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    “I wouldn’t call that weird,” Juneau says with a shrug. “Everyone is born differently and does different things more naturally than others. You have what you’re good at and there’s no reason feel weird about it. Far be it from me to judge based on racial stereotypes.”

    “And to answer your question,” he complied, “It can be a small problem in class, but I’ve learned to carry conversations in my head while having conversation with another in front of me. And thank the Gods, he seems to have the same sleep schedule as I do, so I can dream in peace. Relatively speaking, anyway.”

    He inhales deeply and sighs contently. There was always something about the food here that satisfied the quarterling. Maybe it was the mix of cultural tastes or maybe it was the access to finer ingredients, but the food here was just good eating to him. “Man, it smells good in here…What would you recommend, ye king of normalcy?”

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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