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    Jaka was busy on the streets of Council Territory, checking out of a few of the local stores for some clothing. Sinder was growing and would need a fresh set of clothes, the Felis was also taking particular interest int he color yellow now-a-days. The Lupus busied himself, checking around for appropriate sizes and patterns, humming to himself in a day dream like manner.

    “Hmm hm hmmmm…..Hmm hm hmmmm….”


    A short jump through the portal and some nausea later, a quaterling comes out of the Portal hut and makes his way into the Council Grounds. Things had changed since the last time he was here and curiosity lead him straight the shops to see what unique wears the Council could muster.

    +Well, you could probably find literally whatever you’re looking for, but I bet the Lupus you’re gonna run into will-

    Juneau grumbled and bonked his head in frustration at the voice who would not leave him alone. but it did remind him to look for the Lupus he met during the funeral. Lost in his own thoughts now, he didn’t even notice the very person he was thinking of walking towards him and crashed right into him.


    Jaka steadied his feet, gluing himself in place as he bumped into something, or someone. The Lupus looked down and his face shifted from confusion to shock.

    ” Juneau! What’re you doing on Council Territory? Oh my Gods, I’m sorry, let me help you”

    He said, slightly flustered. After helping Juneau to his feet Jaka readjusted the bag hanging around his arm, hugging it tighter to his body.

    “Let me rephrase that. It’s nice to see you again! To what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?”


    “Yeah, nice save there, J K,” the quarterling said, more annoyed by the anticlimactic meeting than the greeting itself. He snapped his fingers and twirled his hand, generating a gentle whirlwind around himself to dust himself off, his expression brightening. “But to answer your charming question, I’m here doing some basic surveillance of Council Grounds. Ever since Elder Cupboard renounced his prior allegiances and essentially renounced immortality, I’ve been taking it upon myself to help look after this place.” He smirked and started strolling passed Jaka, always keeping an eye on the Crusader. “Plus I was bored and didn’t have any classes to teach today.”


    Jaka watched the quarterling spin himself dry, gripping his own bag a little tighter as some dirt kicked up. The Lupus smiled, a pretty toothy smile in fact as he watched Juneau stroll past him.

    “Well, why use your free time for even more upkeep? Why not just take the time off and relax in your home? Unless, of course, you’re the type that needs to keep busy or gets stir crazy. I’ve found myself to be that way at times.”

    Jaka turned, eyeing a light blue button up with white cuffs, amazed by the craftsmanship.

    “Oooh….such lovely little details for such a small piece of clothing! I would’ve never thought to wear something like this in my youth….”

    He purchased it, exchanging money with the vendor and turning back to Juneau.

    “If you nothing better to do, would you like to share lunch? Or maybe take a walk? Besides a bit of shopping I’m free myself”


    “Well, I haven’t gotten around to lunch today,” He said as he glanced down at the wares that Jaka had been perusing. “…Sure, I’d love to. It’ll be nice to share a meal that I don’t owe someone. I hope the foods gotten better since the last time I was here.”

    He chortled softly and started looking through the clothing himself. “Frankly, it’s easier to just be here right now. The Creation department has been getting overzealous lately–well, more than usual–which normally isn’t a problem, but they were having a big lecture today with mages and Paladins form across the continent, and I did not want to deal with that can of worms. So I encouraged my students to occupy themselves away from the Academy for the day and then hightailed it myself.”

    He picked up beautiful shirt in the color of green that he liked, but when he held it up for comparison to himself, he found it to be about five sizes to big. “So who’s the shirt for,” Juneau queried as he folded the shirt back up. “It seems a bit small for your stature, and I don’t recall any of my correspondents saying you have children.”


    “Just hearing about it sounds like alot, I could never imagine being an instructor…atleast, on a large scale. My mother was one but she only ever had maybe ten pups at a time, the rest were too busy hunting or fighting or training”

    The Lupus tilted his head a bit at the mention of the shirt, feeling the soft material in his paws.

    “Hmm? Well, I do not have any biological children no. However, I do have an adopted son, a two year old Felis who I found on my property. His name is Sinder, he was doing his best to avoid a thunderstorm and snuck inside my house.”

    Jaka folded and tucked it away into his bag, locating a lime green t-shirt that was Juneau’s size exactly. He got down and placed it before the quarterling, giving a smile.

    “There we go. Sinder aside, I also must prepare my home for any children that decide to live there. I’ve opened it up to any orphans from the three continents in need of space. So long as I can provide for them, I shall, and I no intention of my body giving out anytime soon”


    Juneau smiles warmly and a little sadly as he holds out his arms to check the shirt along with Jaka. “That’s a commendable thing to do. I can see why you were considered for a position of power within the Crusaders.” He takes the shirt from the lupine person. “Good find, by the way.” He pays the merchant for it and throws it in a small bag he brought with him. “I wish I had the commitment you did to such a cause, but…I think I’ve had my fill of orphan issues to last a human lifetime for now.

    So you’re mother was an teacher, huh,” he mused as he glanced around the marketplace. “Is she the one that taught you magic?”


