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    I was going to post this in the General LARP Discussion topic, but it’s a little more specialized than that. In a nutshell, the new LARP site is, for the most part, ready to start using.

    Before I try to migrate the existing forum, I want to make sure that the features everyone here uses are in place on the new site. Could you all create accounts on the new site and give the new forum a shakedown? Also, what in-world languages are in common use on the forum? So far, I just Human and Elvish, but I could add others, and I can set it so that Elvish text will always appear green, without you having to set the color each time.

    I don’t want to start copying the existing forum over until the new site is ready to go live, to create as little interruption as possible. The campus has been shut down all week for the holidays, so I don’t expect to hear back from the guy who manages club web sites until next week at the earliest. The first day of class is Tuesday, January 22, so I’m hoping to do the transition before then, probably on a Saturday or Sunday.

    Anyone who needs to moderate comments on the forum, missions and blog posts should contact me so I can set your account’s permissions.



    after elvish is Sylvan.

    But dwarvish and orcish are used often enough as well.


    We need Common, Elvish, Sylvan, Dwarvish, and Orcish.


    Would Common be considered Human (i.e., the style text is when no language is set)?



    Probably. I assume common is a default, we really don’t need anything to indicate it.


    The way it’s set up now, you can make part of one paragraph one language, and part of it another, depending on what you select. Would it be easier to set it so that an entire paragraph is one language?



    well, I just tested the languages out. It seems you have to deselect the language before selecting the otherl anguage you want to do, buti t seems like a good idea to have, in case you have someone using different words from a different language

    for example: "What does [color=red:4nzs3irl]language[/color:4nzs3irl] mean?"


    I can probably tinker with it a little more, I added a "Remove Formatting" button to the toolbar, and put the color button on the second row.


    Orcish is red, Dwarvish is some kind of gold, and Sylvan is indigo.



    no, Sinead, we’re getting the language fonts. Literally.


    I can also set a default color for each language, which would probably be really useful in the editor where it always displays English characters. Right now, Elvish is green. I’ll set the other languages to the other colors, and try to find good fonts for each of those.



    ooooooooh. That’s cool. Good luck.


    Okay, each language now has a default color, so you don’t have to set colors when selecting the language. You can set colors within a language, if you ever need to do that. If things start to look wonky, the "Remove Formatting" button will take care of it.

    All text is a regular font (Common) in the editor, but when posted, the font will be some in-world font until you mouse over it. So far, only Elvish has a font. I’m still looking for good fonts for the other three languages. What kind of characteristics should Dwarvish, Orcish, and Sylvan writing have? Should they all be runic? Flowery? Script-like or blocky characters? I want to get the right look and feel.



    I think it should be a decision for Lauren.

    For dwarvish, I think the Lord of the Rings dwarvish works

    But otherwise, I’ll link lauren to this discussion, see what she says.


    I set the font for Dwarvish.

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