourning in memory of the most beloved King.

    Concerned over the recent political turmoil. Questions the security and stability of other nation states.

    Seeking to affirm the proper order does not acknowledge the existence of the radical and dangerous new governance of Sarenu’ and here by supports the restoration of the monarchy.

    Declares a breaking of diplomacy with the Exbaltarin state and all previous treaties with Exbaltara.

    Calls for a restructuring of the Council that has shown clear Racist bias against the Elvish people.

    Does not acknowledge the newly created state of Trolls.

    Affirms the need to protect the last bastion of true Elfdom. Here by closes all trade and passage of none Ko’ebbien citizens through the country. All and any none Ko’ebbien citizens will be killed on sight if found trespassing.

    Trade will be limited to new establish border points on the Farthings, Kasinthia and Exbaltara borders.

    Denounces the council of mages in Kasithia and the mage leadership for their treason against the Ko’ebbien state and violating Ko’ebbien holy laws against magic.

    Reestablishes the Mage city inside of Ko’ebbe under the "Pure Land" act. With a new amendment that all mages who upon coming of age may leave to the teardrop islands after having their ears cut publicly and formally exiled.

    Resolution of the Upper Lords and Religious affairs.
    Affirmed by the Lower House of Lords.
    Acknowledge by Ko’ebbien military governance.



    The Council kingdom leaders read the call for restructuring of the Council and the closing of Ko’ebbien borders along with the kill order on all travelers, and debates on allowing Ko’ebbe to actually join back with the other Council nations, seeing as a Gathering/Meeting has not happened yet…

    King Samuel of Exbaltaira feels snubbed

    Argollo of the Mages Rebellion feels anger at Ko’ebbe

    Celmin Longfong
    Celmin Longfong

    "The kingdom is closer to destruction than it has ever been" A Ko’ebbien Keeper spoke as he intently cleared the snow off the pathways in the church garden. Celmin stood behind him listening in silence. His heavy brown cloak brushed the ground. His long silver hair hung down his back in the morning light he truly did look holy.

    "It has been the nature of the Ko’ebbe to turn into itself whenever danger comes forward" He sighed softly and pushed the snow off to the side.
    "I wonder if sometimes this is the right thing to do"

    "We need to protect this land…" Celmin answered.

    "We assume holding onto old traditions and ideas is protecting us… I wonder if this is so"

    "Does tradition not make a people?" Celmin asked

    "Do a people make a land though? The forest will grow with or without us. Mountains do not crumble as empires do. The elves are old perhaps to old for this world. I do not think our people will ever rise again." The Keeper turned around and looked at the cleared path leaning on his broom.

    "Come Celmin let us have a small test of faith" The keeper walked out of the garden and into the woods for a short while before arriving at the banks of a frozen river.

    "It is early in the year yet" Celmin said as the Keeper took a step onto the ice.

    "That is why I said a test of faith. Come" The Keeper motioned Celmin over with his hand. Celmin stepped out onto the ice as well. The Keeper kept walking onto the ice it began to crack and groan under their weight.

    "The scariest part about all of this is the river still flows underneath. We would be swept away should the ice break" The keeper sat on the middle of the ice.

    "Why are you doing this?" Celmin asked as he sat down in front of the Keeper.

    "Because my faith much like this ice has cracked. I have heard that the gods themselves betrayed the Elvish people during the war. The great Sareun’ sat by ideally as by some act of magic half of Sarenu’ was turned into gnomes."

    "The gods will is not always known did you not tell me that once."

    "Perhaps… but I fear Ko’ebbe has been abandoned. I would rather die here than see the world that comes after." The Keeper closed his eyes and began to meditate. Celmin did the same. They stayed there for an hour before Celmin opened his eyes.

    Celmin broke the silence "I do not think the gods will be breaking the ice from under us."

    The Keeper opened his eyes as well and spread out on the ice.

    "So it would seem"

    Celmin offered a hand to the Keeper helping him back on his feet.

    "Shall we go back?" Celmin offered.

    "No let us finish our crossing"

    The two walked across the river without incident and onto the far bank. They continued to walk deeper into the woods when the keeper stopped at a small evergreen tree.

    "This is wear my nephew is sleeping. A long silent sleep…" The Keeper gently brushed some snow off a branch.

    "I am sorry for your loss" Celmin solemnly replied.

    "Do not be sorry. Were it not him another mothers son another elf. four hundred and fifty three years of memories gone with the swing of a blade." The Keeper walked away and they slowly made their way back to the church using the bridge to cross the river this time.

    "I thank you for coming today Celmin. I have a long trip tomorrow to Sigil Falas and I find simple people like you comforting among the bickering that occurs among my fellow Keepers."

    "It is no trouble."

    "Well then I am afraid I must leave you I must finish the last of my packing and dread every second of my long trip. Till next time then" The Keeper turned and walked back to the church.

    Celmin walked over to the stables and took his horse out and rode back to home.

    Celmin Longfong
    Celmin Longfong

    [color=green:j9a6jgqu]Inside the capital city of Ko’ebbe the council of Lords.