    Jaka nodded his head, beginning his stride down the merchants street, making sure not to outpace Juneau.

    “She taught me what she could before she passed. I wasted quite a few days, weeks even, trying to become a hunter to little avail. My father wanted it for me, but I was always falling behind. Magic was where my heart lay and for that I will always thank my mother.”

    The Lupus paused at a cross roads, making way toward a smaller shop that perfumed the street with sweet and savory smells.

    “Hmm….we should be able to get something in there. Theres a wonderful halfling woman that runs it. I can easily pay if you want, totally on me.”

    Jaka said, tail thumping slightly as he anticipated one of this stores sweet pastries.


    He couldn’t help looking amusedly at the quickly swishing tail. “Two things: One: You don’t have to do that,” he said with a raised finger. “I may be on a teacher’s salary, but I can afford a little lunch and I already owe lunch to a duke. I don’t need anymore food debt than that. I appreciate the offer though.”

    He chuckled and held up a second finger. “And two, you sure you weren’t born a Halfling and just got your race changed?” He couldn’t help looking amusedly at Jaka’s tail as it wagged about. “You look more excited than Princes-erm, Queen Daisy on Turnip Day.”


    “If you say so heh, I won’t press….And what do you-”

    Jaka realized his tails now audible swishing, the Lupus calming himself as it curled up behind him. He reached behind his head, chuckling in an awkward manner as he scratched behind his ear.

    “Sorry! Believe it or not I forget thats back there sometimes, you grow accustomed to it having its own mind….or, more, having your mind but without any control. Anyway! I’m just excited about this shops sweets, they have this cake with cinnamon and sugar and-”

    Jaka licked his lips out of reflex, beginning his stride toward the small cafe.

    “Instead of angering my stomach, let me just show you!”


    “Sounds good to me,” Juneau chuckled. “The almighty stomach is the last part of you you want to make an enemy of.”

    They walk together a short distance, before Juneau starts pondering. “Hmmm…I wonder if I was like that…” He mused out loud. The thought occurred as he remembered his past in the Cursaders and his experimentations.

    +You were like that for barely an hour game time, if that long. And those experiments were just a-

    “You’re presence is annoying and I would do anything to get rid of you.” The words tumbled out before he realized that the Lupus could hear him. Hands quickly slapped over his mouth as he blushed deeply. “Eklenia’s sake, I am so sorry, that…That was not meant for you! Or meant to be said out loud! I’m really sorry…”


    Jaka paid attention to Juneau’s words as they strolled, getting inches from the shops door before stopping in his tracks. The Lupus turned to the Quarterling with eyebrows raised.


    He watched Juneau flush and apologize, realizing that the mean spirited remark truly wasn’t for him.

    “Don’t apologize Juneau. Are you OK though?”

    Jaka bent over, doing his best to get eye level with the former Crusader. He smiled, doing his best to conceal his canines.

    “If there’s anything bothering you, feel free to share. Unless you think it best I don’t know anymore, at which point we can continue inside.”


    “N-No, it’s fine,” He said as he tries to regain his composure. “I would figure a Crusader would understand a lot better than the average citizen.” He scratches his head and sighs heavily. “Years ago, when the Crusaders were of the Crown, the powers that be decided to suck me into the Realm of Control and Freedom in the body of…whatever human I have a connection with there.” He stares at you, the slightest bit irritated. “By the way, they’re all humans there, and they’re all assholes.”

    “Anyway, after they tormented me with what they believed was superiority over me, they flung me back to the Realm I know and love, but I’ve had this terrible connection to my human counterpart ever since.”

    +Well I don’t know about counterpart, more like improved version+

    “Flattery will get you nowhere…” Juneau griped off to the side, letting his wolf like companion know he was reffering to someone else. “Anyway…I’m usually in private when he starts rambling, so I just talk out loud to him without much worry. But in public, it looks batty to talk to the open air like your having a conversation.” He shrugged softly. “The perks of being associated with greatness.”

    He goes to enter the store, but looks over his shoulder. “Oh, and you don’t have kneel down for me. I’m not a noble or anything. I mean, not anymore anyway. But you can tell me something weird about yourself now.”


    Jaka took everything Juneau had to say with a grain of salt, his eyebrows betraying any hopes of hiding his confusion. The Lupus, however, took it in stride and accepted the Quarterling’s words for truth.

    “Sounds like a huge annoyance…I can’t even imagine having a voice in my head. Gods, does it ever flare up during a class? Or when you’re trying to sleep?”

    Jaka shushed himself after the second question, watching Juneau make way for the shop door.

    “Ahem. Heh, of course, I am just in the habit of making eye contact is all.”

    They walked inside together and got on the line, Jaka tapping his foot slightly as he pondered the former Crusaders request.

    “Weird…I have a relatively bland life believe it or not, despite my occupation. I guess my habit of collecting jewelry is weird, for a Lupus atleast.”

    He raised his left hand, admiring the three rings that adorned it.

    “Or the fact that I’m an avid dancer and an O-K battler, most expect the wolf to be slashing enemies down. I do better avoiding danger than confronting it, s’what I do.”

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