    "We are all of us greatly disturbed by the recent events and the loss of the war this does not mean we need to shut our selves away from the rest of the world" Lord Mythlean speaks up

    "This first and foremost priority for the Ko’ebbien state is self preservation. Should we continue to allow our nations to be violated by lesser races? Then all hope is lost for the elves. They have been sold out in Exabltara and now Berista and Sarenu’ sit like faithful dogs to the whim of the Council. I say no to this Ko’ebbe stands on her own two feet and will not bow down to miscreants and half breeds." Lord Calden protest many cheers come forward.

    "Furthermore" Lord Selventan stands. "The other nations allow their nations to be governed by women! Should we allow ourselves to be ruined by gentle minded? No! Ko’ebbe stands tall" Lord Selventan is applauded by a large number of the lords a few remain sitting silent.

    "Lords this will be brought to order!" Lord Evilon the speaker of the lords bangs a gavel against the table in front of him.

    "I will hear the military now" Lord Evilon points to a small group of five elves sitting off the the side the banner of Ko’ebbe’s coat of arms hanging over them. Among them sat Celmin.

    An older elf stood his hair silver from time and his eyes weary General Tuvenal spoke in a hushed tone that carried with a heavy weight over the council "To put it simply Ko’ebbe is exposed we can hope the other nations do not make a move against us but the situation is simple and clear. Should the united armies rise against us as they did. Ko’ebbe will fall just as Exbaltara did. We are weak from the rebellion and the war against Exbaltara. even the dreamers will not keep us safe from an invasion." The council fell silent as General Tuvenal sat back down.

    "Lord Celmin you spent time among this group of vagabonds called the crusaders what can you tell us of them do they mean war?" Lord Evilon asked.

    Celmin stood. "The crusaders will not act unless they move with a sense of false justice. Their actions have caused the corruption of many nations to their own liking. In this I say we must tread lightly for should we give them a reason to strike they will take it and have the backing of the entire continent against us. They have already shown their blood lust and desire to remove kings and put their own leaders in place. Farmady, Bowerstrome, Exbaltara, Sarenu’, and Kelta are now all under the control of former crusaders. We must protect ourselves in these critical moments as we bring in our next king." Celmin sat back down.

    "We must then come to table with the newly formed council then there is little other choice in the matter. Ko’ebbe is threatened this cannot be denied the Crusaders are the largest threat to our sovereignty and our people ruin only follow in their wake we must stop them at all and any cost. For now we must play their game." Lord Evilon looks among the council.

    "I now ask for a vote to send a ambassador to the council. All those in favor?" The council unanimously raises its hands.

    "Then it is settled we will prepare and envoy to the council. This session is closed for the day" Lord Evilon bangs the gavel and rises as does the rest of the council and the lords begin to speak among themselves. [/color:j9a6jgqu]

    Celmin Longfong
    Celmin Longfong

    Inside of the high council room in the Ko’ebbien capital the highest officials sat around in a circle with Celmin in the middle.
    “Lord Celmin we are pleased with your progress in the crusaders and are thankful for your assistance in helping Ko’ebbe return to the council.” One lord spoke
    The admiral of the Ko’ebbien navy spoke “We are aware however, you are traveling to the western continent.”
    “It is true” Celmin replied
    The admiral continued. “As you know in the war against the Coalition, our enemies were assisted by the indigenous creatures of the western continent. Our fleets were engaged with theirs and caused a great deal of damage.”
    “What have you learned of this agreement the Coalition gave to these creatures?” The high commander of Ko’ebbe asked.
    “From the documents I looked through they agreed to assist them in a civil war on the Western continent in return for naval assistance.” Celmin answered.
    The lords look at one another a few nodded and whispered.
    The higher commander of Ko’ebbe spoke again “This is the news we were hoping for”
    “My Lord?” Celmin looked at him puzzled.
    “If the creatures from the western continent are seeking aid for a civil war it means there is a potential ally that can sought out.” The high commander stated.
    The director of internal affairs now spoke. “For this reason Celmin we have denied your request to leave the crusaders and return home. We understand your children are in your heart but we must ask you to go to the new continent.”
    “I will do as I am asked” Celmin replied immediately.
    “Good. You will need to try and establish relations with the other race on the western continent. We need allies more than ever the Keiman is against us Celmin if we are to have any chance of survival it must mean swift actions”
    “I understand my lords.”

    “That will be all then” The lords dismissed Celmin. He gave a deep bow before leaving and swiftly returned home to spend every moment he could with his two daughters.   

    Celmin Longfong
    Celmin Longfong

    Inside the High Council of Ko’ebbe

    The speaker of the Council stood.

    “With your permission then my Lords I would like to call this into session. The first matter of Buissness is the continuing issue with the wall of fire along our border with Exbaltara.”

    Another elf stood.

    “The situation remains the same. The fourth army is stationed outside and has reported nothing”

    “Very well. Then moving onto our next issue. We have just received a letter from Captain Longfong who is with the crusaders. I shall read it now. High Council of Ko’ebbe I have been able to establish a liaison between us and the continent to the West. He has offered to bring a small party across the Land Bridge in the South to establish diplomatic ties between our two Kingdoms. While we have been hesitant in this matter it is my belief that we should move forward with diplomacy.”

    The Council members turned and talked among themselves for a short while.

    “I would like to bring this matter to a vote. Those in favor?”

    The vote turned to be unanimous in favor.

    “Very good then we will establish a formal party to the Western Continent to depart for council territory immediately”

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